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Welcome to the wiki for the D&D fifth edition game Project Kerberos.

Run by: Aikireikinu

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Devon Ayukawa (3rd level)

Devon Ayukawa (11th level)

Jensen Hawkins (3rd level)

Jensen Hawkins (11th level)

Karen Krieger (3rd level)

Karen Krieger (11th level)

Lan Franklin (3rd level/11th level)

Charles Fortescue (3rd level)

Charles Fortescue (11th level)

Sharon Krieger (3rd level)

Sharon Krieger (11th level)


Marshal Boxer Testament

Commanding Officer, North American Operation

A distinguished looking African-American man in is mid 50s. Formerly a US Army special forces officer, and US Army liaison to Project Kerberos. When he retired from the Army, Project Kerberos hired him to oversee the North American theater.

He's stern but fair, and a bit of a stickler for following proper procedures. That said, he's aware that Returned are, in many cases, civilians and wild cards, and tries to manage them as such. Serious breaches of military discipline will be dealt with, but as long as the Returned under his command treat their mission seriously, he's willing to overlook minor issues.

Dr. Fiona O'Wari

Head of Research and Development, Detroit Base

A slight Irish woman in her mid 30s. She's a Cassandra, and is in charge of researching any clues that might lead to identifying the source of the DUNGEONs, as well as developing new magic tools for use by field agents. Her Cassandra powers are more focused on enchantment and manipulation of objects than clairvoyance and communication. She's fairly easy going, almost sloppy, about anything but her work, and cheerfully as non-military as she can get away with. She returned about 5 years ago.

Director Larry Marx

Head of Information Control, Detroit Base

An portly white man in his late 40s with a nervous disposition, not made calmer by his constant attempts to quit smoking. Despite that, he's the head MIB on base, and very good at what he does. The general opinion on base is that everything about him is an act, and only Marshal Testament has the clearance to know his background.

Operator Yelena Galkin

A grandmotherly Belarusian-American woman in her early 60s. She's a Cassandra, and the most senior of the Operators at the Detroit base. She provides remote assistance and support to Drakon teams in the field, usually the Alpha Team (the Player's team). Her Cassandra powers are focused on communication and enhancement of others. She tends to dote on the teams in her charge, knitting them little presents and baking cookies. She returned over a decade ago, and has supported many Drakon teams over the years.

Drakon Beta Team

A mid-level Drakon team assigned to Detroit. They're 9th level. The team consists of Fran Katz (commander, wizard), Joachim Martinez (barbarian), Prince Dubois (cleric), Apple Fairchild (monk), Harry West (rogue), and Rachel Fontaine (ranger).

Drakon Gamma Team

A lower-level Drakon team assigned to Detroit. Most are fairly recent Returned and are part of the Gamma Team for training and evaluation. On average they're 7th level. The team consists of Yuuki Abe (druid), Nigel Chang (sorcerer), Billy Barnes (fighter), Dana Moreau (bard), and Leslie Park (warlock). As a training team, they're usually not deployed as a team, but rather seconded to the Beta or Alpha team on missions against lower level DUNGEONs where they can safely get some experience.

Drakon Alpha Team

This is your team. It's fairly rare for a number of higher level Returned to show up in a short time, so your team was assigned to the most senior North American commander. You're the second highest level team in the North America theater, just behind the Birmingham, Alabama base's Alpha team (level 13).

The highest level team that Project Kerberos has is the Cairo, Egypt base's Alpha Team (level 15).

Notable Locations[edit]

Kerberos: Detroit

Situated in a former industrial area of the city, under the guise of an industrial research company Obsidian Monolith New Industrial Technology (OMNITech). The public stance of OMNITech leans into the conspiracy theories that pop up about OMNITech (many started by Dolos Divison MIBs), as a distraction from the actual secret.

House Rules[edit]


Optional Rules