Presumed Knowledge is Arrogance

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  • Name: Presumed Knowledge is Arrogance. (Pika for short.)
  • Playbook: The Elder
  • Family: The Gate and the Key
  • Looks: Ambigious, rough face, sharp eyes, stocky body
  • Stats
    • Force +0
    • Lore +2
    • Steel -1
    • Sway +1
  • Harm
    • Trembling
    • Fearful
    • Lose a Loyal Staff
    • Lose the other Loyal Staff
    • Dead
  • Moves
    • Family Inheritance: Living Machines
      • Do not eat, drink, or breathe, but need technological surpluses for Professional Care.
    • Loyal Staff
      • A Bodyguard and a Guide; gain +1 Force when the Bodyguard fights, and +1 Steel when the guide scouts ahead.
    • Tough Old Soul
      • When anyone in your group suffers harm, tell everyone about a similar time. The person that acts on your story gets advantage.
    • Role: Agent
      • Advisor to another leader. Say a topic they’re humble in, the GM says a topic they’re over-confident in.
    • Death Move
      • Tell those present who is your successor. Your nomination is respected by all parties.
  • 'Gear

Add 1 to the Quality of a group of followers when you Tool Up.


?? would make a good match for one of my followers. ?? and I sat in council before, and I taught them wisdom. I know how ??’s parents truly died. I wonder if they would welcome the truth…