Rabbit Morgan

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Name: Rabbit Morgan
Archetype: Fix-It
Professions: Industrial Explorer
Background: Rustic
Player: Myth
Appearance: Wiry, Battered, Focussed


Mettle: +1
Physique: -1
Influence: +1
Expertise: +2
Interface: 0
Armor: +2
Advancement Trigger: A needed item is scrounged up.


Construction: A few hours of work creates a small structure with one of the following traits, or adds that trait to an existing room
  • Shelter
  • Defensible
  • Concealed
  • Workspace
Repair: When using a repair bay or workshop, your Patch Up can be used to install replacement parts and perform major reconstruction on machines. This repairs critical and fatal breakages.
Survival: You can scrounge up the following from all but the most barren, inhospitable surroundings:
  • Somewhat edible food and drink.
  • Basic medicine or first-aid materials.
  • Rustic Wilderness Kit
  • Primitive Class 0 melee weapon


To the Order; Adoption Fee paid to his birth family
To the Order; Room and board, basic education
To the Order; Advanced training


Rabbit was part of an advanced training pod acclimating soon-to-be graduating students to like outside the Order. When disaster struck, Rabbit took charge of the pod, completing the current contract and getting the pod home safely. Brother Harald, in charge of the program, owes him a favor.


Simple Jumpsuit Class 0 attire, many pockets
The Crew Class 1 Techs
Engineering Kit Class 1 Kit
Laser Welder Class 2 Pistol, Laser, Inconspicuous (easily hidden, doesn't show on scanners)
Speeder Rugged, Remote Control, Tool = Glove. Activated with Expertise instead of Access.


Manufactory: Engineering bays. Builds, upgrades and repairs. Workbenches, tool racks, winches, pulleys, lifts

Data Points

  • Circle of Life -- Ecology/Survival [used]
  • Tavish