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Name [Year] High Concept [Sibling to PC if applicable]

Brief Description.

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Corben Lassiter [7th Year] Level Headed Layabout
Breanna Birdwhistle [5th Year] Slytherin's Fair Maiden
Hailing from a not-so-Pureblooded-anymore family, Breanna embodies everything expected of someone from a well-to-do background. A willowy ashen blonde with nary a single blemish, she's more than aware of her status as one of the prettiest girls in the whole school.
Grace Isley [3rd Year] Slytherin with a Secret
Grace is the Slytherin girl Hekate saved two years back when Grace was just a 1st year who'd managed to avoid getting taken to the Dungeons with the rest of her House. Grace's secret is that she's muggle born.
Root [3rd Year] Silent Spellslinger
Mute from birth, Root has learned to pair his wand with WSL (Wizarding Sign Language) somatics to cast spells.
Addison Shaw [2nd Year] Budding Arcanologist [Sibling to Malcolm]
Addie has always loved history and stories of ancient times, so when she was exposed to no-maj movies featuring an English treasure hunter (Lara Croft) she instantly wanted to become an Arcanologist herself, exploring ancient ruins and recovering lost magical spells and items. Her resourcefulness and drive landed her in Slytherin, much to the worry of her parents.
Mary Scott [2nd Year] Dances with Brooms
Though only a second year, Mary is already one of the top fliers at Hogwarts but has zero interest in Quidditch.

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Norah Jones [6th Year] Keeping it Prefect
As Ravenclaw's Quidditch Keeper and a 6th year Prefect, Malcolm ends up spending a lot of time with Norah. There is even a bit of friendly rivalry as to who will become Quidditch Captain next year. A bit of a perfectionist, she's battling for the top grades in her year and tends to be hard on herself when she doesn't achieve her goals.
Parse Whitehall [6th Year] Hidebound Hindrance
Sixth year Prefect, doesn't allow betting during First year Sorting.
Roger Mohr [6th Year] "Bond. James Bond. Wizard Spy
Roger is not Muggle-born, yet he has a fascination for Muggle movies, and one set of them in particular. Roger even manages to look like he'd fit right in as a Secret Agent - at least according to the Muggle Borns. He's Ravenclaw, but he at least claims to have seen the inside of more than one of the other Houses' common rooms.
Ruvyen d'Amasku [6th Year] Durmstrang's Seventh Son
A ward of Professor Mikal Nicolai (Head of Gryffindor House and new Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher) Ruvyen transferred to Hogwarts with his guardian in his fifth year.
Daisy Johnson [1st Year] Star Spangled and Under Foot
An American, Daisy is from the greatest country ever! (of course), but she is excited to have been accepted to Hogwarts and incessantly into everything. Daisy is the only student to ever have an owl deliver an acceptance letter clear across the pond.
Literally everyone is baffled that the Hat sorted her into Ravenclaw. The joke is that :it's because she's really attracted to shiny things.
Deborah Ashford [1st Year] Mommy's Little Bookworm [Sister to Clarissa]
A confident 10 year old who her sister Clarissa thought had the 'self-involved swagger of a proper Gryffindor.'
Sebastian Coventry [1st Year] Shadow Whisperer
Sebastian is a new student, shy, with a tendency to obliquely hide or conceal himself around other people. Second cousin to Neville Longbottom.

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Terrance Eldon Bellworth [6th Year] Sensational Storytelling Seeker
Terrance (never "Terry") is a 6th year with a fast wit and even faster hands. By rumor, he even completed his OWLs in record time... he just didn't do well in them. He is flashy and quick, but thinks careful is a misspelling of carafe.
Allen Quartz [5th Year] Hufflepuff Heartthrob
Allen embodies many of the Hufflepuff stereotypes - strong, gregarious, industrious - and he makes it look good. He's rarely found in a social setting without at least one witch - often 6th or 7th years - swooning over him or distracted by his smile. Gillian is a little jealous in a friendly sort of way, and they're mostly not competing for the same pool of attention, but she rarely passes up an opportunity to remind him that he's short enough for her to use his head as an armrest.
They've been friends since first year, when Gillian met him as shy, anxious, 'tomboyish' Bethany. She protected his secret during the Year of Darkness under a Fidelis charm cast by Susan Bones - since magical fascists don't stick to just one axis of bigotry - and supported him in working up the courage to come out the summer after.
Lilith Dawn Bain [5th Year] Courteously Aloof Charmist
Lilith ("Lily" to her few good friends) is
Kelly Smith [4th Year] Devil's Own Luck
A freckle faced boy of Irish extraction, Kelly can't catch a break. Odd mishaps and accidents always seem to be happening to him.
Annie Baganna [3rd Year] Dreams of Beauxbatons
Annie spends an inordinate amount of time wishing Hogwarts was not her home, fancying herself to be destined for the more elegant ranks of Beauxbatons Academy of Magic. She's a little pretentious, adopting a faux french accent that would make a Cajun cringe, and makes such a fuss about elegant french fashion and foods that she's earned the nickname Huffletruffle around the school.
Bauxer Smythe [1st Year] Studious Student of Studenton [Stryx's Cousin]
Thaddeus 'Thad' Keane [1st Year] Not Quite a Spoiled Twit [Gillian's Cousin]
Thad is the son of Gillian's Uncle Reginald and Aunt Jonquil (née Greengrass), who she mostly remembers as an exquisitely spoiled toddler. He's tall for his age, blonde and sharp-featured, with a noticeable family resemblance to Gillian but much more to her brother. Thad is a Quidditch fanatic, with dreams of being a famous Seeker himself, and spent the past year devouring news of his cousin's rise on the pitch. While the piles of unexamined privilege he carries around still try Gillian's patience, he's trying to take after her.
Indira Choudry [7th Year] Hufflepuff Keeper and team captain

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Cyrus Cassowary [5th Year] Gryffindor's Miserly Seeker
Cyrus is currently House Gryffindor's best seeker. Though he was only second best compared to Harry Potter in his first three years, he began leaving his mark once Harry graduated. He does not have his own broom, as he feels it wouldn't be the most efficient use of galleons. Cyrus is often the one dragging Lance into Quidditch escapades, including substituting another player whenever the need arises.
Sienna Strix [5th Year] A Duelist Most Graceful
Sienna is one of the most prominent members of Dueling Club. She is known for her graceful movements when dodging parrying spells as if she was in a fencing match.
Glenn Greenhaim [4th Year] Braver than Sensible
Glenn means well, but when it comes to the concept of measured response, he floats in much the same way that a cannonball doesn't.
Maire ni Eithne [4th Year] A Celtic Warrior in Wizarding School
As red haired as any Weasley, but stronger than her frame would suggest, no one is surprised that she's a Gryffindor. Rumor has it that she actually has a sword enchanted as one of her pens, but no one's seen it.
Wendy Darling [3rd Year] No Relation
Wendy is a little left of focused, a daydreamer and an optimist, and wickedly effective in a duel.
Agatha Silverling [1st Year] Starry Eyed Witch [Lance's Cousin]
Agatha is new to the Wizarding World, having only known its existence a few weeks before coming to Hogwarts. As a result, she believes anything anyone says about the Wizarding World until proven otherwise and she looks at everything in Hogwarts with childish wonder. Despite being a muggleborn with no magical lineage, Agatha's spells are oddly powerful for her age. As a result, she has some trouble casting spells, as whatever she casts is often stronger than she can control. Ever since she was old enough to walk, Agatha's sleep has been plagued by (possibly prophetic) nightmares. Whenever she awakens from a nightmare, she would look out at the night sky, as the sight of stars would allow her to calm down and lull her back to sleep. Her favorite subject is, of course, astronomy, both because of her love of stars and because it doesn't require any spells.
Eleanor Ashford [1st Year] Daddy's little tomboy [Sibling to Clarissa]
Her sister Clarissa thinks she had the self-important swagger of a proper Gryffindor.

Canon Characters

Nigel Wolpert [6th Year] Jack of All
Nigel is obsessed with learning as many things as he can before he leaves Hogwarts and has permission to be taking a total of four extra classes this year as well as permission to audit others in his free time.

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