Rachel Carlyle

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A PC in the game Star Trek Adventures: USS Hathaway and in game STA_Beta_Testing

Commander Rachel Carlyle[edit]

Species: Human; Environment: Isolated Colony; Upbringing: Science and Technology (A)
Rank: Commander; Assignment: Chief Engineer
Control: 11; Fitness: 8; Presence: 7
Daring: 9; Insight: 10; Reason: 11
Command: 2; Security: 3; Science: 4
Conn: 1; Engineering: 5; Medicine: 1
Determination: 3/3
Stress: 11/11
Reputation: 10
Focuses: Power Systems, Computers, Warp Field Dynamics, Transporters & Replicators, Improvisation, Hand Phasers


Loner, enjoys quiet time alone
Working is better than perfect
Knowledge is the key to victory
Family Trumps All


Bold: Engineering: Whenever you attempt a Task with Engineering, and you buy one or more d20s by adding to Threat, you may re-roll a single d20.
In the Knick of Time: Whenever you succeed at an Engineering or Science Task as part of an Extended Task, you score 1 additional Work for every Effect rolled.
I Know My Ship: Whenever you attempt a Task to determine the source of a technical problem with your ship, add one bonus d20.
Jury-Rig: Whenever you attempt an Engineering Task to perform repairs, you may reduce the Difficulty by two, to a minimum of 0. If you do this, however, then the repairs are only temporary and will last only a single scene, plus one additional scene per Momentum spent (Repeatable) before they fail again. Jury-rigged repairs can only be applied once, and the Difficulty to repair a device that has been Jury-rigged increases by 1.


Phaser Type-2: 6, Charge
Unarmed Strick: 4, Knockdown, Nonlethal



Vital Statistics[edit]

Age: 31; Height: 150 cm; Weight: 46 kg
Eyes: Blue; Hair: Blond; Complexion: Pale


Rachel Carlyle is a short, slim woman with blond hair, which she keeps in an updo while on duty. Her blue eyes are a window into a mind that is always looking for ways to improve something. When she has the time to let her hair down, she prefers simple, comfortable clothing.


She was born on remote, agrarian colony. She loves outdoor spaces with lots of sky above her. She doesn't talk about it much because she was barely ten when the colony was overrun by a native species. She needed to defend her younger brother Ted against one of the rampaging beasts. Her mother died in the attack and her father took his two kids off planet. During her pre-starfleet schooling, she discovered a warp-field property that increases the speed at which a ship transitions to warp by 3%. She was fast-tracked into the science school at StarFleet Academy. But she transferred to Engineering as soon as she could. She's too practical to be a scientist.

During an early assignment on Starbase 85, Rachel met Paul Dodd, an entertainment programmer and performer. He was traveling from base to base as a traveling entertainer for Starfleet (like the USO). He left the traveling show and became a holodeck writer while living on the Starbase. They married a year later. A few months into their marriage, Rachel was offered the Chief Engineer position on the USS Hathaway. She could not say no even it meant they would end up in a long distance marriage. Paul encouraged her to go.