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Ravna Ascendere

No one makes a life in Spire without blood staining their hands eventually, in one form or another. But some have far more than their fair share. Ravna's Durance saw her spirited away by a noble aelfir for his personal use... not sexual, but the shedding of other's blood. She was an assassin and executioner, made to dirty her hands with drow blood over and over, each layer staining her soul, but also giving her strength through anger. To the surprise of all, she made it out with her soul intact... barely. On the first day of the fifth year of her Durance, she went and prostrated herself to an elder of the Midwife Order, and confessed each of her sins in vivid detail. She expected punishment, or perhaps penance, but what she was offered, after a painful initiation, was a new role in life.

Two years later, she, a newly anointed Midwife, was on duty when a group of three drunk aelfir youths came to the temple. Not daring to bar their path, she offered them a tour. At the room where the egg-sacks were kept, Ravna's life changed again. One of the youths, mad with arrogance, urinated on one of the sac-holders.

To their credit, the other aelfir seemed to realize the depth of the transgression, and hurried him and themselves out, keeping their eyes open and hands on weapons.

That night, Ravna approached a woman she knew to be a member of the Ministry, and offered her services to them.

Skills Domains
Sneak Occult
Fight - Mastery of Sneak Attacks Low Society



  • MARTYR. You sacrifice your life, inch by inch, to safeguard the future of the drow. Once per session, when an ally takes fallout, you appear nearby so long as it would be even slightly feasible for you to do so. They ignore the effects of the fallout, and you take D6 stress to an appropriate resistance instead.

Protector's Eye

  • PROTECTOR’S EYE. Ancient instincts, bound into you by forgotten sorcery, give you a measure of what a person really cares about. Once per situation, ask the GM what a particular NPC wishes to protect

above all else.

Canticle of Remaking

  • CANTICLE OF REMAKING. [Occult] Intoning ancient psalms to forgotten powers, you bind your wounds with strands of ethereal web. +1 Blood. Roll Fix+Occult to cast this spell. On a success, remove D6 stress from Blood on yourself, or D3 stress from Blood on another character.

Web of the Mistress

  • WEB OF THE MISTRESS. [Occult] Strands of silver magic extend from your fingertips, and you sense the vibrations caused by any intruders. Gain the Pursue skill. Roll Fix+Occult to cast this spell. On a success, you gain immediate awareness of everything in the vicinity – an area about the size of a large building – even if you can’t see or hear it directly. This remains in effect until you move, or are moved, more than a step away from your current position.

Eyes of Ishkrah

  • EYES OF ISHKRAH. [Occult] Gain the Investigate skill. Roll Investigate + Occult to cast, on a success you can see all forms of occult magic and follow them back to their source.


Order of the Midwives (Street) | Stress: 0

  • Saisel is my immediate supervisor, a tough-as-nails priestess who is a skilled political operative, capable of interacting well with anyone to get what the temple-creche needs, but only pays lip-service to the religious aspects. On the other hand, Lemura is one of Ravna's co-workers, a sheltered drow who avoided Durance due to a (relatively) wealthy drow family and was shuffled into the Midwives without a Durance.

Name (PC) | Stress: 0

  • Someone whose life I saved when no one else would, after they'd ostracized themselves from their community.


  • Weighted Chain (D3, Concealable, Stunning)


Refresh: Defend the defenseless.

Free Slots Resistances Stress
0 Armour 0
3 Blood 3
1 Mind 1
0 Shadow 0
0 Silver 0
1 Reputation 1