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Running blank Short Form for use with quick NPCs

Running Sheet Template 1 Use for PCs or full npcs


Running Sheet Raphael

Running Sheet Alexandra Mira

Running Sheet Alvah

Running Sheet Donovan

Running Sheet Skadi

Running Sheet Silvana

Running Sheet Vek


*Running Sheet Chris

*Running Sheet Arlo

*Running Sheet Relmopator

*Running Sheet Macsen

*Running Sheet Truman

*Running Sheet Laravella

Elites and companion NPCs

NPCS Family

NPCs Non-Family

NPCs Short Form Write Ups

Arco Boys-Fort Garland-Rafe



Hounds of Mandalay



Running Sheet Chance Vandalia

Convention Characters

Tir Con June 2023

Free State of Ygg

Running Sheet Miles "Bronze" McKinney

Red Russel


Running Sheet Erasmus

Tir Con June 2022

Baby's Gone Missing

Baby's Gone Missing-Dame Margot

Tir Con-Escape From New York

Running Sheet Blank for Convention Play Feel free to use this blank as a guideline for your character

  • Chris, son of Caine Running Sheet Chris
  • Alvah, Daughter of Delwin & Cihalas of Azcala
  • Vek, of the line of Benedict and Lintra
  • Harmony, Daughter of Caine
  • Rosalind-Daughter of Bleys
  • Dorian, Son of Fiona.

Tolknor's Ambercon NW

Taziliwere-For Wine and Oil

Ambercon Northern Ireland


Tríocha ceathair

Tancred Hawksman

Invitation to a Coup

Dame Margot-Coup


The Blades Of Red Gale