Riven Road

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Riven Road is an ancient city and a long thin vale on the continent of Amber.

A series of rivers come out of Arden through a land of low rolling hills and leads to one large river, the Ardus. The river becomes broad as it winds through the Vale of Ganarth, eventually ending at the sea at Garn.

The City of Riven Road has been the point that all of the agricultural proceeds of the Vale of Riven Road come to before shipping downriver.


While it is unclear and cloaked in the dim history of Amber, the general belief is that Riven Road came into being at the time of the creation of the Pattern of Amber. That it is among the oldest inhabited regions.


The City of River Road and the vale next to it have been largely the domains of the nobility and the gentry. While some royals have dwellings here it is not a royal domain.

Noble Houses[edit]

  • Feldane
  • Urian
  • Hale: Hale has extensive holdings in the vale dealing in livestock, and grains
  • Cavendish
  • Mal at Riess