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David Goodner as MATRIX (Elsepeth Duval), young-lady mutant state-shifter from Sept-Iles, Quebec, who cannot return to human form.

Keyes as CANACONDA! (Randall "Randy" Roffiapomo), rubbery snake-themed masked wrestler from Niagara Falls, Ontario.

Trumpet DC as LUMBERJACK (April Till) the (secret) Fire giant masquerading as just a regular mutant giant from what sounds like the wilds of northern British Columbia.

Caias Ward as JASON the Magnificent (Jason Styles), spray-paint artist from Montreal, Quebec., kidnapped by the High Evolutionary and made invincible.

Nayld as ORION PAX (Max Phillips), a fast and phasing one-eyed gun-toting amnesiac P.I. from Port Charles, Ontario, imbued with power by Beothuk and Viking spirit dogs.

Bree-Yark as TUNDRA (Thomas Daveraux) earth and snow moving Inuit archeologist from Resolute Bay, Nunavut.

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