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== Places ==
== Places ==
OmniLab, City Hall, Old City Hall, Smith Homestead, Shermer Police Station, The Chilis of the Damned, The Pig and Whistle, Noo Soosh
OmniLab, City Hall, Old City Hall, Smith Homestead, Shermer Police Station, The Chilis of the Damned, The Pig and Whistle, Noo Soosh, Whips 'n' Clips
== Things ==
== Things ==
El Detonarbisonte
El Detonarbisonte

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Founded in 1835, Shermer Illinois is the seventeenth largest city in the state, with a population of over 73,000. An hour northwest of Chicago, it's a vibrant community recently voted the fourth best suburb in Illinois!

Notable features of Shermer include:

  • Shermer University, a liberal arts college famous for it's Pottery curriculum!
  • Avalon Hills, the fifth largest open air mall in the country! Over 120 stores!
  • Over eight square miles of pristine nature preserve, including a herd of real buffalo!
  • A city government filled with Supernatural creatures of every description!

(Admittedly, that last part didn't make it into the brochures.)

Shermer Illinois - A Town for Everyone!


Player Characters (PCs)

Retired Player Characters

Mortal NPCs

  • "Jumpin'" John Ehrlenmeyer, Mayor of Shermer. Dumb but charismatic.
  • Karen Krieger, local pain in the ass. MLM Boss Babe, Quantum Physicist, Mother, Busybody.
  • Judy Hoeps, Graduate pottery student at Shermer University. Budding Pyrokinetic. Melissa's girlfriend.
  • Veronica Sawyer, Junior at Shermer High, playing the role of Christine in the fall musical.

Shermer PD

  • Chief Alton Brown (AB to his friends... of which you are not one.)
  • Lieutenant Justin Wilson
  • Officer Geoffrey Fieri (known as Guy to fucking idiots.)

The Esohumans of Shermer


  • Johann Stadtler, ancient Ventrue who mostly wants the kids to get off his lawn and is still adapting to the 1950s.
  • Spot, Gangrel hippie who keeps trying to hang out with werewolves
  • Livinia Aster, emo girl, probably Mekhet, who constantly advocates for extended library hours (even though that's not Melissa's department) and zoning for more bookstores (even though that's not how it works) because 'that's where to find cute nerdy necks'
  • Greg Bundt, the other local Ventrue, who was Director of Sanitation in the late 60s until he retired after a scandal where he showed up to city hall stoned off his gourd too many nights. Still has a taste for second-hand psychedelics, as it were, clashing with teetotaler Stadtler (who is thought to have engineered his removal).
  • Nellie Pitchford, Nosferatu social media maven and professional conspiracy theorist. Currently on a kick about governments putting flouride in the water to make human blood less nourishing and making her ghouls drink raw water, but that probably won't last long before she moves onto the next thing.
  • Amy Clark, Gangrel catlady and largest single donor to the local animal shelters. Advocates drinking only from vegan humans. Melissa's closest friend among the local Kindred.


  • Cynthia Margate of Spring - a sweet old woman who gives out precisely one size of knitted kitten sweatshirts as gifts. She always decorates for the meetings with homemade decorations. She’s more than a little nosy and knows a surprising amount about the Courts back in Chicago where her grandson and “his new wife the ‘dancer’” lives. Her eyes are two birds that nest in the holes in her empty sockets.
  • Todd Barghest of Summer - As far as anyone can tell, he lives full-time in Chicago and is a stock trader. He has not shown up for a single meeting since Helena started coming. He usually texts her the day of each meeting (after having confirmed the calendar appointment weeks before) declaring that he’s swamped and really wishes he could be there.
  • Scratchings-Eyebite Honestguy of Fall - Scratchings-Eyebite is two and a half feet tall, with needle sharp teeth and grabby little hands. He lives in a giant mushroom under a bridge. He spends his days trying to pay for socks with pebbles and challenging catfish to riddle contests. He is obviously a Gentry spy, but he is so comically bad at it that no one holds it against him.
  • Neville Norwuich of Winter - the rule-follower, the paper pusher, Neville believes his talents as a contract lawyer are wasted in Shermer, both in the normal world and on this council. He sends detailed reports every day to his superiors in Chicago, methodically documenting every piece of “important news” in Shermer. He is… not someone you want to talk to in a party, unless you really want to hear about zoning laws and his recent issues with his neighbor’s birds (which is to say the birds that nest in his neighbor’s tree that don’t actually belong to anyone at all).
  • Jayden “Goatboy” McAllister (it was his nickname before he became a satyr), leader of Shermer’s worst punk band.
  • Olivia the Grump works for (and secretly lives in) the dump. She smells awful.
  • Colin Jamison owns a house made of candy. The exterminators fees are obscene.


  • Buffalo Sue (aka Sue Grafton, aka The Herdmistress). Formerly an OmniLab Scientist, now Herdmistress of the Great Prairie Herd. Mage, Free Council Thrysus. Lives in a secret hovel in the Omnilab grounds. Enjoys margaritas and karaoke.
  • Professor Kickflip (aka James Patterson, aka Lord of the Grind). A professional skateboarder in the 80s, now a PE coach at Randall Poffo Junior High. Mage, Adamantine Obrimos. Three time X-games gold medalist. Wielder of Soulgrinder, a Runic Skateboard of frightening potency. Looks like Gandalf and Tony Hawk had a baby.
  • Magdalena La Maldonata (aka Joan Collins, aka The Westside Witch). A strip mall fortune teller and Time Mage. Free Council Acanthus. Lives the goth lifestyle without irony. Swears a lot, even by Mage standards.
  • Smiley (aka Dean Koontz, aka The Spymaster). Looks like a drunken scumbum, acts like a drunken scumbum. Actually a terrifying former covert ops specialist for the Iron Pyramid. Unholy master of interrogation and mind magic. Claims to be retired, but no one's actually sure if a Seer can retire - not even Smiley. Looks exactly like Matthew McConnaughey if he gave up on life.


  • Sharon Krieger (aka Ms Boots). Her present Cover is that of Karen Krieger's identical twin sister. Sharon 'was away' in Paris for many years but moved home to support her sister during the divorce. She teaches French at the High School and drives a Puegeot. Her true form is that of a one-winged clockwork angel. Currently dating John Smith in all her Covers.


  • Luther Watson, High School football coach for over 25 years, now retired. A Bone Shadow Elodoth who left the hunt when he met his true love Shirley. Presently on a European tour after winning the Guatemalan Lottery.

Stuff to Add


The Smith Family, Shermer PD, Karen and her son, Bob the Ghoul, Judge Good


OmniLab, City Hall, Old City Hall, Smith Homestead, Shermer Police Station, The Chilis of the Damned, The Pig and Whistle, Noo Soosh, Whips 'n' Clips


El Detonarbisonte