Police and Thieves - Cain Xenis

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Cain Xenis[edit]

Class: Firebrand

Refresh: Take something back from those who would oppress you.

Durance: Guardsman

Cain's burning zeal developed from ironically, a Durance as a guardsman. Being stuck as the intermediary between an abused populace and haughty and superior high elf lords convinced him, if the drow of Spire banded together, they could oust the aelfir for sure. But too many, for greed, fear, or denial and excuses, refuse to fight, to support. His tracts, distributed under a pen name, point to every abuse, every bit of cultural genocide, everything to drive the battle of hearts and minds forward.

He is a regular contributor to Liberate!



  • Compel
  • Deceive
  • Fight
  • Steal


  • Crime
  • Low Society
  • Order


Lead From The Front

  • You excel when you’re under pressure. When you have 6 or more stress in Shadow, gain mastery on all actions.

Draw A Crowd

  • You can pull together a crowd at a moment’s notice. Once per session, you can draw a crowd to you in a matter of minutes. People will stop what they’re doing, so long as it isn’t life-or-death, and listen to what you have to say.

Noble Sacrifice

  • You convince your allies to pay for victory in blood. Gain the Fight skill. If you spend a few minutes getting everyone pumped up before a battle, you and all your allies gain the Bloodbound tag on any weapon you use.

Force Of Personality

  • There’s nothing you can’t do. Honest. Gain the Deceive skill. Once per session, declare you possess a Domain or Skill that you don’t actually have – you are treated as having access to it until the end of the situation. Your natural bravado and charisma are enough to carry you through, even with your lack of applicable knowledge.


  • Your ability to shift blame is legendary. +1 Shadow. Once per session, when an NPC accuses you of wrongdoing, you can automatically convince them that you’re entirely innocent and someone else (choose who) is responsible.


Murden Malloch (individual) | Stress: 0

  • Malloch is one of Cain's former colleagues in the City Guard, a Ministry sympathizer who serves as a source of inside information.

Cremini Black (individual) | Stress: 0

  • Cremini is embedded in the various publishing machinations within the works, and someone whom Cain can have arrange the printing of his manifestos and other inflammatory writings.

Zazie (PC) | Stress: 0

  • Cain recruited her to the cause.

Nemulith (PC) | Stress: 0

  • Cain and Nemulith... collaborated during their Durances.


  • Sap (D3, Concealable)
  • Buzzard Sawn-Off (D6, Reload, Point-blank)


  • Armor +0
  • Blood +0
  • Mind +0
  • Shadow +2
  • Silver +0
  • Reputation +5