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Regor is a niche of the Jeweled Amber shadows with millions and millions of Shadow Viels. It is ruled by the House of Regor.

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The tale of the House Regor is complicated and extensive. The vast amounts of warfare of the region of Regor is a tale of years. The realm is based on a primal artifact though its presence is not a public one and its location is a secret. The bloodline of Regor is immortal and dynamic in the same fashion as Amberites. A form of sorcery exists in Regor similar to Amber Sorcery.

Cities of Regor

Gorod Bogov

The trumps of Regor delivers on to the Imperial City of Gorod Bogov. This translates into Thari as 'City of the Gods'. The main square is Zal Bogov. This collection of grand halls and concourses, parks and tiny nooks, is the center of the Realm of Regor and echoes the grandeur and complexity of the Castle Amber. 1381 buildings, all domed and onion-topped, colorful and intricately decorated, are both the home of the primary royal family, but all members of the Blood of Regor have suites here. There are 5 grand park that are notable, 42 smaller parks that serve both public needs and recreational needs,



Centered in the middle of a stable magical whirlpool above the city, Dikost has long been the center of magic, mysteries, auguries, and thievery. The Community of the Mystics, the Community of Gold, and the Community of The Hook do not interact often but the three dominate the lives of millions of people in the realm Dikost commands.

The Grand Oracle

The Grand Oracle of Dikost is a powerful place to gain wide reaching visions. The visions swirl around the questioner to be witnessed by others present. Afterwards, the vision may be summoned up by the Priests of the Oracle and the image then can be implanted in a Badge of Dikost, to allow a seeker to find those individuals seen in the vision.

Badge of Dikost

Dikost badge.jpg

These artifacts allow a person using it to seek someone seen in a vision. It functions in worlds and across shadows.

The items mount a Purple Mandalay Stone. This effects the wielder as a stone.

  • 4 Endless Stamina Transfer 5
  • 4 Seek in Shadow- Individual in a vision.
  • 4 regeneration- Transfer 10


Genealogy and Warfare of Regor

In discussing the wars of Regor it is helpful to consider the realms of conflict in several specific ways; Family Conflicts, External Conflicts, The Scourge of Regor-Borlak and the Flowing Horde.

The Family Conflicts split are mostly connected to the dynastic warfare over the throne of the realms. These are the Borna-Regor wars, Zhenya-Illiam Eam Conflicts, and the Pherick-Zhenya Wars.

External conflicts include the Black Years War & Patternfall Conflicts, as well as smaller conflicts erupting from special interests groups throughout Regor and from shadow systems of York and Azcala, as well as smaller neighbors in a cosmological sense. The squiggle of Bursain abuts the closed system of Regor and has had a great deal of inter system commerce and skirmishes. The Lords of Regor have coveted Bursain for millennia in the hope of adding its length of Squiggle to Regor's own.

The Scourge of Regor-Borlak of Regor. Borlak is a Prince of Amber, a son of Oberon, and a bitter and cruel man, as evil and wicked as any in shadow and Chaos. He leads a vast horde of mostly horse mounted troops in ravaging paths across shadow. .

Family Conflicts

The Founder of the Line of Regor was Mihael of Regor and his two wives Eudoxia & Maria. Euxodia had one son; Alexis I. Maria was barren. The three lived long happy lives with their one son considering both women his mother.

Borna-Regor Wars

The son of Mihael & Eudoxia was Alexis I who would father 13 bloodthirsty children who fought bloody wars among themselves for 1500 years over the succession to throne of Regor. The Eldest, Ivan Borna, and his younger brothers Dimitri, Alexi, & Fyodor contested over the bloody centuries. Ivan and Fyodor traded off the throne repeatedly. Ivan murdered his father and mother to seize the throne of Regor. His brother Dimitri Petrovna lead the battle to dethrone Ivan, but disappeared. While the sons of Maria and Alexis battled the children of Natalia and Alexis stayed out of the wars.

Eventually both the Borna and Regor Lines bled themselves out and Ivan and Fyodor's half brother Mydoris Zhenya took the ruined realm's throne to rebuild it and the Regor line.

The Borna line became extinct after the death of Ivan II. However, it is know that 7 daughters of the Borna line had been taken away to Brunswick during the conflict. Their whereabouts are unknown and popular myth has it that they were placed in foster families in Brunswick, unaware of their heritage and lived out their long lives in ignorance, all eventually dying of violence. Many fairy tales and stories surround the Lost Borna Girls.

Zhenya-Illiam Eam Conflicts

Mydoris Zhenya had one wife and one mistress. The three of them were constant boon companions. His mistress Eudoxia Illiam Eam bore one set of triplets who carried the Illiam Eam cadet branch name. His wife Catherine bore 7 children under the Zhenya line. Warfare among the two branches of Zhenya and Illiam Eam covered over a thousand years. These conflicts were mostly peaceful, characterized by political movements, cold wars, and sabotage rather then bloody open warfare untill near the end of the epoch.

During Mydoris's long reign members of both family branches were active in court life. In those years many situations arose where members of both branches worked well together.

Open war erupted when Caterine Zhenya took the throne on the death of her husband. Caterine assumed the throne in her own right, declaring the House Alasaga although for all practical purposes the House didn't gain status as a ruling line till her daughter Elizabeth followed her to the throne. Peter II Illiam Eam was declared Tzar at the time of Mydoris I Zhenya's death. The wars of Zhenya-Illum Eam would continue openly till rather then her elder brother Pavel Zhenya who declined and fled Regor. Peter Illiam Eam slew Elizabeth and took the throne. Eventually Peter Zhenya defeated Peter Illiam Eam.

Complications of the Regor Succession in the Zhenya-Illiam Wars.

Clarrisa and Oberon during the Zhenya-Illiam Eam wars

Princess Clarissa was the third daughter of Czar Mydoris and Czarina Catrine. A boldly outspoken child, she had much of the flaming personality of her bloody Regor Uncles. She was witty, funny, and ruthless. While a young girl she manipulated aunts, uncles, cousins and siblings so well that she was considered a confidant of bitter enemies. While only 18 years old she was a Prima Sorceress and a High Priestess of the Tiger, bearing a Primal Imprint of the Squiggle of Regor.

When she was 19 an Embassy from Amber came led by its King Oberon. The two began a tumultuous affair that was a scandal to both houses and briefly unified the Zhenya and Illiam Eam factions against Amber, and then in favor of Amber after the two wed.

The Reign of Queen Clarrissa of Amber lasted several hundred years in Amber and absented her Regor politics till the reign of Paul I.


These conflicts were unrevealed for centuries and manifested as strange wars, assassinations, intrigue and sickness. The details would be long in explaining. However when Alexander I was found dead his grandson Konstantine tried to seize the throne. Alexander I's brother Nicholas I took the throne and drove Konstantine into hiding. Eventually the Pherick insurgents were defeated during the long reign of Alexander III. Konstantine was revealed and fought nearly to death after it was proven that he had gone to the Courts of Chaos and become a Lord of Chaos.

Black Years War-Patternfall Conflicts

Konstantine and Alexander III fought during the Years of Blackness which correspond with the Black Road and Patternfall Wars. Konstantine disappeared in defeat, and Alexander died. His son Nicholas II took the throne after the Black Years War.

External and Small Scale Threats

Regor is located in a section of the shadow realms where many small realms have mighty sorcerers able to cross realms and bring war for a wide variety of reasons. During these conflicts the Family of Regor had often set aside family squabbles, however bitter, to fight side by side against foreign foes. Think of Regor as a tornado of great magnitude, with the debris in its funnel different shadows. Then surround the central tornado with thousands of tiny tornadoes, each with their own debris patterns. Sometimes the debris from the small ones gets mixed in the big one. That is the violent conflicts in Regor realms.

The Tower of Dikost is a potent magical source and its rulers often invade other shadows to cull treasures and peoples. many of the small wars are called Dikost Struggles.

The Scourge of Regor

Borlak is a Prince of Amber, a son of Oberon, and a bitter and cruel man, as evil and wicked as any in shadow and Chaos. He leads a vast horde of mostly horse mounted troops in ravaging paths across shadow. Horse, by the way, is a general term used to describe a warrior on a animal's back. The shape of the animals are greatly mixed, as are the races of the barbarians. Borlak seems to hunt in shadow for violent creatures and conquers them, often on many neighboring shadows, to add to his uncountable hordes. These groups settle on a shadow, bleed it dry, literally, then move on.

He is considered one of the worst people in shadow. He is not, however, stupid. He never leads troops into realms that allow faster then light travel, blocking Amber's Star Fleet and space forces from attacking him. He does not go into worlds where a wide variety of firearms systems work without adequate preparation.

The Flowing Horde is known for its cruelty.

He has fought the Regor Empire and been involved in all its wars either as a mercenary or a eager participant. His forces ride through shadows that are part of the Regor Sway and cast shadows of his forces deep into Regor shadows where the forces of Regor frequently must confront them.

He has been banished from Regor several times and is generally unable to personally enter the closed realm. However, belligerent forces often sneak him in, or import his forces as mercenaries. Some wars have had his forces on both sides.

Shadow Vales of the Regor Sway

The Principality of Brunswick: This realm is almost certainly a Near shadow of Regor. It is a mightu pinnacle in the shadowrealms of Regor Sway. The one thing about the realm is that has a almost pathological desire to not be involved in the affairs of Regor. As such generations of rulers of Brunswick have spent effort and energy making their realm nearly impenetrable by almost all methods. Transportation by the Pattern of Amber might pierce their isolation but transportation by the Sigil of Regor will not.

The royal family of Brunswick became embroiled in the early Borna-Regor wars. Prince Anthony Ulrich married Anna, daughter of Ivan I. After terrible family conflicts the two fled into Brunswick with their 4 children. Rumor has followed them that she also stole her three sisters away, leaving the youngest, Tanya, behind.

Royal Lines of Regor


Ancient Survivors- Eldars

The long history of Regor is drenched in blood. The Imortality of the line allows long periods of strife and long periods of calm. Yet violence is the most common form of death for the Royal House of Regor.

3rd Generation

Dimitri Regor, Marfa Regor, Ekterina Regor, Feodosia Regor, Natalya Regor.

Dimitri Regor, second son of Alexis I Regor

Dimitri Regor was a prime protagonist in the opening phase of the Borna/Regor wars. The leader of the Regorian loyalists against the rulership of Ivan I Borna

  • A witness to Ivan's murder of his their parents he rallied troops against him. The battle of the twins was brutal and shockingly devastating as the first wholesale war in Regor's long bloody history. Five bloody years cost the royal family 3 members; Maria Regor, Yevdokia Regor, & Maria Dolgorukova( Wife of Mihael Regor).
  • In the war's 6th year Dimitri suddenly disappeared and was presumed dead, though Ivan denied any involvement in his death. His long absence was partially solved during the reign of Peter III. When he was discovered wandering outside the shadows of Regor suffering from Amnesia so profound that he looses him memory completely every few decades. He manages to disappear every time he is found and brought back to Regor no matter what lengths are gone to in keeping him safe.
  • A big man, and a warrior born, he often is found in shadows warfields. He acts as a mercenary in most cases, quickly gaining a following as a charismatic battlefield leader. He has often found himself in the presense of Giovanni of Amber[[1]]
  • Dimitri's memory loss has long been believed to be a function of the a conflict between the Pattern of Amber and the Inscription of Regor.

Marfa Regor

A devastatingly good archer. Thin, almost elfin in appearance, she was a valiant member of the Regor military for hundreds of the early years, and a member of its inner council. The Commander of many Regorian army archery corps in the wars of Regor/Borna and a frequent companion in battle with Dimitri Regor.

Eventually weary, she retired from the warfield after the death of Ivan I Borna and the short reign of Tanya I Borna. With the ascension of Fyodor I Regor to the throne she left the active military and sought out the elven people of Regor withwhom she had a life long affinity for.

Living deep in the woods of Regor she is a frequent presence in Elf halls across Regor.

  • She has rarely return to Court though she continues to deliver her signet ring to succeeding rulers in token of her fealty.
  • She has come out of seclusion on several occasions during the wars over the centuries but gained a reputation of not being a reliable ally.

Ektrina Regor

The first High Priestess of the Tiger. The Primal Tiger followed her with passionate devotion. They were active parts of the Borna/Regor wars siding with Ivan I Borna. During the second reign of Fyodor I Regor she resigned and went into seclusion after the Tiger left her to follow Borlak of Amber.

  • Known to be in seclusion in the great Tiger community in Dikost, she refuses to meet members of the royalty and nobility except under the seal of the priesthood.

Feodosia Regor

Dainty, ladylike, and a prime mover in the politics of the court of Fyofor I Zhenya. In time she grew sad, bitter and resentful of newcomers to Fyodor's court. She was the prime motivator that placed Tanya Borna on the throne when Fyodor died and no children of his could be found. This attempt to settle the conflict by re-seating the ex-empress and daughter of Ivan I backfired and caused great resentment in the family and the populace, souring her reputation terminally. After that she started traveling the shadows and rarely returned to Gorod Bogov except during coronations and baptisms.

Natalya Zhenya

Witty, Urbane, sarcastic, playfully cynical. She and her Zhenya siblings mostly stayed out of the Borna/Regor conflict, often supporting whoever held he throne as long as they left them alone in the family city of Petola. When Myodoris became emperor she acted as Seneschal for many years. She has left the court and returned to it many times. A frequent face in court and city life. She is often considered, like Cymnea to be the "Elephant in the Room" of Regor politics.

  • Her involvement in many of the political issues over the centuries has been largely peripheral but many a royal has fostered with her in their childhood. She is a frequent attendee at celebrations and festivals. She is always at major court functions. "My time with Natalya" is a commong conversation among the royals of Regor.
  • cruel rumors have accused her of assassinations, poisonings, murders, shape shifted sexual assignations, fratricide, infanticide and regicide, as well and other crimes of passion and cold blood. A more persistent rumor, often denied, is that she is the Spymaster of Regor to the current day, having served in the roles all her life.
  • She is a fine dancer.

4th Generation

Paval Illiam Eam, Paval Zhenya. Borna Daughters: 4 daughters of Ivan I fled Regor to Brunswick and were never heard from again in Regor. Clarissa Zhenya, Queen of Amber

Paval Illiam Eam

A thin, excitable man and not much of a warrior. Despite his Regorian heritage he seemed to be sickly and prone to chills and illnesses, though it was mostly believed he was a hypochondriac. He was a noted homosexual and was often seen with Pavel Zhenya. The two disappeared together and traveled the Regor Shadows. Pavel declined the throne after the sudden and uncertain death of Peter II Illiam Eam. Heis the last survivor of the Illiam Eam royal line though many of the family lines of nobles of the House of Illiam Eam live on as Dukes of Regor, other ranks of nobility and minor royalty in the Regor shadows.

  • An underground secret Society, "The Purple Push" have agitated for his restoration for centuries. It is largely a social club now with a wide range of mostly harmless social activities.

The battle between Paval Illiam Eam & Constantine Pherick'

In a long life essentially considered a failed royal and a hedonistic hypochondriac with no military talents, Pavel Illiam Eam has one well-known battle that has been a cause of talk by many since it occurred. He was present when Constantine attempted to slay Michael Zhenya, Crown prince under Nicholas I Zhenya, and his wife, Alexandra and their sons, Alexander and Nicholas.

Pavel Eam was present in the manor house when the crown prince and his family were attacked in the stables. Pavel entered the stables and engaged Constantine in magical battle. The battle raged violently for a short while allowing guards to arrive. Constantine attempted to disengage from battle and was horribly mage-burned. Paval left the realm despite being claimed a hero.

Constantine Pheric kwas unseen for 40 years till he returned to interrupt the coronation of Alexander II Zhenya and was defeated in a sorserous Duel with Clarissa Zhenya, Ex-Queen of Amber.

Paval Zhenya

Funny, creative, artistic, wildly homosexual, and a sorcerer of great talent. He began the creation of the Trumps of Regor and the practitioners of Trump Artistry in Regor owe much to him. He was flawed and weak in many ways and on the death of Empress Catherine, his mother, he declined the throne and fled Regor with Pavel Illiam Eam. He is often blamed for the bloody war that erupted after Elizabeth I took the throne he declined. He travels the Regor shadows.

Clarissa of Amber

Certainly the most prominent survivor of the first 8 generations of the ruling lines of Regor is Clarissa, daughter Czar Mydoris and Czarina Catrina.

  • She married Oberon of Amber and had three children; Bleys, Fiona, and Brand.
    • She had a daughter of unknown parentage named Cassandra.
    • She married Nicholas I Zhenya, Czar of Regor and had 7 children; Olga, Charles, Maria, Mydoris, Alexei, Titiana, Anastasia.
    • After her involvement in the Siege of Bunny Free[[2]] her marriage ended and she returned to Regor for a long seclusion in a nunnery of the Tiger.
    • Her involvements in the long Pherick-Zhenya conflicts are unclear though she is known to have engaged in magical combat with Konstantine that caused it to be revealed that he was a Lord of Chaos.
    • Much to the surprise of the Kingdom of Regor she began a relationship with Prince Nicholas Zhenya, son of Czar Alexander III. The relationship was clearly a love match and was considered shockingly inappropriate considering the difference in their ages, he connection to Amber, and her being a Priestess and Abyss of the Tiger. She left the Abbey and Married Prince Nicholas against the wishes and demands of his parents.

The Lost Borna Daughters.The Daughters of Ivan(4th gen) & the Daughters of Anna(5th gen)

Like many legends the details of these 7 girls is complicated and intricate.

In brief there were two sets. The Daughters of Ivan(4th gen) & the Daughters of Anna(5th gen)

  • Daughters of IvanFirst were three daughters, triplets, of Ivan and Praskovia Borna, born between Anna and Tanya. They disappeared right after birth, presumably stolen by the midwife. Who put her up to it is unclear and unproven. It was rumored that they were taken to Brunswick
  • Daughters of Anna Second were 4 daughters, children of Anna Leopoldoyna and Anthony Ulric of Brunswick. Anna fled Regor to Brunswick during the wars of Borno/Regor after many bloody centuries. Hating her father fiercely she and her husband fled after Ivan took their son Ivan and planned to put him on the Regor throne like he did with his daughter Tanya, as a puppet, cruelly controlled. They never returned to Regor and the details of the lives of their 4 daughters is unknown. Their identities were never revealed and after the death of Anna and Ulric all knowledge of them outside of Brunswick, was lost.

5th Generation

4 grandchildren of Ivan I, children of Anna and Anthony of Brunswick left Regor during the wars and their identities were never revealed.

9th Generation

  • Konstantine Pherick-Lord of Chaos.

'''Konstantine Pherick-Lord of Chaos.'' This creature singlehandedly caused the Pherik/Zhenya wars. He manipulated great movements of peoples in war and sent assassins on a regular basis. He caused an environment of fear in Regor so intense that it caused the rabid xenophobia that Regor suffers under to this day. His whereabouts are unknown after his defeat.he was discovered to be a Lord of Chaos after his defeat in sorcerous combat with Clarissa Zhenya

10th Generation

  • Xander of Hesse-Kassal, Alexi Zhenya, Maria Feodorvna "The Dowager Empress" (Wife of Alexander III, Mother of Nicholas)

Xander of Hesse-Kassal is the son of Alexandra Pherick and Fredrick William of Hesse-Kessal. He took no part in the years of Blackness Wars. He is the Prince of Hesse-Kassal, a region of shadow in Regor.

  • Alexi Zhenya Alabaster. A younger brother of Alexandir III. Prince of Dandilion Sweep, a region in the shadows of Regor. His wife Alexandra Zhukovskaya is a Duchess of Aliangere. It is rumored that they have children but they have never been brought to court. He is nicknamed the Alabaster for the deep white of his skin. He maybe an albino.
  • Maria Feodorvna "The Dowager Empress"' (Wife of Alexander III, Mother of Nicholas). After the death of her husband she went into seclusion in anger over her son's marriage to Clarissa. She is a follower of the Tiger.

11th Gen & 12th Gen:

All members of the known 11th & 12th generations are still alive and part of the current active court of the Kingdom of Regor.

12th Gen

The 12th Generation of the Line of Regor is a complicated one. The complexity comes from the inclusion of Clarissa, daughter of Czar Mydoris and Czarina Catrine. Clarissa is a member of the 4th generation. She married Oberon, King of Amber, and had 3 children by him. Bleys, Fiona, & Brand belong to the 5th Generation of Regor. She had another child, Cassandra after her return to Regor, who is also in the 5th generation. She married Czar Nicholas I and had 7 children by him; Olga, Charles, Maria, Mydoris, Alexei, Titiana, & Anastasia. These 7 children can be considered 5th generation as well as 12th generation. This complicates their positions in the various inheritances and claims for fiefs and property.

Line of Clarissa

Clarissa is the "elephant in the room" of Regorian politics. She is a force to be reckoned with. The survivor of many a war and many an affair.

Over the course of an extremely long life she has created the Line of Clarissa with three distinct parts. The Children of Oberon, The Children of Nicholas II, and two other children to different men.

Oberon, King of Amber

Nicholas II, Czar of Regor

  • Olga. A Cloistered Nun of the Tiger
  • Charles
  • Maria
  • Mydoris
  • Alexei: an agent provocateur in the service of Regor
  • Tatania
  • Anastasia: Still a young girl.


  • Cassandra


  • Callaba. Clarisa "fathered' this child while Bunifrei "mothered" it in switch of genders.

Physiology of Regorians

While the general race of Regorians in the shadows is as varied as anywhere else their royal line has distinctive elements.

  • The Regorian royal line descends from Miheal I Aldoalin and Eudoxia Streshneva. The establishment of the royal line is fraught with wars covering a thousand years before Regor even claimed a name fading into pre-history and shadow. What is known is at some point both Miheal and Eudoxia assayed the Squiggle of Regor, named it, and established a royal line, that caries the Royal line's physiology(Stats). Miheal I Regor {Aldoalin} and his mistress Maria Dogorukova had children but they were not considered a royal line. They established the oldest Grand Ducal line of Zirgoz. Their physiology was similar to other Regorian noble houses.
  • Regorians of the Royal line tend to be hardy and lusty. Strong, resistant to even extreme colds.
    • StatsThe Basic Regorian of the royal line has Psyche, Strength, and Endurance, at Amber Rank. Warfare is easily brought to a Amber rank if the individual undergoes military royal training. Otherwise the average Regorian royal has a Warfare of Chaos rank.
      • Many members of the nobility, even the gentry, have similar statistics, showing an ancient level of interbreeding.
      • Most members of the nobility have psyche, endurance, and strength at Chaos ranks.
    • Standard Body temperature is 89.5. Can manage normally temperatures -90f to +110f. Can survive -150f to +120f. Some cities in Regor manage normally at -20f.
    • Poison:Regorians of the royal line are extraordinarily difficult to poison. Their bodies can tolerate and process foods and liquids many other races can not abide.
    • Regorian blood types do not transfuse well despite detection methods not finding differences in blood types.
    • While their eyesight is similar to human normal, they have a sense of proximity that amounts to knowing when something is within a few feet of them. They can see slightly better in the dark and worse under bright lights.
    • Life Span:The lifespan of the average Regorian is 120 years. Normal examples have lived as long as 150 years. Those who have assay the inscription of Regor fall under terms similar to Aging in Amber. They age to a place they are comfortable then live on indefinitely. Certain rituals in Regorian ritual magic allow the Aging in Ambereffect to be applied to those who have not essayed the squiggle.


  • 20 pip Basic Imprint. Frame can hold 8 Minor Spells and 4 Major Spell
  • 40 pip Advanced Imprint. Frame can hold 12 Minor Spells and 6 Major Spell
  • 80 pip Lord's Imprint. Frame can hold 16 Minor Spells and 9 Major Spell
  • One who assays the imprint of Regor becomes immune to cold based effects and freezing, even flash or instant freezing.

Worthy Seekers

A Worthy Seeker is someone who has registered a quest with the Priests of the Tiger. The quest is a personal goal and may involve seekeing visions, auguries, sages, and other sources of knowledge and then seeking a resolution of their cause.