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- Main Page; Keep On The Borderlands

  • Range: 30'
  • Duration: special
  • This spell forces the character it is cast on to perform some special task or quest as commanded by the cleric at the time the spell is cast. A successful save vs. Spells will result in the spell having no effect. A typical task might include slaying a certain monster, rescuing a maiden, obtaining a magic item for the caster, or going on a pilgrimage. Such tasks will not be suicidal. Once the task is completed, the spell ends. If the character refuses to go on the quest, he or she will be cursed until the quest is continued.
  • This spell can be reversed to remove quest, which will dispel an unwanted quest or a a quest-related curse. The chance of success is reduced by 5% for every level the caster is lower than the cleric who cast the quest.