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Carissa, Daughter of Gerard

Carissa.jpg Carissa 1.jpg Carissa 2.jpg

Father: Prince Gerard of Amber

Mother: Janelle Hollings

Description: Cari is 5’ 9’, she is muscular but lithe, she has pale skin, blue eyes and very dark brown hair which she typically keeps cut short. She has a scar on her left calf from a compound break from a motorcycle accident.

Hobbies: Parkour, motorcycles, roller derby plays on the LA Derby dolls, blogger on exploits, pool


  • Lady of Amber


Total: 117=110 Stats+1 Powers{60}+6 Skills+0{85} Items +0/0 allies/Enemies+0 Stuff

  • 110 in Stats
  • 1(60) in Powers
  • 6 in Skills
  • (85) in creatures/Items
  • 0 in Allies (8/8)
  • 0 Stuff


  • 3 (Added to Psyche) Ride to Amber-Gerard, Vander, Carissa. Diego Raks. Jeweled Road.
  • 2 (added to Psyche) An Evening at Thin Whip's Place. Jurt. Custus & his CHAD crew.
  • 1 (Spent on Cantrips) Cantrips With Nala

Saved Pips


  • Psyche: 5
  • Strength: 10
  • Endurance: 51
  • Warfare: 44

(GM-See Note below on changes in stats)


  • (50) Pattern of Amber (50 granted)
  • 1 Cantrips
  • (10) Limited Shapeshift


  • 3-Parkour- Free-running and similar acrobatics and gymnastics
  • 1 Roller-derby Acrobatic Specialty
  • 1 Motorcycle. (Also applicable to a lesser degree to Bike Riding)
  • 1 Games of Skill-Pool. Throwing games.

Allies & Enemies


  • 4 Gerard
  • 1 Nala
  • 1 Arloxedra
  • 1 Unknown Ally
  • 1 Unknown Ally


  • 4 Main Enemy-Gonna be someone really nasty. Probably hard to kill.
  • 2 Serious Enemy-Reasonably non-violent but determined enemy.
  • 1 Enemy-Maybe needs some slapping around but not killing.
  • 1 Enemy-Someone in Amber who takes a serious dislike.


  • Nala Mior Tral[[1]] :Rebman Noblewoman. Sorceress & Wizard. Diplomat
  • ( Pet ) Undiscovered yet. I know what its going to be, even have a trump for it. It will be a conversation we have.
  • Agda Alak Sar[[2]] :Elite on Current Assignment. ("Agda" Is a title for "Knight" used Tosa) Assigned.

Nala1.jpg Alak Sar.jpg


  • (21) Navy Blade (Gift from Gerard. Admiral's Blade. Created by Oberon)
  • (64) Gerard's Blue Harley

Gerard's Blue Harley

  • 2 Chaos Vitality
  • 16 Extraordinary Movement. Holds its riders to it. May carry 4 humans. Creates a protective shpere against speed effects to the riders
  • 2 Amber Stamina
  • 8 Armor Ruggedly Invulnerable. Its riders seem to share a general invulnerability to the elements, general fire effect, wind dame, elements of a material nature being cast at it including rocks and bullets while the vehicle is in motion.
  • 2 Speak & Sing. Not quite sentient, more emphatic, it has intelligence enough to adapt to conditions, protect itself and its riders, even if they are inexperienced, and to behave in the manned an experienced rider would choose. Anticipates choices. For its principle companion(Gerard or Carissa) it seems to exude a sense of comfortable companionship and willingness. It may have a sense of protection for them. It has an unspoken, sub-sentience that make accept upgrading.
  • 4 Extraordinary Psyche Sens.
  • 4 Seek in Shadow Will seek its rider if separated
  • 4 Mold Reality Makes its road smoother when needed
  • 8 Item Extraordinary Regeneration. transfer 5-Any rider is treated with Extraordinary Regeneration 4 while in contact to the vehicle
  • 8 Extraordinary Shape shift. It tends to shift to whatever shape a vehicle of its type would be considered stylishly exciting. In realms without such appeal it reverts to its blue early Harley appearance. The tendency to chose a “Stylish” appearance seems to exude a degree of vanity about its own appearance. Its rider may suggest shapes and design and it will nearly always comply, but may revet to its own choice of appearance.


  • The source of the power is to be discovered but it seems to function nearly anywhere, even in Amber.

There is a sense when riding it that it is a happy and willing tool. Its almost a sense of faithfulness. There is a sense it has been other things then a motorcycle.. As if it knows what its like to be a bulldozer, or a airplane, or a pizza oven. Brief and infrequent flashes of a mechanical awareness pass to its primary companions (Gerard and Carissa-It will respond favorably to any of Gerard's children)

Navy Blade

Tot-21 Mithril Blade (The Navy Blade)(Oberon) A thin, straight, familiar longsword used by admirals on duty. 7} Double Speed 2 - Speed 4-Transfer 5 7} Combat Reflexes 2-Transfer 5 4} Deadly Damage 1} Mold Stuff-Find in Shadow 1} Alt Form-Bowie knife 1} Rack Spell-Return to hand



  • Attended Fantalin-? year Course

Notes I took 6 pips out of warfare to cover skills. We had not discussed the skill stuff but it made sense she would have allocated them for things she was expert in as she grew up. I view warfare as a largely intellectual stat, rather then strength or endurance. The way I look at skills is that while an Amberite can certainly become proficient at any skill they like by traveling in shadow and finding a place to learn it, by allocating a pips they become experts.

Consider some of the extraordinary Parkour stuff you've seen as someone with 1 or 2 pips in Parkour. 3 Pips is someone able to do a step above or some of the most amazing things. 4 pips is almost supernatural without using magic. Having the 3 pips in Parkour gives her a first class ability and when combined with 1 pip in roller-derby allows her to do those kinds of tricks on wheels.

1 pip in motorcycle makes her a world class stunt woman with motorcycles, possible including her parkour moves on them. It lends itself to acrobatic bike riding too, like some of the crazy downhill bike races

1 pip in pool gives her great eye-hand coordination and skill in understanding how things work on a surface. Balance, force, the geometries. Being skilled primarily at pool it lends itself to the eye-hand skills like thrown carnival games, maybe trick throwing like throwing a ball off a wall and landing it on a bowl. Or throwing knives and rocks with skill.

We had not had a chance to discus a lot of this stuff but I do have another suggestion for Endurance and Strength. As a child of Gerard she would have a tendency to be extremely strong , but growing up that would have expressed itself as her trying greater and greater feats of strength and extensive training. Endurance and Strength might have developed along the way together. I suggest dropping Strength 10 pips to add 10 to Endurance. 41 STR & 20 Endurance would make them more compatible and still put her far beyond the usual Amberite level foes she is likely to encounter. I'd suggest it but its your call.

Your stats are very high for a new PC since you didn't put a lot of pips in items or creatures or shadows. If you would like to reconsider that it might be reasonable to dock str or str & warfare to create a pool of points for future use in creating a shadow for items in need. A total of 10 pips set aside, 5 of which could fill out the max of 5 pips of Good Stuff if you like. Again though that's your call too. Letting things develop as they go will work as well.