Rebel Fellowship

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This is a PBP game of Fellowship using the In Rebellion supplement. The Fellowship is trying to overthrow the tyrannical Council of Truth.



  • The Dragon played by Atlictoatl
  • Acanthi the Spider played by Caiphon
  • The Dwarf played by Elfwine
  • The Exile played by DannyK
  • The Harbinger played by thenorm42
  • The Pair played by Hyena_Creative


Agenda: Unionize

  • Put the people in charge of their own futures.

What Is The Rebellion? Insurgents and Insiders

  • Your rebellion is made up of the Empire's own troops and workers. The rebels have a maximum Intel of 12. When they would gain Intel, they gain twice as much Intel. In addition, you can spend 3 Intel to have an enemy working for the Empire or the Overlord reveal their true allegiance as part of your Rebellion, immediately betraying their allies for your sake.

Base of Operations:

  • It is a port town, at the juncture of the sea and a river that heads inland towards the heart of the empire.
  • The port is fairly close to the merfolk territories, though merfolk visitors are still rare.
  • The working class in the port is made up primarily of people the empire has displaced or reorganized, who often find work (or are put to work) in the imperial shipyards there.


Council of Truth

The word “Council” yields different interpretations. Does it refer to the Empire as a whole? To some Council that guides it? Just to its leaders?

But “Truth” is unmistakable. Whatever the Empire says is Truth. Any who question or contradict it find that they are quickly and thoroughly taught the foolishness of such actions. The Council alone declares what is Truth.

Naturally part of that Truth is that their rule is benevolent, desired by all, and inevitable. For a time the Empire was thought of as just a Human concern, but that time has passed, and their attention is spread far wider now. There used to be Halflings, everyone knows that - but now no one seems to see them any more. Have they been taken somewhere? Imprisoned? Transformed? Killed?

Many other similar tales are told. Any reasonable person would want to oppose the Council. But how can you? They have terrible power:

They are organized and efficient. [Power move: Command Center - I can have 3 plans active at once, and I advance them 2 at a time.]

They have a group of elite operatives at their disposal. [Power move: Band of Mercenaries - The Organization works for the Empire.]

They have some means of monitoring magic very closely, and when they detect its use, you can be sure they will move in to take it away or shut it down. [Power move: Detection Array - Whenever magic is used within the Empire’s borders, I know where it happens.]

If that weren’t enough, the Council has leaders who are each terrifying in their own right:

The final authority at present is Admiral Kova. She controls the military forces of the Empire and deploys them with ruthless efficiency. She replaced the prior leader - according to official statements, by his choice as what was best for the Empire.

Doctor Cacophony is in charge of all the magic that the Council takes away from its citizens, and is rumored to conduct monstrous experiments with whatever he finds. Those who are taken to him for “study” are said never to return.

And no one knows why an Ogre would be working with the Empire, but it’s easy to see why Greff has risen to a place of fearful respect.