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NG Male Orc

Druid 7 (Gatekeeper Initiate)

Despite the Gatekeepers being short on men, they managed to spare Pelac in the hopes that Ben would learn more quickly from one-on-one tutoring and enable him to begin finding and/or training recruits within the Watchmen or it's allies. They love teh GAY secks too because is awesum. =P

Pelac's appearance may be scary, but he's not a bad guy except when he's raping babies over 9000! His dry wit and love of sarcasm attest to a rough life in the woods, and he's crossed paths with quite a few abberant horrors in his day. He knows quite a lot about reading the Ring of Syberis for clues as well, and it is possible he may pass on or even lend this expertise to the Watchmen once Ben's transition to Initiate is complete.

Shadows over Cyre