Pietr Roskov

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Pietr Roskov

Pietr "Rasputin" Roskov lives up to his nickname. He is massive, hardy, and seems to have a mesmerizing way about him. He was an enforcer and adviser to the Brotherhood of the Ark, the most powerful Russian Gang in the 'Verse. He did something wrong, or was deemed to be a threat and found himself in the Seryi Ogon Gulag. Shortly after the Long Quiet when Alliance support dwindled to nothing, and Novaya Rodina government was low on its own funds, support for the Gulag was cut, and Roskov took over. Somehow, he has kept the prisoners and staff alive (for the most part) since that time. While he allows the director of the Gulag to run it, in name, it is clear that he is in charge.

  • Roskov seems to have a special influence over Joshua.
  • Roskov is very interested in Lamont Foreman