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Carissa, Daughter of Gerard

Father: Prince Gerard of Amber Mother: Janelle Hollings

Description: Cari is 5’ 9’, she is muscular but lithe, she has pale skin, blue eyes and very dark brown hair which she typically keeps cut short. She has a scar on her left calf from a compound break from a motorcycle accident.

Hobbies: Parkour, motorcycles, roller derby plays on the LA Derby dolls, blogger on exploits, pool


  • Lady of Amber


Total-401=245 + Sig Piece(16)+(140 Powers)

  • 110 in Stats
  • 1(60) in Powers
  • 6 in Skills
  • (85) in creatures/Items
  • 0 in Allies (8/8)
  • 0 Stuff


  • Psyche: 5
  • Strength: 10
  • Endurance: 51
  • Warfare: 44


  • (50) Pattern of Amber (50 granted)
  • 1 Cantrips
  • (10) Limited Shapeshift


  • 3-Parkour
  • 1 Roller-derby Acrobatic Specialty
  • 1 Motorcycle. (Also applicable to a lesser degree to Bike Riding)
  • 1 Games of Skill-Pool. Throwing games.

Allies & Enemies


  • 4 Gerard
  • 1 Nala
  • 1 Arloxedra
  • 1 x
  • 1 x


  • 4 Main Enemy
  • 2 Serious Enemy
  • 1 Enemy
  • 1 Enemy


  • Nala Mior Tral :Rebman Noblewoman. Sorceress & Wizard. Diplomat
  • ( Pet ) Undiscovered yet.
  • Agda Alak Sar :Elite on Current Assignment. (Agda I a title for Knight used Tosa) Assigned.


(21) Navy Blade (Gift from Gerard. Admiral's Blade. Created by Oberon) (64) Gerard's Blue Harley

Gerard's Blue Harley 2 Chaos Vitality 16 Extraordinary Movement. Holds its riders to it. May carry 4 humans. Creates a protective shpere against speed effects to the riders 2 Amber Stamina 8 Armor Ruggedly Invulnerable. Its riders seem to share a general invulnerability to the elements, general fire effect, wind dame, elements of a material nature being cast at it including rocks and bullets while the vehicle is in motion. 2 Speak & Sing. Not quite sentient, more emphatic, it has intelligence enough to adapt to conditions, protect itself and its riders, even if they are inexperienced, and to behave in the manned an experienced rider would choose. Anticipates choices. For its principle companion(Gerard or Carissa) it seems to exude a sense of comfortable companionship and willingness. It may have a sense of protection for them. It has an unspoken, sub-sentience that make accept upgrading. 4 Extraordinary Psyche Sens. 4 Seek in Shadow Will seek its rider if separated 4 Mold Reality Makes its road smoother when needed 8 Item Extraordinary Regeneration. transfer 5-Any rider is treated with Extraordinary Regeneration 4 while in contact to the vehicle 8 Extraordinary Shape shift. It tends to shift to whatever shape a vehicle of its type would be considered stylishly exciting. In realms without such appeal it reverts to its blue early Harly appearance. The tendency to chose a “Stylish” appearance seems to exude a degree of vanity about its own appearance. Its rider may suggest shapes and design and it will nearly always comply, but may revet to its own choice of appearance. Empowered.

  • The source of the power is to be discovered but it seems to function nearly anywhere, even in Amber.

There is a sense when riding it that it is a happy and willing tool. Its almost a sense of faithfulness. There is a sense it has been other things then a motorcycle.. As if it knows what its like to be a bulldozer, or a airplane, or a pizza oven. Brief and infrequent flashes of a mechanical awareness pass to its primary companions (Gerard and Carissa-It will respond favorably to any of Gerard's children)

Navy Blade Tot-21 Mithril Blade (The Navy Blade)(Oberon) A thin, straight, familiar longsword used by admirals on duty. 7} Double Speed 2 - Speed 4-Transfer 5 7} Combat Reflexes 2-Transfer 5 4} Deadly Damage 1} Mold Stuff-Find in Shadow 1} Alt Form-Bowie knife 1} Rack Spell-Return to hand


  • Attended Fantalin-? year Course


3 (Added to Psyche) Ride to Amber-Gerard, Vander, Carissa. Diego Raks. Jeweled Road. 2 (added to Psyche) An Evening at Thin Whip's Place. Jurt. Custus & his CHAD crew. 1 (Spent on Cantrips) Cantrips With Nala