Robbie Bullard

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A character in the Silent Hill PBP game.


Robert Bullard’s last memory of Silent Hill was flicking marbles against the back of a white picket fence in the suburbs. Elijah had just lost his last masher to Robbie’s dextrous fingers. Hugs and goodbyes to his father must have followed, but he doesn’t remember them. Robbie let Elijah keep the masher.

Following his parent’s divorce, Robbie went to live in his mother’s native Stirling, Scotland. He saw his father two times in the following year, but when his father’s girlfriend entered the scene, and later a half-sister, the relationship ended.

Still, the rest of his childhood was happy enough. His mother remarried and Robbie got on with his step-father well enough. As time progressed and he went to Medical school at Edinburgh, but still he returned regularly to Stirling to help out with the clay-pigeon and quad biking business on his step-father’s estate.

Despite the weekends in the country, Robbie’s determination for all that he does saw him through his degree with First Class honours. The determination got him through his research towards his Doctorate. Most importantly, his determination and persistence finally won him the love of Miss Marie Camron after many of her previous rejections.

An internship at Falkirk Hospital that starts in two months; a beautiful fiancé; a generous allowance from his loving family. Unlike most in this dark world, Robert Bullard has much to lose. So, it is with some trepidation that he leaves the first class compartment of the aeroplane to step down into Bangor International Airport.

He’s just finished writing a letter, penning the New York address on the envelope. He should have replied months ago, but with all that’s been happening, it was one thing that got put off. The letter first offers condolences as to what his childhood friend has been going through. It reports on the health of his mother, who was always kind to Elijah. It acts as a wedding invitation for later that summer. Finally, it tells of a strange letter that has called the young medic to his home town…

As his luggage is loaded into a waiting taxi, he thinks what he may find in the sleepy town. His father may well live in the area; a man towards whom he has no feelings any more, one way or the other. But a sixteen year old sister that he has never met, perhaps she is in the area.

As the large car leaves the interstate, Robbie touches the letter in his pocket. Seventeen years is a long time to not see someone who was once a closest friend, even when many but sporadic letters have been exchanged. Perhaps he’ll not wait for the wedding and stop by New York when this business is over.


Robert Bullard MD, Well spoken medic Virtue – Fortitude Vice – Pride


Int ●●●●○ Str ●○○○○ Pre ●●●○○ Wit ●●○○○ Dex ●●●○○ Man ●●○○○ Res ●●○○○ Sta ●●○○○ Com ●●○○○


Academics●●●○○ (Research)
Drive●●●○○ (Off-road)
Firearms●●○○○ (Shotgun)


Resources ●●● Encyclopaedic Knowledge ●●●●