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Rebma, Second Gem in the Golden Circle

(This is for the Jeweled Road and the War of Balance campaign)

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Rebma is the watery reflection of Amber beneath the sea. It has many similarities but also has its own wide and bold history that often diverges from the paths of its mighty twin.

Patternfall did not effect Rebma as it did Amber. The Black Road did not have a watery companion.

Ruling Family and Noble Families of Rebma[edit]

Rebma follows a matriarchal line of leadership.

Rebma is ruled by Queen Moire. She has ruled Rebma for several hundred years, succeeding her mother Mor`sen. The line of the Queens of Rebma goes back deep into the depths of the founding of Amber. The founding Queen of Rebma was Moiren, who bore a daughter, Orsalla, to Oberon. She bore a daughter to Agal Lev Moir Aleas, named Moisoal who followed her to the throne. Moisoal's daughter was the great Mor`sen.

Mor`sen ruled through the long centuries of Oberon's reign as a constant supporter of Amber if not a familiar presence in its court. Late in life she bore Moire to a noble of the House Moir Terat. Soon after she bore a daughter to Oberon himself, Llewella, under uncertain circumstance. Oberon acknowledged Llewella which caused troubles in the Amber.. Mor`sen died during llewella's birth leaving her to be raised by Moire.

Moire married a lord of the House Moir Unala, Dunthas, to whom she bore a daughter, Morganthe. Soon after Dunthas's death in shadow a distraught Morganthe fell hopelessly in love with the roguish Prince Random. She fled Rebma with him but returned after he discarded her. She bore Martin who was raised by Moire and Llewella.

Currently Queen Moire is affianced to Honosal Moir Tral. Honosal Moir Tral is the head of the powerful Rebman Ducal House of Moir Tral. He has three daughters, Nim, Bela, and a third that is unnamed and is being kept from court. He is also the father of Rene by Moire. This scandalous birth was also kept secret until just after the Patternfall when the young man was sent to Amber to serve as Ambassador from Rebma.

  • House Moir Tral, led by Duke Honosal, should by the usual matriarchal lines of rulership in Rebma be led by Marla Moir Tral. But for reasons not public she stepped aside many years before Patternfal for Honosol, her grandson. She remains an active member of Moire's court.
  • House Moir Unala is led by Duchess Unsuva Moir Unala. The house remains popular and well connected to the royal family despite the death of Moire's husband Dunthas.
  • House Moir Terat Is a significant household with extensive connections to the royal family due to the Marriage of Mor`sen to one of the lesser sons of the house. It is currently ruled by Duchess Telet Moir Teret.
  • House Moir Alaes The rulers of the city of Moins. Duchess Kiessa Val, a cousin of Queen Viale of Amber.

Interchange of bloodlines between Amber and Rebma.[edit]

  • Orsolla. Daughter of Oberon and Moiren. A reclusive presence in Rebma. Technically a duchess she is only in court for cornotations and other great occasions. She has not answered Random's Call to the Kin of Bariman.
  • Llewlla. Daughter of Oberon and Mor'sen
  • Martin. Son of Randon & Morganthe, grand son of Moire. Morganthe and Random ran off together, she returned with Martin, then commited suicide.
  • Rene. Son of Corwin & Moire.

Powers and Cosmology.[edit]

Jeweled Road in Rebma[edit]

The Jeweled Road extends

Pattern of Rebma[edit]

A shadow of the Pattern of Amber resides in a chamber below the throne room in the Castle Rebma. It is the closest reflection of the pattern of Amber not directly in the castle Amber. Its presentation is mirrored but those who have walked both it and its senior state that there is no difference in the feel of it or its effects. Unlike Amber, Rebma allows visitors to view the pattern and many people visit Rebma just with that purpose. Visitors are given considerable time to reflect, pray, even divine beside the displayed pattern.

  • Sorcery of Rebma is largely water based for obvious reasons. Practitioners of High Order Sorcery have considerably power water spells.
  • In the Castle Rebma, in its library, is a Mal at Riess Sigil. This is specifically unusual in that usually such sigils are jealously guarded by their masters and almost never available to the public. It is guarded by the Rebma Elite but they have orders not to stop those who wish to observe it and study it in preparation for an attempt. It is covered by a huge piece of glass so one can not assay it without permission.
  • Mirror Magic is a potent form of High Order Sorcery. Essentially High Order sorcery powered by Pattern, Mal at Riess, and other initiations.

Books and Paper[edit]

Books in the Library of Rebma are printed on a slightly plastic type of sheeting made from sea plants. Rebman Parchment is excellent for spells.

Breathing in Rebma and Rebman Shapechanging[edit]

The people of Rebman have a nearly identical physiology to Amberites except that they have an innate form of shapechage that shifts naturally from breathing the Airy Water of much of the public areas of Rebma and the normal water of other parts of the realms and the open oceans. They breath air and the Airy Water in the same manner. They manage to survive great depth of water pressure that would crush normal humankind. Rebmans have also been known to be able to manage drastically caustic forms of dense air pollutions and air pressure. They can breath extremely thin air such as that found at high altitudes.

Eating and Drinking[edit]

Eating and drinking in Rebma poses many challenges. Fish is a common food. Breads rare. red and white meats are also rare. Drinking, in many forms, is done through a puffer style bulbs that had a tight seal till drunk from.

Cities of Rebma-Kingdom and Rebma Sway[edit]

  • City of Moins The Kid Sister of Rebma.

Ruled by the family of House Moir Alaes. It is as soggy as Rebma but decidedly more playful. While Rebma has the sophistication and culture appropriate to an Imperial Capital, Moins has the glitz and glamor of a cosmopolitan metropolis. Moins is north of Rebma and stands opposite the norther Amberian city of Ober. A number of watery paths of commerce pass through Moins though none of the heavily traveled ones.

  • City of Yal

This is the western Rebman city opposite the Amberian city of Yaj. This is crossroad city of many of the heavy industry waterways as well as the first city on the waterway from Diega. It is a port of call and a extremely busy industrial town.

  • Kingdom of Rebmaras

A major kingdom in service to Rebma. A world above and below the sea. This technological world is the workhorse for the more bucolic worlds that are in the Rebma sway. It provides goods and services that were in many ways more effeicent then those in Amber untill King Random began his reconstruction of Amber.

Commerce in Rebma[edit]

Three main waterways come into Rebma.

The Cold Road[edit]

A heavy industrial route from Diega to Yal to Rebma. This one is often called the Cold Road since it flows south past the Ice Wastes.

The Coral Road[edit]

An artistic pathways of jewels and sands and colors and arts that comes down through Moins to Rebma.

The Spear Road[edit]

A military and industrial one that comes in to Rebma from the realms of Rebmaras and other Green Zone realms. This is the Spear Road. All three underwater paths developed on currents of Airy Water that mirror the surface paths.