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Paragon Fallen

"In the Dawn of Time, in the fullness of folly, by the foes of Entropy, in the darkest depth of the stuff of Chaos, was created the Paragon, to stand, and to fall, in the forces of fire."

Swayvil I

The first brush of law to assault the realm of chaos, fallen. Paragon was a single plain, a vast flat rock, filled with lands, realms, and wonders. One hundred thousand miles on all 9 sides, it was a gigantic reality. But it was flawed.

Hariswiee the Broken and the Creation of Paragon

The creation of Paragon is steeped in mystery. Long before a squealing babe left his mothers belly to be named Dworkin, in the reign of High Lord Vargest, long before the first Swayvil breathed air, the blood of a primal beast was willingly spread upon the Rock Paras. The inscription was slowly drawn as a ritual of great power but with no suspicion from the observers what effect it would have. As it was inscribed a Lord of Chaos basked gloriously in the mighty waves of power emanating from the new thing.

Hariswiee the Just, master of the Forces of Sway, feared the beast Entropy, growing in the far reaches of Chaos, devouring all behind it and leaving naught to be known behind it. While most lords cared not, seeing it as merely one more distraction and creation in Chaos, Hariswiee knew it was a devouring beast and all chaos would fall against it, unless some creation was created to stand against it.

The lords considered it quite an exciting event, this act of creation, right up until the moment of its completion. Then the reality of it tore at their power, forever reducing the powers of the Lords of Chaos, taking from each a portion of their passion and power. They decided to destroy the construct and made war on it.

To detail the wars of Paragon is the effort of centuries. For millenniums in chaos war raged on the construct, eventually even Entropy came against it, cutting a swath of non-existence across Chaos. In a mighty battle three things occurred. The warlike instinct developed in Chaos during the wars against Paragon.

Several major occurrences happened during this timeless period.

  • The first was that a young and powerful sorcerer caused a creation of permanence, a contradiction of Law and Chaos, to manifest with the aide of the Primal Creature known as the Serpent. The Logrus manifested and Entropy reeled away against it, throwing his full might against Paragon in reflex.
  • Second was Entropy taking a bite out of the edge of paragon, causing the inscription to crack and begin a long period of crumbling. The Breaking of Paragon caused Hariswiee to go mad for a time, from which he never fully recovered. It also stunned Entropy so horribly that it was unable to defend itself.

Many sorcerer lords of chaos, newlyy empowered by the new Logrus, threw all of their might into a construct to multiply the power of a Artifact of Creation; a tomb. The vast swath of non-existence that was Entropy,was drawn within the tomb and encased by the powers of creation and the death curses of a million sorcerer lords of Chaos. The wickedest Lords, who eventually became the Abysmal Lords, surrounded it. Entropy was moved within the tomb and sealed, hopefully for all time.

  • Paragon began to unravel. Though it took ten thousand years, pieces of the edge of Paragon were broken off by wars against it, adventurers, treasure seekers and Deathwalkers of Chaos. Hariswiee and his people fought valiantly but when only 100,000 miles of the inscription remained intact, when only one of the 9 sides still held, the last corner was broken. Then the final 100,000 miles crumbled away to shards in a day. Hariswiee went into a coma, swept away by followers to a long convalescence in places unknown.

The fall of Paragon is part of the ancient origins of chaos. Not often talked about or studied. But Hariswiee lives, and heals, and becomes less mad.

Artifacts of Paragon

There are three categories of artifacts of Paragon:Shards, Stones, Items.

  • Stones of Paragon are rocks from the structure of Paragon and have no inscription. They are potent magical focuses and inscribing tools. They may be of any size. Consider that the land was huge and crumbles into scattered pieces there are zillions of Stones of Pragon.
  • Shards of Paragon are fragments of the actual Inscription of Paragon. Most are small, since the inscription shattered, some are sizable. The Shards can vary in size and power dramatically. There are a dozen large and well known Shards that comprise a total of 51% of the original inscription. This left 49% that broke into fragments as small as .0001 % of the Inscription.

Fragments can be of almost any size. These fragments have varieties of powers. These items were sought by adventurers, sorcerers, and other collectors. Nearly all Shards are able to hold up 4 spells usable by non-sorcerers who are attuned to their shard.

They are scattered throughout chaos and shadow. A common power of a Shard is to create little pocket of reality. These pockets may express as a single realm or many connected shadows. The shards are frequently sought by a secret society, the Lords of Paragon, hoping to one day reunite the shards and rebuild Paragon.

  • Items of Paragon are items and constructs using the inscription of Paragon. Not original fragments but items similar to Pattern Blades that have a working inscriptions on them.

Well Known Shards of Paragon

This realm is a bastion of Order in the midst of Chaos. It is a little over 400 square miles large and is slightly oval shaped with a surrounding and interwoven river that surrounds the landmass. The rim is surrounded by several hundred yards of densely packed forests. The center area is a well-manicured garden maze of hedges and flowering plants. Hundreds of small sitting areas are found in the maze, each unique with fountains, statues, central trees, bowers, pocket gardens and topiary displays. In the largest open place is a watery area with a single dwelling that has outcroppings over the pools and streams that surround the estate.

The Sage of Catala lives in this manse and his servants tend to the garden as well as his needs. Catala holds one of the best known Shards of Paragon. It retains 23% of the original Sigil undamaged.

The Rock Paragon is the largest chunk of the landmass, that remains intact, of the realm the Sigil once created. It contains enough of the Inscription of Paragon and a sizable amount of the actual structure of the realm to remain whole. There is a sprawling collection of stoas surrounding a small complex of ancient buildings that once were part of the main city the Manse Paragon. One, a cathedral of sorts has a stairway that goes deep into the rock to a magnificent cavern. Among the stalactites and stalagmites is 9% of the original Sigil of Paragon. Once the inscription was open to the air, Over time the residents of the Rock Paragon built the mountaing over it and time solidified it.

The Rock Paragon contains a 12.2 million sq miles of surface land, roughly the size of Africa, with the depth of over 100 miles. It has 9% of the original inscription.

Biras is a small rock thought to be holding a 7% inscription including the point of entry to the original inscription. It is 13 sq meters and between 1 & 9 inches thick. It casts many protective shadows around it causing great difficulty in finding the inscription.

Sigil of Paragon1.jpg


Gaining powers of Paragon can be done in several ways.

Stones of Paragon

The powers of the Stones of Paragon vary. Some are ubiquitous.

  • Purify Water, Heat and chill liquids.
  • Wielder may have a sense when they are being lied to, as a function of the innate power of Order.
  • Detect other pieces of the Rock Paragon or the Shards of Paragon if they are within a variable range.

Known Residents of Paragon

Walking the Sigil of Paragon creates a maintained pattern ghost who continues to live and populate Paragon.

  • Jurt Sawall-First to assay Sawall Shard of Paragon in the New Age.
  • Realmer-Second to assay the Sawall Shard of Paragon in the New Age..
  • Despil Sawall-Third to assay the Sawall Shard of Paragon in the New Age.the sigil.
  • Prince Brand of Amber-Fourth to assay the Sawall Shard of Paragon in the New Age.

The Powers of Shards of Paragon

The Shrd may be used in two ways; uninitiated & initiated.

  • Holder of the Shard-Uninitiated
  • Cloaks the holder's ability to use High Order Sorcery
  • Rack and use a certain numbers of spells depending on the stone. Usually 1 to 3. A sorcerer installs the spell, then a non-sorcerer can activate the spells.
  • Purify Water, Heat and chill liquids
  • Wielder may have a sense when they are being lied to, a function of the innate power of Order.
  • Detect other Stones and Shards of Paragon.
  • Holder of the Shard-Initiated-Has assayed their stone.
    • Holds the Sigil of Paragon
    • Sorcerers may summon a Sigil of High Order for many uses.
    • Initiates of the Stone gain a frame of 4 spells that may be used by non-sorcerers
    • Initiates of the stone with the skill of Sorcery can access a frame of 8 Major spells and 12 minor spells.
    • May be used to Inscribe as a High Order Inscribing Tool
    • May use High Order Sorcery and empower spells of High Order Initiations if the holder has Sorcery.
    • Greatly boosts Low Order Magics.
    • Initiates of a Shard of Paragon gain access to one Shadow-The contents of the shard's choosing.
  • Sigil of Paragon
  • 5 Pips Basic Imprint of Paragon.
  • 10 Pips Advanced Imprint of Paragon.

The problem is that the inscription only exists on a small collection of items since the original inscription is broken. The theory among the scholars is that because the inscription on items is able to be assayed the full inscription must still be magically connected.

Some holder of the ancient imprint still live, having gained their imprint before the destruction.. They are intimately connected to the stones, shards and Items.


While the Sigil of Paragon was mighty and a source of great power and wisdom floating in Chaos it had powerful sprouts at its creation. These sprouts were many things but they lasted the whole time of the Realms. Some of these sprouts became racial focuses for many races of Chaos and those created in paragon.

Known Sprouts

The Vampire Stone

This flat slab was where may people of Paragon embraced immortality at the price of becoming vampires.

The Stone of the Fey

Also called the Adren Stone because of its long tenure in the realm of Arden near Amber. It was the racial focus of the Fey. After the destruction of Paragon it became a might focal point for the Fey in Chaos.