River Valley Federation: Mira Ananda

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Mira Ananda, Skyborn


Age: 16 Stress: 0/10

Stats (Trickster): Hard: -3 Keen: +3 Calm: -1 Daring: +3


People: Ask one of the Himmilsvolk about the Skyborn, and you'll hear the story of how they came in sky-caravans from a distant homeland and came to roam the skies, buying and selling, offering their services, but never staying in one place too long. Ask the same person what the Skyborn are like now, and watch them stammer and then say something like "they're very musical."

The Ananda sky ship is one of the old ones, and it's still got some of the exotic woods from home in its keel. The ship, and the Ananda clan, had a long and glorious history well before they came across the sea to these parts, and nobody but the Skyborn know anything about it. Mira is a daughter of the clan, raised with her sisters and brothers to guide and protect the ship and someday take their places as elders. She traveled with her grandmother, the clan leader, and first touched ground accompanying her grandmother on a trading trip with some local merchants. Afterwards, her sisters couldn't stop talking about how awful everything was, from the food to the queer wooden buildings to the awful music they played to celebrate. But Mira was fascinated ever since.

Home Airship: Ananda, Queen of Storms, the Castle in the Clouds


Expectations: Mira has been raised in the strict rules of behavior that you need when you live your whole life in an airship. Always eavesdrop, but never let on; always secure sharp tools; be cheerful and handworking and do not draw attention to yourself and respect your elders and -- enough! The groundpounders can't tell the difference anyway. The hardest thing to understand is how the castes work here on the ground -- they either have thousands, or only two: rich and poor. She's always busy, cheerful, doing what needs to be done and showing absolutely no fear of heights.

History: Mira didn't want to follow that path, at least not yet, and was full of curiousity about the strange people who live on the ground and only go into the sky when they want to go somewhere. "They're just ground pounders," her family said, "they know nothing of the sky and there is nothing worth knowing about them."

Mira is not so sure, and as her restlessness and curiousity grew, her aunts told her grandmother, "Let the girl fly, and then she will come back." Her grandmother cried but granted her a year's leave and the loan of a plane. She bears many gifts from home and a threefold challenge: For herself, she seeks her destiny, or at least a cure for her restless spirit. For her family, she seeks enough money to pay her dowry, because the Ananda clan has come down in the world and she would not shame them by making a poor marriage. For the ship, she seeks a new home: the Ananda is wearing out and the miraculously strong and light woods used in its construction are unavailable in this land. She hopes to find an alternative to save the only home she has ever known. If she finds what she seeks, or when the year is up, she must follow the relic compass home to find the Ananda again.



A Wingsuit crafted from a great bird

An old but beautifully decorated firearm

Baggage A pet bird, who knows a few words.

A blue crystal which sometimes levitates.

A compass that points somewhere odd.

A deck of cards with strange icons and art.

Familiar Vices


Prayer and Ritual Dance


Bahadur Escort (Used)


Nomad While in groundpounder towns, you take 1 Stress when you... • Introduce yourself to others. • Press the Issue +Calm. • Spend more than 1 Routine in a town. • Pay 1 or more thaler for something.

If you are Stressed during Introspection, you can choose to cross out a Skyborn move you have not taken yet to mark one of these triggers. When you do, describe how you change (name, presentation, gender expression, actions) to blend in. The trigger now takes effect when in Skyborn communities instead. You can cross out 3 moves max, and crossed out moves can only be learned in a Move Exchange with other Skyborn. If you learn one of those moves, remove a trigger entirely.

Free as a Bird: You have training to use a wingsuit. A wingsuit is a glider with 1 Energy Loss, 1 Turn Bleed, [strike]10 Authority[/strike], 120 Handling, and 0 Stability. You are only hit on a critical, but all hits strike you, the only vital component.

Leap of Faith: Each Routine, hold 1. When you fall or jump into open air, spend that hold to have something, anything, catch you.

What’s Up Danger: When you do something flashier than you need to, take -3 forward. If you get a hit, choose one: Onlookers are stunned, impressed, or dismayed (your choice), or everyone is looking at you instead of something else.

Trust: Trust the groundpounder you’ve known longest (Charlotte), and any other Skyborn on the crew.


Aloft: When you get intimate with somebody on the ground, they can teach you a move as per a Move Exchange.

If you use this move in the air, you can instead teach them a move in the same way, and it costs only 2 XP.


• If your plane lost control...............1 Stress

• If fought humans...........................1 Stress

• ... other Skyborn, even.................. 2 Stress

• If you were forced to land.............3 Stress

• If you failed the mission...............1 Stress

• If the plane caught fire................. 2 Stress

• If the fuel ran dry...........................1 Stress


• Call somebody out. Make it hurt.

• Pick a fight with a local.

• Pointlessly put yourself in danger.

• Deliberate, egregiously, and hilariously violate local customs.

• Get your stuff packed and move on to the next town, right now.