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Children: Banidoc.




Many of them. Most importantly Duchess of Amber


Total: = Stats+ Powers{c}+ Skills+{c}+ Items +0/0 allies/Enemies + Stuff+Storage


  • Psyche: 130
  • Strength:15
  • Endurance:89
  • Warfare:24

Powers {}

  • (GM 100)Advanced Pattern Imprint-
  • 70 Advanced Shape Shift-
  • 60 Master Sorcery
  • 80 Advanced Trump Artist-
  • 80 Master Conjuration-
  • 25 Power Words -
  • 60 Mal at Reiss Master Imprint-

Skills {}

Allies & Enemies {0/0 = 0}






  • hunting owl

Items {}

Margot's Barrels

These are a series of Barrels made in antiquity, using the Jewel of Judgement originally, that have had many uses and frequently generate new barrels.

  • Armor-4-Invulnerable
  • Intel-1-Understand instructions and convey contents
  • Alt Form-1 -Open or closed.
  • Ability-1-Purify-Removes impurities & poisons
  • Ability-1-Weight-weighs 1/10 of full weight when in use.
  • ability-2-transport-Contents can transfer, whole or in part, from one barrel to another. The range apparently stretches from Amber to Diaga.
  • Horde-*3-The creation of these barrels is a skill Dame Margot has and she alone can fine tune the raw materials into barrels that fit within her Barrel Storage System.

The Jewel of Judgement was used in creating this ability for Margot.

  • 30 pips

Margot's Coronet

An artifact of great power made in the earliest years of Amber by Dworkin when Oberon granted her a patent of nobility. It is a narrow band with pearls and coral. It can adjust its size to fit various headwear but Margot is almost never seen without wearing it, even in the dirtiest of settings in the butchery or the kitchens.

  • 4 Amber Vitality-Transfer 5
  • 4 Engine Speed-transfer 5
  • 4 endless stamina-transfer 5
  • 4 Tongues-transfer 5
  • 8 Armor-Transfer 5
  • 4 Extraordinary Sensitivity -Transfer 5
  • 8 Immunity to Psychic Attack. -Transfer 5
  • 4 regeneration-Transfer 10
  • 4 Limited Shape shift
  • 16 Ability-Assay the Pattern of Amber.
  • 2 Ability-Return to Hand.
  • 2 Ability-increase appearance.
  • 4 Ability-Rack & Use Spells

wearer must be attuned

Margot's Cooking Tools

  • Engine Speed 4 Transfer 5
  • Combat Reflexes 2 Transfer 5
  • Deadly Damage 4
  • N&N forms-2
  • Ability-1-destroy poisons
  • Horde*3
  • Originally created using the Jewel of Judgement. Includes knives, ladles, and other tools. Over the millennia she has often gifted collections of a dozen tools to her assistant who have moved on in careers as head cooks in many royal and noble houses or have started many restaurants throughout the Golden Circle. Having a set of her tools is a sign of high regard and is often a point of pride for the employers who hire those with Dame Margot's instruction and approval.
  • 69 Pips
  • Most people carry an eating knife and spoon as a normal accouterments. Margot carries 3 of the tools of this set, one of which is always a small paring knife.

Margot's Pots and Pans

  • Armor-4-Invulnerable to damage
  • Intel-1-communicate contents and cooking process
  • N&N Form-2-Each pot in this series has the shape of a small castiron egg pan as well as 11 other forms.
  • Horde* 3
  • Originally created using the Jewel of Judgement. As with the Tools, Margot often gifts these to graduating assistants.
  • 21 pips