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Name: Tony
Age: 25
Bio: Wanna be scientist, guitar player and master of forms 2,4 and 7 of nerddom.
Birthday: 5 September

Q. Why RPG gaming?
A. I had been interested in RPGing for a while. I play a lot of table top games and wanted to get into the story driven aspect of RPGs.

Q. What attracted you to this particular game setting?
A. I became hooked on the Firefly t.v. series. It allows for some very interesting stories and scenarios to unfold.

Q. What has kept you interested in this particular game and setting?
A. The palyers are great and Steve comes up with some great stories.

Q. Which character in Mutineers do you play?
A. Rick Allen, wildlife biologist and wacky adventure.

Q. Where did you get the idea for your character?
A. Steve suggested this idea to me when we first meet and I thought it was great. I tried to make Rick a cross between Steve Irwin and Bear Grylls with a few other interesting nature/reality extreme people.

Q. Name one way your character is not like you.
A. Rick was a member of the Alliance military. I have never been a member of the military.

Q. Name one way your character is like you.
A. Both Rick and I are interested in science.

Q. This Serenity campaign seems to generate a lot of outside-game writing. Where did you get the ideas for the journal entries you've written?
A. The ideas for my extras comes from events in the game or suggestions by the players and GM.

Q. One last question. Do you think you will tire of the game and the setting, and go on to something else entirely?
A. I think that there are so many possibilities in this setting and the group has so much fun. I may eventually have to leave for graduate school but that's a ways in the future.

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