River Valley Federation: Rini Hamann

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Rini Hamann

Hard Keen Calm Daring Stress XP
-2 +2 +5 -2 3/10 0
Triggers (cost) Vents
If you took a life. 1 Stress Complain about your circumstances to a comrade.
If there was combat. 1 Stress Buy something nice for yourself.
If your plane was shot. 1 Stress Complain about pay to a comrade.
If you were Wounded. 2 Stress Stir up trouble with the employees.
If a comrade was Wounded 2 Stress Deliberately activate End of Night by maxing out your Vice track.
If your plane stopped working. 2 Stress
If you had to wingwalk. 1 Stress
If the job got out of hand. 2 Stress
Comrades Trust? Familiar Vices
Garen Bauer Yes Music
Charlotte von Ribbeck Yes Bickering
Junius Walpurgi Yes Reading
Mira Ananda Yes



Instead of personal upkeep, you have two Dependents. Write their names, and mark 1 on one and 2 on the other. Each Routine, during Expenses, choose to pay 0, 1, or 2 Thaler for each Dependent. If you pay 0, erase one mark. If you pay 2, mark their track and describe what special thing you do for them to make their lives easier. A Dependent at 2 Marks removes 1 Stress per routine. A Dependent losing a Mark gives 1 Stress, and at 0 Marks they cause 1 Stress per routine ongoing. Children 2 Henot 1


When inlanders and apostates witnesses your faith’s practices or are confronted by your alienness, they must choose to Break Trust or take 1 Stress. NPC characters will be disturbed, offended, or overly curious. If a PC learns any Fisher moves, they negate this effect, but gain Creepy.

Old Reliable

Your plane gains +8 Toughness and +3 Reliability if left unmodified for 3 Routines.

No Drama

The first Vent aimed at Rini per Routine causes no Stress and provides +1 Stress reduction for the person Venting.


When you dab fresh blood on an item roll +Calm. On a 16+, take both. On an 11-15, choose 1. On a miss, make a bigger sacrifice or the machine is damaged. Effects last 1 Routine. Triggers Creepy. Take +1 Ongoing with this item. (+5 Handling for a Plane) The item cannot break. (3 Coverage 2 Armour on the Plane.)

Ideomotor Response

Any plane flown by Rini gains a free smart autopilot capable of taking verbal commands. Triggers Creepy.

Intimacy: Share the Burden

When you are intimate with comrades, the Stress of all the characters participating can be freely redistributed between them. If there are any NPC participants, 1 Stress is also removed from each PC. If you use this move in the air , 1 additional Stress is removed from each character.

Mastery: Bushwhack

Ambush Predator: When you attack an enemy who is unaware of your presence , roll with Advantage. On an 11-15, you may choose to abort the attack and return to the clouds unseen.

Victories: Aircraft or balloons shot down.


A plane large enough to carry my family. Two coworkers with special skills. A house somewhere relatively safe. 3 Thaler


At nine years old, Rini was gathered up, along with almost all of the youth of their village by Gothic soldiers and taken away. They don't recall it directly, but have been told that the reasoning given was to protect them from imminent Sopwith attack. They were far too busy marveling at the giant flying machine that the children were all being funneled into the belly of. They could hardly imagine something that large flying, even with the billowing balloons on it. They know that their parents had told them that they were destined to serve the gods, and had begun the earliest steps in their training, but now the details are hopelessly blurred, along with the name or location of their home village.

In short order, they were flown somewhere unknown, the older children who asked too many questions roughly silenced with shoves where glares proved insufficient. The children were marched off the flying machine and quickly sorted by age and aptitude, along with gender. That last was a sticking point for Rini for all their years in Der Eisentier, as the factory became known to its new residents. Now that they are freed from that place, any attempt to press a binary identity on them will lead to swift trouble.

The factory was a massive building, where the workers lived without seeing the outdoors other than smoke-dimmed sunlight whenever a new plane was lifted out of the factory roof or supplies brought in. While the highest tiers of supervisors were invariably Himmelvolk, the workers were a large mix of Wildlings and Fischers from different places around the are. Birth tongues were quickly replaced with the Gothic tongue, and obvious signs of original culture, such as Fisher tattoos were swiftly removed. The workers were told that the former workers had all bravely vounteered to defend the nation against Sopwith aggression and they were the replacements sent to aid the defense of the homeland. It was hard work, but they mostly didn't know better, thinking that they were helping their families by producing warplanes.

Years passed and the children grew up, some replacements arriving, Gothic people slowly being reduced down on the production floor, but still maintaining the security and supervision. Organization attempts were quashed, and people began adjusting to their new lives making planes and guns and bombs for the war somewhere out there. Eventually, even some children were born among the workers. The supervisors attempted to take the children away, but that led to the first real rebellion among the workers. Some died, many were hurt, and eventually, the workers were allowed to keep their families with them, although they were responsible for paying for the needs of their children until and unless they earned their keep at the lines.

This extended for years and years, the workers long since unhearing of the assurances that the war was nearly over and they would be hailed as heroes once the emergency had ended. All was as it had been and would continue to be. At least, until the factory owner's son showed up drunk and loose-lipped.

In his cups, he let slip something that had been hidden from the workers in their isolation. The War had ended. Not just yesterday or last week, but years ago. Der Eisentiere was no longer supplying a valiant army against invasion, but using the workers to produce planes and weapons to sell to the successor states, bandits, and anyone else who could afford them. The news tore through the factory floor like wildfire, and riots followed shortly in its wake.

Rini and their partners scooped up their children and fled to the roof as fires and gunshots filled the factory floor. Up there, they found the fleet of planes the owner's son and his cronies had flown in on, including a dilapidated Sopwith bomber! Henot defended the group as they quickly emptied the bomb bay and stuffed the children inside and prepared the massive plane for takeoff. None of them knew how to fly the beast, but Rini still recalled a trick that they'd used on machines below, coaxing their spirits into cooperating in times when a person was sick or too hungover to work their machine so that they could make it through the shift without punishment. Praying to the gods they knew no longer heard them, Rini pleaded and cajoled the plane's spirits to save their family. Amazingly, it worked, allowing the family to escape the rising flames, although not before a leaking barrel of fuel flared too near Henot, burning his face severely.

The machine spirit flew them to safety, somehow, with Henot crying out in pain in the copilot seat and Rini, Jurgen, and Zula all taking gunners' seats to fend off a fighters who scrambled to recapture them. Eventually, they drove off the pursuers and the plane gently landed them, battered and exhausted just outside a town none of them recognized at all. Guards and townsfolk came rushing out to see the bizarre spectacle of an emaciated Fischer fumbling the bomb bay open, only for crying children to come tumbling out. Rini told them that everything was their fault, to please not punish the others in the plane for their crimes. Then they passed out from exhaustion and blood loss. Words cannot describe their shock at waking up in a bed, wounds treated and family at hand. The bomber's spirit had flown them true, finding a safe place for Rini's family to live after all.

Used Plane Flaw- Sticky Guns +1 chance to jam (Rolled 1 for two flaws, rolled 1 again- ignore on reroll, rolled 5- Sticky Guns) Henot- (male) Wilding bombardier-turned-caregiver whose golden eyes have been blinded, Jurgen- (male) Fischer mechanic, Zula- (female) Fischer gunner