Randal in the Vulsara Galaxy

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The Planet Randal is in the outer Perseus Arm of the Alpha Quadrant of the Vulsara Galaxy. Home of the Amber Star Fleet's Vulsar Base. Randal2.jpg

System detail


  • System Population:780 Million. Approx.
  • 12 orbital bodies in its solar system. 87 Artificial-spaced based habitations. 18 moons. Four asteroid belts representing unformed or demolished planets.

Randal One

  • A small Class G planet, similar to Mercury.
  • Population 62
  • The planet is used as the system wide repository for refuse unable to be used for replication fuels.
  • "The Keep of Fire" A habitation deep within the planet's crust belonging to an isolationist religious group

Randal Two

  • Small N Class planet. (Venus-Like)
  • Pop:2200

Randal Prime (Third Planet)

    • 770 Million on Randal (Randal One).
    • A medium sized M class planet circling a small G type yellow star. .
    • Habitable within human tolerable range.
    • Dynamic mountain ranges. One large land mass, many archipelagos with large islands.
    • 3 moons. Cira, Bene, and Filch. Small local atmospheres and constant .4 Gravity. Habitable in artificial domes.
      • All three moons have been used as construction facilitates in the past. The maintenance of artificial habitations requires constant maintenance which is a constant topic in system politics.
      • Cira: Pop. 600k. Cina Corp manages vast hydroponic farms covering much of the surface of the moon. They specialize in processing food for space travel on ships without replicators. Emergency rations, energy bars, and snack foods.
      • Bene: Pop. 59k. Bene is a captured asteroid that has half of the rock flat facing away from the planet. It was long used a salvage yard for star ships pieces. It still acts as long term rock-side storage for unused small space ships and yachts.
      • Filch: Pop 3K. Filtch maintains a small population of craft industries and residents with long history on the moon. Filch suffered a dramatic asteroid contact near the End of the Randal Corp ownership of the System and never regains full functionality. System government maintains a small habitable presence but does not recommend immigration for new residents. Most residents are family groups with a history on Filch. The moon once supported 100k population but the asteroid impact damaged half the planets facilities beyond repair. The remaining 3000 residents live in space that could house 60k. Much of the base is sealed off but the inhabitants have huge amounts of space not typical in space habitation.

Randal Four

Known Locally as Polgasa

    • 6 Million Population.
    • A small Class L moon in the same orbit as Randal One.
    • Once a moon of Randal One, it had a breathable atmosphere and sparce plant life. During the Randal Corp era the planet was heavily terra-formed for construction facilities and testing purposed. It once had a population of 32 Million.
    • Currently used as a production and fabrication center for Space based construction.
    • 11 Artificial Satellites with a population of 400k

Randal Five

Randal Six

    • Ringed Gas Giant.
    • 7 Moons. All once used for ship construction. 5 uninhabited or lightly inhabited (Populations o less them 100)
    • 49 Artificial Habitations. Most residually functioning.
      • Gresal: A Federation style Star Base.

Randal Twelve

    • Class D. Small airless rocky planet at the extreme distance from the sun. One orbiting space station operates as something of a reception area for ships entering the Randal System.


  • Officially under the authority of the Vulsar Base Star Fleet of the Kingdom of Amber.
  • It is not a member planet of the federation
  • Listed as reasonably lawful and approved for Shore Leave for Star Fleet ships but is far from normal commercial routes.


  • Randal is governed by a civilian Quadcameral Parliament each section of which elects two Representatives to an Administrative Council.

The Tricam

  • Governor's Board
  • Tourism Board
  • Industry Board
  • Populace Board


Tentar Associates

Tentar was originally the Small Star Ship and interplanetary freight ship construction divisions of Randal Corp. Denton "Tenten" Tentar was a managing director when the Randal Corp abandoned the facilities. One of the few Randal executives who remained on planet when the company abandoned its ties to it. With the remaining personnel he managed to refocus remaining facilities in the Landas region into the production of land vehicles and space shuttles.

New Randal Industries

NewRanCorp manages small scale personal Replicator services.

Gretilion Industries

Delwin Gretilion brought a large space based repair station of unknown origin and parked it outside the orbit of this Randal One. Soon ships from all over the quadrant were coming for ship repairs and visiting the planet during the time required.

The Repair station was used to repair a great many devices on planet and soon restored Replicator Industries and ither needed things for the people of this devastated world.

Gretileon Station

A massive artificial structure for repair of Star ships by an automatic system. Established by the Gretilion Corp, the structure is responsible for the renaissance and transformation of Randal from a damaged system after the micro-singularity passed through it.

Gretileon Station is an extremely advanced automatic construction facility able to repair anything from ships to people. It uses extensive replicator technology and holographic systems to locate things as minor as a squeaky floor or clogged coffee pot up to complete destruction of a ship. It has the ability to repair living tissue in a similar manner.

The Station uses Neural Interfaces to provide the processing power to manage the complex overlapping repairs. They legend is that Delwin Gretileon found the station in space and it was acting as a merchant station trading goods for services, but occasionally crew of ships being repaired "Died" Close examination determined that the "dead" crewman was actually duplicated exactly and replaced. The living crewman being implnated in a part of the computer system. Gretilion captured the device and reconfigured the system to allow voluntary service as "Neural Units" and paid well for it.

(Star Trek Episode-Dead Stop[[1]]

Neural Processing Unit Industry

Individuals serve as Neural Processors and receive substantial funds. They are linked into a complex computer system using their brains ans high speed processing units. They are intravenously fed and hydrated and physically maintained.

In the beginning people served one month "In Service to the Machine" and received a large regular monthly stipend for 11 Months. The 11 Month Period was considered the amount of time required to fully recover from the service. Later medical experts determined that only 3 months were required to fully recover though the discomfort of recovery was relatively minor. As the popularity of the Service increased the time "In Service" was lowered to one week, though the pay was still in 11 monthly increments. There are now three units in the system and it is a common advocation, especially for those in college and other educational opportunities.

Randal bikes.jpg


High Adventure

Hiking, camping, mountaineering.

These locations have various levels of oversight from guided excursions to unsupervised and unmarked trails.


There were few large mammals on Randal when the company arrived. Homesteaders placed to raise large hogs and cattle provided a stable food source.

Marcus Tentar and the Tentar Tigers

Marcus Tentar was a high level board member of Randal Corp in the early years of the move to Randal. Little about him is remembered except for the Tentar Hunting Preserve and the associated Tiger Raids.

Tentar was a big game hunter on several planets and part of an active social group fond of hunting prey on various worlds. The lack of even medium sized game on Randal made him convince Randal Corp to include importation of Game Animals for hunting. Considering it a personal issue of a board member it was not overseen by the company.

Eventually Tentar imported numerous types of antelope, deer, buffalo, bear, a large variety of wild boars, and other frolicsome animals.

Over the years the organized hunting excursions gained popularity and even profitability.

One year Marcus Tentar, as he approached his senility, hired a company to bring him 10 tigers and deposit them in a region near the popular hunting tracts for a group of experienced hunters. The order set the location for the deposit but nothing else. Since the nature of bureaucracy is a universal constant a mistake was made on the invoice and instead of the ten tigers that Tentar ordered, a thousand were delivered. This included enough breeding pairs to establish the animals on planet.

Tentar's hunting party, meant and equipped to hunt the ten tigers included many high level Randal Corp personages, and Dependants. Forty two people, including Marcus Tentar, were eaten.

Afterwards the hunting camps suffered from frequent raids of tiger groups as the prey stayed closer and closer to the camps.

When the Singularity struck the hunting region was abandoned. In time when hunting groups returned the wildlife was truly wildlife.

Race Tourism

Race Tourism has been a staple of Randal since its early beginnings. Almost anything is raced but the most popular are horse racing and motorcycle racing.

Race venues

  • Tranas Sky Ring: Hover and Zipp Speeders. Z-Class Hover Pods.
  • Cala's Dustup: A desert venue with 30 different flat and rugged dirt tracks for motorcycles, tricycles and Fat Carts.
  • Zembala Grand Arena: A stadium with 5 separate race venues for cafe motorcycle racing, flat track, Drag Race, and Figure Course races. Zembala has the best quality of rider services and housing.
  • Tentar Duels: The City of Tentar. An arena of wear resistant tracks for variety of motorcycles. Features 23 different Figure 5 tacks. 15 minor tracks with up to 2000 seating stands, 5 majors with 10,000 seating, and 2 championship Figure 5 courses with 20,000 seating, and one Main COurse with seating for 40,000. Planetary Figure 5 Championships occur here.

Figure 5 Course

5ring2.jpg The two main race formats are the Fig Five and the Five Solid

The Fig Five or "Five Ring Route" is one of the most popular formats on Randal. It is televised regularly and experienced riders can build a strong fan base.

Among the most popular motorcycle, Zipp and Hoverpod race formats.

  • 4 rings( A,B,C,D), surround a center ring in the middle of a square called the Flats. Starting on the North Flat, near the B Ring the riders go toward A Ring where the Spots will dictate if they enter the Left or Right entrance to the Ring. As they exit "A ring" the Spots on the center ring dictate which Flat they take. The race continues with riders following the directions of the spots, which vary from rider to rider . The race proceeds till the lead rider has passed through the designated number of passages; usually a race is 20, 42, or 100 passages.
  • Fig 5 vehicles had a pair of direction mounted lights on their display that informs them which is the next left/right or flat designation they must proceed to.

A the race progreses differant directed left or right at each of the 4 intersections causing the riders to risk crashing into each other. Green or Red Lights tell the rider which left or right course to take. Races take 50,75 and 100 Circles and the winner is the first to complete that number.

Tattoo2.jpg A common tattoo among Fig 5 racers.

A common variation on the "Fig Five" is the Five Solids

A Arena Accommodations

A Arena is one of the best race arenas on Randal. It has both race and training facilities, as well as permanent and seasonal Suites. A-Arena Suite.jpg

Hotel and Casinos

Many climes have beaches and diving. Casino hotels are popular for tour groups and personal explorations.

Gambling is allowed on all activities depending on the venue policies.

  • Rigging or Fixing results is not illegal but tends to be frowned on. It plays a part in many stories of a theatrical nature and in much of the popular entertainment methods. However Court cases involving assaults, even murders, involving a Sports Rigger tend to be considered justifiable. A sportsman discovered to have taken money to lose a result for the profit of gamblers is often blackballed in respectable establishments. Should they be murdered, the police rarely make a big effort to solve the crime. Crime Lords involved in rigging sports results often meet messy ends and are not missed.

Belguse Hotels

A chain of well-known hotels for guest and residential populations.

Amateur and Professional Sport

Professional Sports facilities participating in local and Federation athletics. Has not hosted a Galactic Olympics despite repeated bids.


  • Football
  • Baseball
  • Freses Square
  • Team Tennis
  • Volley Ball

Combat Sports

  • Star fleet prohibits Death Sports although some sports are fairly dangerous. But since Randal is not technically a Federation planet it does have active combat sports.
Medieval Jousting

A popular equestrian sport. Jousts comprise only horse and lance combat. Armed personal combat on foot is not part of this sport. Generally this is one on one though some group melees are staged. Reputation is important in the sport.

  • This is a colorful sport that highlights pageantry, heraldry, and manly display. Men and women participate in mixed lists.
  • In a galaxy including Amber Star Fleet that recognizes the existence of many universes there is often a mix of participants from advanced societies and medieval or sword age realms.
Knife fighting

Knife Fighting is a common sport in small venues, clubs, alleys, and private residences. While knife fights occur in the WC&LCA they are not strictly speaking part of the underground communities of knife fighting. Participants fight under agreed terms at best and with no terms at the worst.

While not strictly speaking illegal a lot of the locations seem involved in less then savory enterprises along side of them. Knife fighters are seen as dangerous elements of society.

  • Tregal Far, Lord of the Games-32:

A legend arose among the knife fighters when Shega Far, daughter of Tregal Far was raped and slain while attending the Wolf's Den for knife fights. The event was captured on recorders showing 12 identifiable knife fighters, a few friends and a group of their ladies involved in a drunken scene that led to her temporary death. Taken to a medical center she was put in stasis, transported to a Star Fleet ship and taken to Vulsar Base for long term regeneration.

The knife fighters made sport of her and her treatment afterward releasing the recordings for the public. Much of it was used in niche porn.

Outraged at the incident itself and the aftermath, Tregal Far returned from Vulsar Base regenerated and having had complete facial renovation and the removal of all the tattoos and markings that were part of his public recognition as a Lord of the Games. Returning to Randal he acted like a youth diving into the underworld of the club scenes that revolve arou

Armored Melee

Armored melee are medieval style melees of various sizes and compositions depending on the venue and the competition.

Firearms Sports

Several leagues exist under the hearing of Firearms Sport

  • Stun Tag
  • Field Hunt: In Field Hunts groups of various descriptions enter at various points on the edge of a enclosed space. The space might be as small as a square mile and as large as hundreds of square miles. Weapon systems vary by event but usually are stun fire or Laser tag designation.
    • Tiger Field Hunts are a rare event held in the Tiger region. Participants usually use heavy stun against each other with the possible danger of being attacked by tigers. This is considered a death sport by many on Randal.
Warrior Core

the WC&LGA pops up in many places across shadow with generally similar rules and accouterments. On Randal the the WC&LGA was imported from the Vulsar Bae usage. Specifically the rules call for non-lethal encounters using the 10 Called Rule though an option to use the Honor Rule.

Rentar has its own group of Lords of the Games.

Warrior Core and Lord Gladiators Association

Topology and Location

Randals entry in the “Hitchhiker's Guide to The Federation Galaxy"

  • Randal: Reasonably small M type Planet around a boring G Type Star.
  • Recommendations: Currently a recreation and Shore Leave planet outside the fashionable circles of the Galaxy. Popular with race enthusiasts, gamblers, layabouts and those on the lamb.

“The planet was called Randal, though originally it was a Ferengi world, and had been sold during the early years of Ferengi/ Federation contact to the old Randal Corporation which intended to transfer all its holdings and manufacturing to a world outside the Federation's legal control. It had worked well enough that the Randal Corp had moved a million people and a material for constructing orbital ships and low orbital private crafts and a wide range of land vehicles.”

"In 2509 A Singularity passing in the region of spae near Randl lightly tapped its atmosphere, removing all but 5% and greatly ravagin the northern edge of the main continent."

"The Federation stepped in and restored the atmospher of the world but the bills were staggering. Afterwards the fines and fees were enough that the Corporation all but walked away from the world. They declared it an independent planet, established a puppet government, transferred all the debts to its treasury and abandoned it to its own fortunes. The grateful settlers, misunderstanding the situation, kept the planet's name out of gratitude.”

“The government, mostly comprised of lawyers, middle managers, layabouts, and sportsman, billed the world as a vacation spot with rugged adventure locations, extensive athletic and sports facilities. They built dirt tracks to race anything they could find and soon it became a squalid world of gamblers, layabouts, race enthusiasts and people dropped off here when their passage money on civilian passenger ships ran out. The world became popular with the kind of people with no place to go and not enough money to go anyplace else anyway”

"In 2521 Delwin Gretilion , a space pirate of the Resarian Realm, brought a “Starship Repair Station of unknown origin” to Randal and parked it in orbit. He hired people to spend a month as some kind of ah.. no idea what this means ..-Neural Processing Unit- He paid them enough to live on planet for a year it seems. Soon ships from all over the quadrant were being brought here and repaired, upgraded, and otherwise empowered. In time he set up connected repair stations on the planet and began repairing everything, and the government paid for it all.”

“Soon this Gretilion repaired several replicator plants. Refuse was collected, used by the units to build things, and power the replicator plants. The Neural Processing Units business was booming and only a week a year was needed from each volunteer but the payout remained the same. Refuse was traded for replicator charges and in a decade the place was cleaned up. Apparently there were also some rather bloody purges and duels.. The details are murky. However the race tracks had stadiums built around them, a few hotel chains refurbished slums, and the planet began attracting a less desperate clientèle. In a decade the place was back on the star routes and had become a legitimate vacation destination for weary star faring peoples.”

"Attractions include Hunting medium and big mammals and extensive fishing opportunists. It is on the list of all race specialties and hosts many interplanetary leagues."

"Various balance formats of motorcycles and zipp speeder racing is extremely popular. Figure 5 Course racing may have originated on Randal and remains its most popular race sport.'

"Warrior Core and Lord Gladiators Association participates on Randal and generally use the 10 Called Rule format.'

"Its rugged northern continent, the largest land mass on the planet, Is filled with adventurous mountain ranges from 3000' to 19,000'. Gretillion Vale is at 18,000' and has access to Mountain climbing peaks as high as 22,000' and guided Environmental Suit tours to the top of Mount Ranadl Corp at 31,000' feet. "