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QuZi_PC:_Steel-Angel - For MWP's Marvel Superheroes Game

QuZi_PC:_Dora_the_Red - For Apocalypse World

The_Spiderweb:_Rook_The_Delinquent - For the AWE game Masks: The New Generation

Iassica - For the AWE game Fallen Empires 2E

ST_Phobos/Koras - For Modiphius' Star Trek Adventures game

Boldly_Going:Carrie_Hamill - For Modiphius' Star Trek Adventures game

TSM:_Margaret_Atwell - For an FAE hack for a game in J.K. Rowling's Harry Potter universe

Etiology:Cavani_Hobbs - For an Eclipse Phase game, a Security Pod xenoscientist-gamer.