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Cast of Characters :: 5th Year

Name House Played by FP Stress D2b.png Mild D4b.png Moderate D6a.png Severe
Dunstan Rosier Slytherin DannyK 4/3 ☐☐☐
Primrose Quimby Slytherin* Daxian 4/3 ☐☐☐
Gillian Keane Hufflepuff squidheadjax 4/3 ☐☐☐
Clarissa Ashford Hufflepuff QuZi 4/3 ☐☐☐
Hekate Orielis Ravenclaw Stormraven 4/3 ☐☐☐
Malcolm Shaw Ravenclaw* Llayne 4/3 ☐☐☐
Lance Whateley Griffindor* drearyArchon 4/3 ☐☐☐
GM kokopelli 7/7 Notes:

* Indicates character is a prefect of their house

☐ Open Box; ☑ Ticked Box

Character Sheet Template

Retired Characters

House Points

House Slytherin Hufflepuff Ravenclaw Griffindor
Points 74 73 71 74

(Orokos Roll for House Points at Start of Game)

Core Curriculum :: All Characters

Astronomy, Charms, Defense Against the Dark Arts, Herbology, History of Magic, Potions, Transfiguration

Flying (first years only)

Elective Curriculum :: Select Two

Ancient Studies - Malcolm

Arithmancy - Lance; Clarissa; Primrose

Care of Magical Creatures - Dunstan

Conjuration (Accelerated Study) - Malcolm

Divination - Lance; Dunstan

Human Transfiguration (Accelerated Study) - Gillian

Muggle Studies - Hekate; Gillian; Primrose

Study of Ancient Runes - Hekate; Clarissa

Extracurricular Activities

Dueling Club

Malcolm Shaw [Ravenclaw] Captain
Primrose Quimby [Slytherin]
Lance Whateley [Gryffindor]
Clarissa Ashford [Hufflepuff]
Dunstan Rosier [Slytherin]

Quidditch Team

Malcolm [Ravenclaw] Chaser
Gillian [Hufflepuff] Beater
Clarissa [Hufflepuff] Chaser
Lance Whateley [Gryffindor] Reserve Player That Somehow Gets Called In Every Other Match

Slug Club

Primrose [Slytherin] Mama's Influence and Personal Potential
Malcolm [Ravenclaw] Mum's position in the Ministry and ICW, to include a Wizard of a respected family that isn't pureblood (thus proving that isn't a pureblood elitist), Malcolm's own plans to enter public office.
Gillian [Hufflepuff] Professor Slughorn has a thing for inviting promising Quidditch players, as they make excellent famous people to name-check. Gillian is skeptical of the whole affair, but her parents strongly encouraged her to accept the invite due to the prestige. Gillian is also not immune to flattery, and Slughorn casually comparing her to a young Gwenog Jones was particularly effective.
Lance [Griffindor] Lance has the bearing and fate of someone who will make their mark on the world, and Professor Slughorn knows this. The fact that he seems to be friends with or is owed a favor by a good portion of the Club is only icing on the cake. While Lance is invited to most of the club's events, he's a bit hesitant about going, if only because it feels like leaving out his less well-to-do friends. Lance still goes to the events on occasion, if only to be polite.

Featured NPCs



Parents and Guardians

Ghosts and Magical Creatures

Synopses of the Hogwart's Houses






Wand Woods

Wand Cores

Wand Length and Flexibility

Spells, Charms, and Incantations

Canon Spells

Extra-Canon Spells

Maps and Visual Aids

Maps of Hogwarts

Player Resources

IC Thread

OOC Thread

Recruitment Thread

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Posting Expectations

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I am generally fine with inter-character conflict, etc, so long as it is done in a way that forwards the story and/or highlights the caracter(s), but I have long been of the opinion that you really don't need a GM just to battle and duel with other PCs.

A lot of folk game to escape various stressors in our lives, and for many, competing against another player is stressful in ways that competing against the game environment or GMCs isn't.

Accordingly, I've adopted the following guidelines for adjudicating PVP in PBP games. If you wan't to do something that directly acts against another player's character, there are two options.

  • Unilateral Permission: The other player agrees to your action. No rolls are needed. Just RP it out.
  • Limited Permission: The other player doesn't agree that it is an automatic thing, but does agree to let the dice decide.

Note: If both players involved do not agree to PVP, it doesn't happen. Move on with something else.

Waiting List (Alternate Players)