Red Hand of Doom

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This is the page for Iceberg3k's Red Hand of Doom campaign.

It will be filled in as things go along.

Player Characters[edit]

  • Tobin (half-orc Dragon Shaman 6 of Brass)
  • Jasna (human Cleric 6 of Pelor) - next level: Radiant Servant of Pelor
  • Chloe (human Rogue 6)
  • Sirocco (human Sorceror 6)
  • Caelnae (elf Druid 3/Wizard 3 of Ehlonna)
  • Cade (halfling Warmage of Yondalla 6)
  • Neda (gnome Wizard 6)


The local calendar is based on the establishment of the Kingdom of Rhestilor, and was continued even after Rhestilor's fall. The present Crown Year is 447. The first day of the campaign is June 11th, the day the players reach Drellin's Ferry.


News in the Elsir Vale, as transmitted by bards and messengers from one town to the next. All PCs can be expected to know the news, but the news is not necessarily trustworthy, especially in time of war.

June, 447[edit]

  • June 13: Hobgoblins continue to menace the town of Drellin's Ferry. Councilman Iormel urges the council to hold the line. Speaker Wiston and Captain Soranna urge townsfolk to flee, but are outvoted on the council.
  • June 18: The Lions of Brindol are being dispatched to investigate rumors of strange goings-on in the Thornwaste, to the south.
  • June 23: As the Horde of the Red Hand continues to march eastward across the Vale, streams of refugees arrive at Brindol and points further east.
  • June 25: Scouts report Drellin's Ferry ablaze. The Red Hand has struck. Word indicates Councilman Iormel's corpse dangling from a banner of the Red Hand.
  • June 30: The Horde appears to have decamped from Drellin's Ferry after a difficult passage through the town. Rivers of Hobgoblins are crossing the Elsir as we write, and we may not have very much longer to observe. We are sending this report back to Brindol via pigeon, and pray that Pelor will grant us safe passage home.

(EDITORS: It is with sad resolve that we note that the remains of our war correspondents, Res Bourdin and Amanth Car'sall, were found on July 2. We urge that the citizens of our Vale may find safety during this war, and hope for ultimate victory against the ravening Horde).

July, 447[edit]

  • July 1: Early Horde scouts seen at the border of Terrelton. The heroes of Drellin's Ferry have been seen fighting for the Terrelians, holding off the Horde as the town empties. Could these brave men and women be the hope of our vale?
  • July 2: Weather seers predict clouds, with rain possible for the next week. Temperatures will be hot. We pray that the heat and rain will slow the Red Hand.