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Gender Identity: Cisgender Male<br>
Gender Identity: Cisgender Male<br>
Age: 40
Age: 40
[[File:Roger Wilson-Odin-Logos.png]]<br>
[[File:Roger Wilson-Odin-Mythos.jpg]]
'''Themebooks: Mythos: Odin'''<br>
'''Themebooks: Mythos: Odin'''<br>

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Name: Roger Wilson
Logos: Accountant
Mythos: Odin
Gender Identity: Cisgender Male
Age: 40

Roger Wilson-Odin-Logos.png
Roger Wilson-Odin-Mythos.jpg

Themebooks: Mythos: Odin

  • Divination: Uncanny Knowledge
    • A. Piercing wisdom
    • B. The raven spies Thought and Memory
    • C. Insight into a person’s character
    • E. I see all at a single glance
    • Weakness: A. Self-destructive quest for knowledge
    • Weakness: D. Observation of a code of virtue
    • Mystery: How can I learn ever more about what the future holds?
  • Expression: Master of Battles
    • A. Ruthless spear-wielding warrior
    • B. Misfortune in battle
    • C. Shattering arms and armor
    • Weakness: D. Unsettling presence
    • Mystery: How can I protect humanity from destruction at the hands of monsters?

Themebooks: Logos: Financial Fraud Investigator

  • Defining Relationship: Scandinavian Folk-Metal Band (Valhalla’s Children)
    • A. An outlet for my creativity
    • C. To express myself
    • H. Making music
    • Weakness: A. Work and family obligations
    • Identity: This music gives meaning to my life.
  • Routine: Accountant
    • A. Accounting
    • F. Financial fraud investigation
    • J. A sense of duty to my family
    • Weakness: A. Despair at being trapped in a hated occupation
    • Identity: I was hoping to make a difference fighting financial fraud.

Secret Pain: I fear that my life has dead-ended.

Crew Relationships

  • Baku, Rift of Baku, Help +1
  • Garry Nuthean, Rift of BlueRain: Help +2
  • Kara, Rift of the Vampire: Hurt +1