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Raphael2.jpg Dwarf? Rafe-gnome.jpg

Personal Information

Personal Colors: Green, Black, Steel Gray

Father: Unknown

Mother: Known; Earth Human (Deceased)

Children: Son; Earth Human (Deceased)

Race: Human-Mesobian

Apparent Age: Early 30's Actual Age: 53 yrs old

Height: 6ft. Weight: 185 Build: Average

Complexion: Fair to Pink w/ Freckles

Face: Average Looking Eyes: Dark Brown

Facial Hair: Heavy Beard, Coppery Red, Braided off the chin and both sideburns.

Hair: Coppery Red, Long w/ single Braid down the back

Descriptions: He is wearing black cotton denim jeans and thick heavy black boots with heavy laces and thick soles (making him appear three inches taller). An olive green t-shirt with a black Punisher Skull logo on it shows through beneath an unbuttoned tri-color dark green, dark gray & black plaid long sleeved cotton flannel over-shirt. His hands and half of his forearms are covered in black rough leather gauntlets. A wide black leather weapons belt with a large round silver simple buckle sits around his middle. Hanging from the belt on his right hip and meant for a left-hand draw, is an ornate curved sheath of black leather and brass holding a Nepalese Kuhkuri Knife with an ornate (yet functional) carved wood and brass adorned handle and pommel . And next to it, further back on the belt a bit, is a narrow nylon sheath showing the handles of three flat steel throwing daggers, slightly overlapping each other and each nine inches long. The front of the weapons belt shows four nylon pouches, two on either side of the buckle, each about four inches per side, each filled with three large throwing stars (unseen). Hanging at an angle from the right hip on a 'sword frog' is a simple sheath of brown leather holding a long sword with a curvy edged blade, and showing a simple handle of dark wood with a small simple cross-piece and small flat round pommel that looks like a thick coin with a skull stamped onto each side, both are made of brass. And on the belt farther back behind the sword is another long thin nylon sheath and another set of throwing daggers identical to the ones on his other hip. There is also a Colt .45 Automatic handgun in a custom black leather holster strapped to his right thigh, below the hip with the butt where the hand naturally rests when hanging at the side.

Orc: 7 feet 2 inches tall, heavily muscled body with long thickly muscled limbs, large hands with long thick fingers. Hair is darkest of reds leading to browns and blacks contrasting the green hued thick hide-like skin, and a pair of tusks sticking up from a thick lower lip on a heavy squared jaw covered in a thick coarse beard the same color as the hair and in multiple braids from the chin and both jaw lines. A wide nose separates piercing eyes the color of a dark yellow amber beneath a heavy brow line with thick eyebrows that meet in the middle. He is wearing heavy black boots, Roman-style grieves on the shins and covering the kneecaps, tight fitting black denim jeans beneath, a pair of H&K VP9 9mm's holstered and strapped to the outer calves of both legs. Lorica Segmentata armor covers his upper body and shoulders, a Roman-style helmet covers his head and cheeks. A wide belt holds a sheathed Moro Sword on his right hip, a sheathed Katana with a white oak handle carved to look like stacked skulls on his left hip, a set of 3 throwing daggers further back on either hip, and flat pouches holding throwing stars on the front near the buckle. A .50 caliber Desert Eagle, Bronze Edition, is strapped low on his right thigh below the Moro, a .357 Magnum is strapped low on his left thigh below the Katana, a .45 ACP is holstered to the wide belt at the middle of his back for a right hand draw and a sheathed Khukuri knife next to it for a left hand draw. The wide belt also holds utility pouches with spare clips, spare ammo and other assorted small tools and supplies. There are also a pair of wide baldrics coming over both shoulders and crossing in the middle of the chest and back and attached to the wide belt at his waist; the front portion contains pouches and sheaths containing throwing stars and knives. He holds a single bladed bearded axe in his left hand, handle resting on his left shoulder and a Warhammer with a square head on one end and a short thick curved triangular spike on the other end is held loosely in his right hand, dangling nearly to his knee.

Elf: 5 feet 3 inches tall, lithe of body and limb, pale to white of skin, pointed ears showing through the long flowing hair the color of shiny metallic copper, eyes the color of amethyst crystals set on a narrow angular face with no facial hair. He is wearing a plain loose fitting, dark green t-shirt, loose but well fitting dark blue denim jeans and leather sandals with no socks. A wide belt holds a Khukuri knife on his right hip, a set of 3 throwing daggers further back on either hip and flat pouches holding throwing stars on the front near the buckle with a Moro Sword on his left hip. A .45 caliber ACP is strapped to his right thigh below the Khukuri and a pair of H&K VP9 9mm's are holstered to the wide belt at the middle of his back. The wide belt also holds utility pouches with spare clips, spare ammo and other assorted small tools and supplies. A quiver that looks like a molded plastic tube is strapped across his back diagonally with arrow fletchings sticking out over his right shoulder. He holds a Compound Bow in his left hand.

Dwarf: 3 feet tall and nearly as wide across the shoulders, round barrel chest, thick arms and legs heavy with muscle, thick hands with short thick fingers. Hair and beard are braided (same as Human Form) but heavier and more coarse, the color much darker red with no hints of blonde or gray, eyes a dark brown. Wearing black denim jeans, a gray t-shirt with 'Just Do Something' in black letters on the front. A wide belt holds a Khukuri knife on his right hip, a set of 3 throwing daggers on either hip and flat pouches holding throwing stars on the front near the buckle. A .50 caliber Desert Eagle, Bronze Edition, is strapped to his right thigh below the Khukuri, a .357 Magnum is strapped to his left hip low and in front of the throwing daggers and a pair of H&K VP9 9mm's are holstered to the wide belt at the middle of his back. The wide belt also holds utility pouches with spare clips, spare ammo and other assorted small tools and supplies. He holds a single bladed bearded axe in his left hand, handle resting on his left shoulder and a Warhammer with a square head on one end and a short thick curved triangular spike on the other end is held loosely in his right hand, dangling nearly to the ground.

Gnome: 2 feet 6 inches tall with a stout looking body, short limbs, big feet, small hands with short fingers, a long gray beard and short gray hair; both neatly groomed, thick gray bushy eyebrows over dark brown eyes with a slight twinkle in them, a bulbous nose, chubby cheeks and big ears that stick out noticeably. He wears leather sandals strapped to his human-sized feet, loose fitting black denim jeans, a green and gray plaid shirt button up flannel overshirt that hangs low beenath a wide belt around his waist that holds a Khukuri knife on his right hip for a right hand draw, a .38 snub-nosed revolver is holstered on the left hip for a left hand draw, a set of 3 sheathed throwing daggers sit further back on either hip and flat pouches holding throwing stars are on the front near the buckle. He also carries a Double Mattock in his right hand resting on his right shoulder and a long stemmed pipe in his left hand.


  • PFC U.S. Army: United States; Home (Plague) World
  • Mayor: Fort Garland, CO; Change World

Points Total {18}

Total: 58 = 0 Base + 40 Stat Buy Down + 18 Advancement = Stats{-27(-40+13)} + Powers{6} + Skills{12} + Items{0} + Allies/Enemies{+5/-5} + Shadows{3} + Stuff{+5} + Storage{19}

  • Negative Points: -40 (currently -27)
  • Positive Points: 39 (Spent)
    • From Stat Buy Down: 12 to Skills, 5 to Good Stuff, 1 to Shadows(Mesob-Phase), 1 to Powers(Mesob-Cantrips), 2 to Powers(Sigil Imprint)
    • From Advancement: 10 boosting Psyche, 3 boosting Endurance, 2 to Shadows(Ft. Garland), 3 to Powers(Sigil SS)
  • Balance in Storage: 19.


  • Stats Balance: -27.
    • Sell Down: 40 pips.
    • Buy Up: 10 Psyche, 3 Endurance
  • Powers: 6
  • Skills: 12
  • Items: 0
  • Allies/Enemies: +5/-5
  • Shadow: 3
  • Stuff: 5
  • Unspent: 19


  • 2021 Anniversary Advancement.
    • 10 Pips Advancement: Spent on Psyche
    • 3 Pips to Endurance: added
  • First Advancement -5 Pips-Spent
    • 2 Attached Shadow-Fort Garland
    • 3 SS Alt Form: Human, Dwarf
    • 2 Sigil Imprint (from Sell Down Storage)

Advancement Wish List

  • 1 (more) Cantrips (tied for 1st)
  • 3 Advanced Sigil Imprint (tied for 1st)
  • ? Improve Technopathy Power (tied for 2nd)
  • 7 Improve Shape Shifting (tied for 2nd)
  • 7 Buy Up Endurance to Amber Rank (tied for 3rd)
  • 10 Power Words (tied for 3rd)
  • 8 Enhance Poodle Boys (4th)
    • 2 vs Guns, 2 Rapid Healing, x2 N/N Qty.
  • 15 Harley, Sidecar & Trailer (tied for 5th)
  • 20 Increase remaining Stats to Amber Rank (tied for 5th)
  • 35 (or less) Shape Shifting (6th)
  • Increase Stats above Amber Rank (7th)
    • In short increments of 2-5 pips each
  • Other Things (as they present themselves)
    • Clothing, Armor, Swords, Kuhkuri Knife, Shuriken, Shield(New)
  • 30 Advanced Shape Shifting (eventually)

Statistics {-27}

  • Psyche: Amber Ranked
  • Strength: Chaos Ranked {-10}
  • Endurance: Chaos Ranked {-7} 3 Added-2021
  • Warfare: Chaos Ranked {-10}

Powers {6 (50)}

  • 1 Cantrips - Transferred from Medallion of Mesob
    • Firefinger, Clean, Zap, Page Light, Stitch, Mend, Chill, Heat, Know Direction, [Control Flame (Druidic)???],
  • 2 Sigil Imprint; Basic: Low Order Avalon Pattern; Lily Lake/Ft. Garland, CO; Change World.
    • High Order Spell Slots (2): Holder Frame (no need to Cast)
    • Low Order Spells (12); cumulative: Holder and Casting Frame.
      • 12 1st circle or 6 2nd circle or 4 3rd circle or 3 4th circle or 2 6th circle
      • Or a mixture equal to no more than 12 cumulative Spell Levels
  • (3) Shape Shifting; Specific Alternate Forms:
    • Human(True Form), Gnome(Magical Creature), Dwarf, Elf, Orc
    • Gained assaying the Sigil 5 times

(50) Medallion of Mesob

    • Melts into Body of Wearer/Holder, can't be removed, doesn't detect as magical, its powers can't be dispelled, or suppressed(?).
    • Wearer becomes a Mesobian, Racially, but detects & acts as original Race for all practical purposes.
  • Recognize Mesobian/Medallion Wearers - Transferred-No points
    • Bears a Symbol on forehead and one palm that only Mesobian/Medallion Wearer and other Mesobians/Medallion Wearers can see.
  • Immortality - Istari Immortality; Vast spectrum medical protections.
  • Improved Physical Attributes - Transferred-No points
    • Raises a Human to Chaos Rank Stats
  • Immunity to Illness - Transferred-No points
    • Complete immunity to sickness
  • Regeneration - Transferred-No points
    • The Power to completely heal wounds and injuries in a fraction of the time the 'original body' was 'normally' capable of.
  • Clean Body - Transferred-No points
    • The Power to clean a body (self or other) of dirt and grime. It causes all pores to empty of retained oils and removes all bodily refuse; emptying bladders, digestive systems and stomachs.
    • This power can be used in two ways.
      • Causing all material to Disappear
      • Causing all material to Eject violently from the body.
        • If used as an attack it reacts with the target's Psyche and if they lose it distracts them for at least a minute.
  • Classification - Transferred-No points
    • The Power to Identify or Divine the Character Class, Level and Race of a Being
      • Works upon Touch and sometimes at short distances with eye contact
    • Can also Identify certain Creature Types
  • Shadowwalk - Transferred-No points
    • As Broken Pattern shadow walker
    • Shadowwalk toward Mesob Wearer if known.
  • Reverse Conjuration - Transferred-No points
    • The ability to return an item that has been Conjured to its place and time of origin.
  • Tongues ?? - Transferred-No points
    • The ability to understand and speak languages (once heard???)
    • Already know/learned: Thari, Esperanto, Italian,
  • Technopathy - Transferred
    • Ability to 'read' data from electronic/technological devices (touch)

Skills {12}

  • 3 Wilderness Survival & Camping (multiple wilderness / terrain types)
    • Cold & Hot Weather & Climates
    • Camping (No Shelter, Crude Shelters, Tents, RVs)
    • Hunting (Rifle, Shotgun, Archery. Big & Small Game, Birds. incl. skinning, gutting & basic butchering)
    • Fishing (Fresh Water; Lake & Pond, River & Stream. Hook & Line, Trapping, Netting, Bow Fishing. Incl. gutting, scaling & boning)
  • 1 Cooking (incl. Butchering & basic Vegetable Gardening)
  • 1 Thrown Weapons; All Types (Knives, Daggers, Axes, Darts, Stars, Spikes, Rocks, Beer Bottles... whatever's handy)
  • 1 Military Basics: (incl: Org, Ops, Commo, Land Nav/Map Reading, Camo, Sm. & Hvy Weapons, Explosives, Vehicles)
  • 1 Military Field Medic & NBC Specialist (Nuclear, Biological & Chemical Warfare Protection & Decon)
  • 1 Automobile Mechanics; Internal Combustion Engines (All Types)
  • 1 Driving; Land-based Vehicles (All Types; Wheeled & Tracked)
    • Includes: Lg. Trucks, Motorcycles, Construction & Military Vehicles. Off-Road, Racing, Long Haul.)
  • 1 Dog Training; all Breeds: Basic (Obedience, Tricks, Chores, etc.)
  • 1 Games (Tabletop RPG's, Board, Dice, Cards, Gambling, Puzzle, etc.)
  • 1 Story Telling (RPG Game Master / Player, Writer, Campfire Storyteller)


  • 2 Gardening.
  • 1 Dowsing.
  • 1 Woodcraft.
  • 1 Pottery

Other Useful Skills

QWERTY Keyboard Typing, Electronic Equipment Operations: Computers, Smartphones, Office Equipment, Retail Equipment, Angry 'Customer' De-escalation, Drafting & Design/CADD, Swimming/Lifeguard, Defensive Driving Instructor/Driver Trainer, First Aid/CPR Instructor, Acting & Singing


Caving, Hiking, Rock Climbing, Running, Bicycling, Water Skiing, Off-Roading, Singing / Karaoke / DJing, Music Appreciation, Wood Carving, Stone Carving, Making Jewelry, Leatherworking, Painting Miniatures, Creative Cartography, Reading, Watching Movies / TV / Streaming Content, PC / Console / Arcade Video Gaming, Cosplay / LARP / SCA, Amusement Parks, Rock Hounding, Collecting; weapons, skull trinkets, little rocks / stones/ crystals

Allies & Enemies {+5/-5 = 0}


  • 4 Slugger
  • 1 Zachary


  • 4 Victor
  • 1 Unknown-Probably an orc friend of Blister's. Consider it getting the stink eye from members of his old group.


The Poodle Boys

The Poodle Boys.jpg

Pack of Miniature Poodles (3) aka "Dog Brothers" (all are Litter Brothers)

  • Fudge aka Fanty aka Bear-Bear aka Ninja-Boy: Alpha
    • Dark grey fur (Natural Hide In Shadows Ability), tallest, long legs, thin bodied, fastest, funny, protective
  • Berk-Berk aka Berkeley aka Fluffy Joe aka Jerk-u-lees: Beta
    • White fur (tight curls), shortest, thick / chubby body, aggressive / possessive / protective
  • Swirly aka Kuzco aka Gump aka Chaos Llama: Omega or Delta(?)
    • White fur (wavy curls), longest body, long neck, looks like a mini llama, goofy, smart (like Forrest Gump)

UPDATE: Each dog is now Bonded with an Avasa of Guard Dufiro

  • Gift from Curious the Cat; a Masoja of Guard Dufiro
  • Each Avasa is Fealty Bonded with Curious
  • This Bond does Not alter each dog's character or behavior, nor add intelligence.
  • Increases each dog's instincts, natural abilities, senses and fighting skills to a very high level
  • Increases each dog's Self-Preservation Instinct to an extremely high level


GM 'Think of the Avasa in the animals as giving them 20 levels of fighting ability, speed, and extra dog senses without changing their character, behaviors. Bound that way they add no intelligence, really, though they will have a high sense of self-preservation. When they leave, the dog will be tougher and the Avasa will have experience being dogs. Dogs being protective it's a good fit and they are a common bonding for Guard Dufiro.'

Slugger and Curious

Running Sheet Slugger and Curious


  • Found in Tucson, Plague World (Raphael's Home World)
  • Holder of a Medallion of Mesob
  • Amberite; Pattern Imprint(?)
    • Mind Blanking; has no idea who she really is.


  • Large Tuxedo Cat; Masoja of Guard Dufiro
    • Slugger's Cat; Slugger's Protector / Guardian

Items {0}

Medalion of Mesob

  • Immunity to lycanthropy
  • Immunity to Undead Magics and attacks.
  • Animal Friendship
  • Moments warning upon attack
  • Passwall
  • Phase Walk
  • Flash


  • 1 Cantrips-20
  • Immortality-Istari Immortality- Vast spectrum medical protections.
  • Improved physical attributes: Raises a human to Chaos Rank stats
  • Immunity to illness: Complete immunity to sickness
  • Clean Body
  • Identify Character Class and Level
  • Recognize Mesob wearers.
  • Shadowwalk-As Broken Pattern shadow walker
    • Shadowwalk toward Mesob Wearer if known.
  • Regeneration
  • Reverse Conjuration.

Red Dagger

Gift from Eric (Pattern Ghost). Delivered by Florimel. Exceptionally well balanced. Excellent for Throwing.


  • 2 Double Speed.
  • 4 Deadly Damage.
  • 1 Ability: Call to hand

Non-magical Equipment


  • Roman-style Metal Armor; shiny Steel(?) w/ Brass(?) fittings
    • includes Leg Armor
    • includes full Padding
    • Slightly Damaged: bullet holes in back
  • Roman-style Metal Helmet; shiny Steel(?), with Brass(?) accents
  • Tac Vest; repaired (worn under Armor for extra protection)

Weapons & Tools

  • Modern Forged Swords (2)
    • Katana; folded steel, carved white oak handle (stack of skulls)
    • Moro Sword; straight blade w/ wavy edge, double edged, razor sharp
  • Khukuri Knife; Thick Heavy Blade w/ throat notch
  • Throwing Weapons, Assortment: Daggers, Knives, Spikes and Stars
  • Utility & Pocket Knives, Assortment
  • Mechanic's Leatherman Tool
  • Hard-wood Handles (2); 3ft long & Removable Metal Heads (4); custom made
    • Warhammer w/Curved Spike, Bearded Axe; Single Blade, Double Pick, Double Mattock
  • Colt .45 Automatic Pistol & 2 clips (10 round cap.)
    • 200 rounds .45 ACP ammo
  • .50 cal Desert Eagle w/7 rnd clip
  • 9mm Automatic (2); HK VP9 w/20 rnd clip
    • 9mm Automatic; Glock
    • .357 Magnum Revolver
    • .38 Snubnose Revolver
      • one full reload+ for each above handgun
    • Modern High-Tech Compound Bow; Folding (Heavy Draw) (ON LOAN to Runner)
      • Modern High-Tech Arrows (12) w/ (24) removable tips (12 Bladed, 12 Blunted)
    • .30-06 cal Rifle, Bolt Action w/ 5 rnd built-in clip & adjustable Scope (ON LOAN to Reggy)
      • 100 rounds 30-06 ammo
  • AK47 Assault Rifle w/ (2) 30 rnd clips (GIFTED to Hank)
    • 60 rounds Ammo for Assault Rifle

Clothing & Accessories

  • Denim Jeans; Blue (2), Black (2)
  • T-shirts w/ text or Emblems; (8) Black, Green, Gray, White (2 each)
  • Flannel long-sleeved button-up shirts; plaid, dark colors (2)
  • Camo Army Field Jacket w/ button-in liner
  • Leather Belts, Baldrics & Sheaths
  • Nylon Sheathes, Cases and Ammo Pouches
  • Winter Hiking Boots w/ heavy tread; water proof
  • White Tube Socks; cotton (12 pairs)
  • Green Heavy Socks; wool (6 pairs)
  • Rough Leather Fighting Gloves
  • Green Glove Liners; wool
  • Leather Sandals; adjustable
  • Running Shoes; light-weight, lace-less
  • Military Rain Gear (Hooded Slicker, Pants, Pull-over Boots, Gauntlets)
  • Military Camo Poncho w/ drawstring hood
  • Military-style Face Mask - Skull (Old Bone colored)

Other Equipment

  • Customized Military Backpack w/ light-weight rigid frame
  • Army Medic First Aid Kit (well stocked)
  • Modern Military (Surplus) Gas Mask w/ hood & clean filters
  • Dog Gear (3 each): Harnesses, Leashes, Flexi-leashes, Sets of Padded Dog Shoes, Knitted Woolen Jumpers
  • Small Assortment of Grooming Tools; Human and Dog
  • Camping Gear; Personal (Shelter, Sleeping & Cooking. incl. Folding E-Tool, Fire Starting Kit, Hatchet, Flashlights)
  • Laptop Computer & Accessories (Power & USB Cords, Earbuds, Smart Speakers, 3 USB Charging Batteries)
  • Large Assortment of Gaming Dice in a Special Edition Green Crown Royal Bag
  • Standard Playing Cards; (2) Decks
  • Cribbage Board; small, folding w/ sliding panel & compartment for tiny wooden scoring pegs
  • Book: A Night in the Lonesome October
  • Book: The Art of War by Sun Tzu

Trump Decks (Non-Magical)

  • King Random Deck in a simple wooden box (Gift from Zachary)
    • Accompanying Literature
    • Signed Cards: Zachary,
  • Bursain Deck in thin Ebony Box
    • Discovered in the left breast pocket of my flannel shirt
    • Magically Updates and Distributes
      • Members: Raphael (me), Alexandra, Zachary, Vek, Donovan, Alvah, Skadi, Delwin, Arlo, Yalla, Grace, Borlak, Jurt, Bleys

Vehicles & Accessories

  • Yellow 1958 Harley Davidson w/ Armored Sidecar
    • Gear Shifter on Right Hand side of Gas Tank, Left Foot Clutch(toe down)
    • Right Foot Rear Brake(toe down), Left Hand Front Brake
    • Fixed Up by the Arco Boys of Fort Garland (Magical Dwarves)
      • Armored Sidecar added from different model motorcycle; Perfect Fit
      • Throttle Sticks in an odd way; like a Cruise Control
  • Green Motorcycle Helmet - Buck's Helmet (in nose of sidecar)

Food & Luxuries

  • Very Small assortment of dried & canned foods & MREs (4)
  • Bag of dog treats; assorted
  • Box of Cohiba Behike(half gone)
    • 2-3 Cohiba Blacks
  • (2) Cartons of Smokes
  • Large amount of Medical Grade Marijuana
  • Case (16) Bottles of Pappy van Winkle Whiskey
    • one bottle opened, nearly empty


  • Large amount of Gold Coins; Canadian Maple Leaf

Trinkets/Momento Mori

  • Small Harmonica
    • Belonged to my Biological Grandfather on my Biological Mother's side
    • He carried it during WWII
    • Reminds me of half of my biological family that I only bare got to know.
  • Eye Necklace
    • Made by my Best Friend
    • Belonged to and worn by my Best Friend
    • Given to me on her death bed
  • Strand of medium sized green beads w/ a Llama charm at one end & a Rabbit charm at the other.
    • Reminds me of my Son
    • Reminds me that no matter how charmed one is, life can be short.
  • Leather Wallet, Brown; Black (Ink) Skull in profile
    • Gift from Best Friend's Mom
    • Reminds me of the true kindness of strangers
  • Moai Head Carving; Small, White Quartz (I made this)
    • Reminds me of my adoptive family; my parents, older brother and younger sister.
  • Skull Face Carving; Small, Applewood (I made this)
    • Reminds of Mortality Itself and my Mortality.
      • Update: Now reminds me that I can still die despite my new Immortality.


  • 2 Attached Shadow-Fort Garland, Change World
    • 1 Personal Shadow
    • 1 Control of Contents
  • 1 Phase Access-Mesob (Eventually)

Stuff {6 Good Stuff}

  • 1 Good Stuff - Mesob
  • 5 Good Stuff - Pips Spent

Journals & Logs

Raphael's Personal Journal

Running Game Log - Raphael

Fort Garland, Colorado


Medallion of Mesob Emblem / Tattoo

Medalion of Mesob.jpgMedalion of Mesob on hand.jpgMedalion of Mesob on forehead.jpg

Armor, Weapons & Other

Roman Armor.jpg Moro.jpg SkullMask.jpg