Red Hand of Doom

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This is the page for Iceberg3k's Red Hand of Doom campaign.

It will be filled in as things go along.

Also refer to the Red Hand of Doom thread on the Actual Play forum of

Player Characters

  • Tobin (half-orc Dragon Shaman 5 of Brass)
  • name (human Cleric 5 of Pelor)
  • name (human Rogue 5)
  • Sirocco (human Sorceror 5)
  • name (elf Druid 3/Wizard 2 of Obad-Hai)
  • name (halfling Warmage 5)


News in the Elsir Vale, as transmitted by bards and messengers from one town to the next. All PCs can be expected to know the news, but the news is not necessarily trustworthy, especially in time of war.


Notes of the game. Notes are always trustworthy, but assume unless told otherwise that your PC does not know of them.