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Tasa Resa

Tasa resa2.jpg Tesara2.jpg

Father: Conf of Shadows

Mother:Mirelle of Amber

Children: none

Description: Thin, lithe, active. dusty blond hair usually dyed.



  • Snikura Graduate
  • Thieves Guild Scholar
  • Knight of Amber-graduate of Rasak


Total:162 =94 Stats+{18(153)}Powers+30 Skills+14 Items +0/0 allies/Enemies+4 Shadow +2 Stuff +0 storage

Advancement For Tesara

15 Pips-general Adventures with Lord realmer and assorted side adventures in Adagalask-Spent

15 Pips-Rasak-spent

Abilities gained at Rasak

2 GS -Spent

32 storage upon walking the pattern-spent.



Spent 89 pips-Feb-2024


  • Psyche: 20
  • Strength: 30
  • Endurance:39
  • Warfare: 5

Powers {18(153)}

  • (50) Basic Pattern Imprint
  • 2 Cantrips
  • 3 Shadow magic-Warlock (40th mage)
  • 3 (3 Realmer) Advanced Accord of Adagalasack
  • (35) (20Trained by Bleys with help from Fiona, Brand) (15) Limited Shapechange (10 Amberite)(5 Partial Shapechange-Realmer)
  • (15) Sorcery(Trained by Bleys with help from Fiona, Brand
  • (20) Conjuration(Trained by Bleys with help from Fiona, Brand
  • (40) Trumps-(Trained by Bleys with help from Fiona, Brand, and once by Dworkin)
  • 10 Thievish Skills. Full List of Thief Skills

Skills {30}

  • 2 Horsemanship
    • Military Horsemanship- Rasak
  • 2 Parkour
    • 1 Gymnastics- Rasak
  • 2 Climbing- Building Climbing
    • 1 Rock Climbing
  • 2 Sleight of hand
  • 1 String Instrument. Guitar, Harp
  • 1 Gem-cutting.
  • 1 Piano-Taught by Vek
  • 1 Wind Instruments
  • 1 Drums-Taught by Random
  • 1 Military Technology- Rasak
  • 1 Military Command and Communications- Rasak.
  • 1 Singing
  • 1 Medical Training
  • 1 Cooking. Butchering. General gardening. Preparation. Cast Iron. Open Fire.-Rasak
  • 1 Wine Expert
  • 1
  • 1
  • 1
  • 1
  • 1
  • 1
  • 1
  • 1
  • 1
  • 1
  • 1

Allies & Enemies {16/16 = 0}


  • 4 Mirelle
  • 2 Relmapator
  • 2 Gangdis
  • 2 Bleys
  • 2 Shadowspawn
  • 1 One Thumb
  • 1 Agrom
  • 1
  • 1


  • 2 Vance
  • 2 Tempus
  • 2 Gerard.
  • 2
  • 2
  • 1
  • 1
  • 1
  • 1
  • 1
  • 1


  • Relmapator.A player character in Adagalsack.
  • Gangdis. An Elite dodging retirement.
  • Sianka is the size of a robust Maine Coon.


  • Drotots.

She owns several hive for about 50 of them. One is almost always with her. A well trained green named Puffy Green drotot1.jpeg

Items {14(36)}

Snikura Knives(2)

Tessara-snikura blade.jpg

  • 4 Deadly Damage
  • 2 Balanced for double speed.
  • 1 Ability-Return to Hand
  • 1 Combat Reflexes

Solid one piece mithril blade. Diamond shaped. Blade 8", Handle 6"

Tosian Leather Bracers (4)

  • 4 Plate Bracer Armor (Magic)

Shadow Cloak (12)

  • (4) Ability-Shadow blending
  • (4) Invulnerable
  • (4) Limited Shapechange

Shallaha Knives (24)

  • 2 Double Speed
  • 1 Combat Training
  • 2 Double Damage
  • 2 N/N:
  • 1 Ability: Return to had or Scabbard.
    • 8 pips
  • x3 Horde Item.
  • 24 Horde item. Can be found at several expert knife makers on Shallaha
  • A gift from Bleys.

Nasty Place Graduate Blade

(20 pips-Benedict)

Those who completed the training were given a blade made there during their training and permission to wear the blade on all military attire. The blade is forged mithril with a blade 5" long and a handle 4" long. Ceremonial and honorary in intent, the blades have their own history as deadly weapons.


  • (4) Deadly Damage
  • (4) Combat Mastery. (5) Transfer
  • (4) Invulnerable
  • (2) N/N Forms: Rasak Blade, Snikura Dagger, Bowie Knife
  • (1) Ability:Return to Hand/Return to Forge on death
  • (4) Rack and Use Spells: 12 Spells that will not degrade:


Sianka is a very egotistic Taiansar cat-like creature. It flies and is fairly intelligent. It does not speak but it is skilled at making its wishes known. While not a combat creature it is a cat-like creature and it has the intelligence and instinct to fight if necessary.


  • (4) Amber Vitality
  • 2(2) Engine Speed
  • 2(2) Endless Stamina
  • (4) Combat Master
  • (4) Invulnerable
  • 2(2) Deadly Damage
  • (4) Tongues
  • (2) Danger Sense
  • 2(2) Seek in Shadow
  • 2 Mold Shadow People
  • 2 Rapid Healing
  • 2 N/N: Sianka, A tiny Taiansar Sianka, a great dane version of Sianka. A boa constrictor, A great Eagle, an old man. A shark
      • {14(26)}

Van Real's Glasses 10


Non Magical 3
  • 2 Vs Firearms-Protection from general road damage and effects against the eyes.
  • 1 ability -Multi-spectrum eye protection from incoming effects. Lasers, flash, blinding light, etc
    • 3 pips.
    • Basic design for off the rack Van Real Glasses. For those who can afford something like a thousand dollars for sunglasses. Framed in Rearden. The lenses are Hull Metal.
  • 2 Vs Firearms-Protection from general road damage and effects against the eyes.
  • 1 ability -Multi-spectrum eye protection from incoming effects. Lasers, flash, blinding light, etc
  • 1 ability – See through Invisibly.
  • 1 ability -See through Illusions.
  • 1 ability -X-ray Vision. Thermal Vision, See retained heat signatures.
  • 1 Ability-Binocular/Microscope vision
    • 7
    • Marketed in the very private salon/boutiques in the world of Nenton.

Modern Stuff 4

Ruger LCP MAX: 4


10 clips of 12 rounds of .380 ACP

    • 1 Ability: Call to hand
    • 1 Ability: Keep loaded during battle.This sort of makes this a Movie Gun that keeps shooting without appearing to reload.
    • 2 Pips
  • N/N 12 units. Tesara keeps 2 on her ready at all time. 2 buried in luggage. Gave single units to Flora

Keys and folding knife in the image are for size comparison. Though, she does have that kind of knife and a modern key ring

Grenade Launcher


    • 1 Ability: Call to Hand
    • 1 Ability: Keep loaded during battle *

10 Decks of Cards

From a variety of worlds

High Tech Crossbow 4

Vekbow.jpg 1 Ability: Call to hand

Quarrels. Usually carries 10.

  • 1 Ability: Call to Hand

x3 Horde. Purple and white colors.


  • 1 Personal Shadow
  • 2 Restricted Access
  • 1 Control of content. 9 to 1


  • 1 Good Stuff


  • Snikura Training.
  • Thief Instructor-Thieves Guild of Amber

Tasa Resa

Tasa resa2.jpg

Thief. Member of the Thieves Guild that everyone denies exists. Has been known to work for the crown on various occasions and has contacts especially among the Elites.

She has skills of stage magic, pickpocketing and other thievish arts. She is an expert at free running, climbing,

Her origin is unknown, except that she was not born in Amber but from somewhere deep in shadow and came to Amber on the Jeweled Road.. Her acrobatics are incredible.


EXCERPT FROM GAMING: Taken from Relmopator's Adventures in Adagalasck

Sitting on the top of a smooth sided tower, leaning over the curtain wall out to the sea, not for the first time, Tasa wonders at the way the universe works. A mere thirteen years before she had been a gutter rat starving in the Maze of the city of Sanctuary.

Starving for a living, fighting for coin, climbing, burglarizing hovels for coppers, townhouses for silver. Occasionally digging in dumpsters for scrapes of food the rich tossed out. And too often, trading herself for survival.

Now she stood on a tower overlooking a rich city. In the company of royalty, and for all practical purposes, gods. A pocket full of gems that would have bought her a townhouse among the wealthy back in her homeland.

And in Amber, a small room in the region of Thin Whip's sway with a fortune in gold enough to buy her an estate in the Rankan Empire. If she played her cards right the company she was keeping might make her rich enough to buy a title. Heck, she might even earn a title. Stranger things have happened, just usually not to her.

All because a voice from the shadow of a scaffold said he had uses for her.

There had been hard times. There were the lessons in the knife. Snikura Assassins. Lessons in how to move in the seen unseen. To find shade in the bright sun. To hide tools in plain sight. The short con and the long con. Slight of hand and slight of sight. Theater.

Then the voice said he would need her someday but till then her life was her own and he left her on the Jeweled road walking toward Amber.

“All Roads Lead to Amber” the voice in the shade of the hangman's scaffold had said. He was certainly right.

As Realmer looks out to sea watching Nina's ship being brought in from the outer waters, he contemplates all that has occured since he left Amber... mostly what has transpired since arriving at the Arch and then coming to Adagalasck. Even before leaving Amber, Realmer knew that matters between he and Hagalta would not turn out well, but he had not expected that it would lead to a potential war with Amber, let alone so quickly... but Hagalta was a hot-head, and Realmer knew this.

As Realmer is reaching inside his Robe for his Trump Deck, so he can contact King Random and inform him of the activities of the Adask and his sister, he notices that Tasa has quietly slipped out of the stonework, as it were... Realmer wonders how long she has been standing there quietly, just barely with the corner of his vision... he wonders how Bob didn't notice her either. He smiles.

"Quite a city. Never seen one quite like it. Merchants with no locks on the door. Open air booths left untended. I went by a fish booth. Fried fish, Fried potatoes. Fried apples. No one there. The cook was manning a collection of fry pots a stone throw in the back. Big bowl of gems on the counter. I yelled to the guy I wanted to by some fish and he said , "Ok with me". Ok with me? He didn't even look. A woman came up, yelled a a greeting to the guy, poured a bunch of each in a basket, tossed in a couple gems, and went on her way... I asked her what he charged for the basketfull she took and she said, “What I could afford for fish today” What the hell?”

She pulls out a thin hooked knife the size of her palm. “This is fine work. Nice fishhooking knife. I'd pay two gold wings at least for its like from Diaga to Amber. Maybe three. I asked the smith how much for 4 of them and he said, “You'll pay me fair.” Then the bastard walked away leaving a frigging fortune in gems on his counter. I took a dozen and said, “How does a red gem sound?” The guy said, 'Sound like ill visit the barber on the way home, my little parrot top lovely. Maybe ill get some colors put in my beard. Wife will love it. “ Then back to his fire.. You can't steal from these people..” She shakes her head and withdraws a flask to sip. Leaving Realmer to his business.

Realmer begins smiling the moment she begins describing the trusting manner of the citizens of the city; he understands her shock at such a things considering where he came from himself. He chuckles and says "I hope you paid him fair."


She had learned to love the people of Adagalsk, especially the North Stair. They were open, honest, and fair, but far from stupid. Reputation, they taught her, was worth more then all treasure. 10 red for a grappling hook was a high price but a blackshith wouldn't take it if he heard you abused your pets. Not for the first time, she wondered if she was losing her edge. She had taken to side theft. Side Theft was a thing in Sanctuary, sneaking into poor hovels and hiding silvers in drawers and sofas. She felt kind of silly doing it but the Illsig god of thieves was a fickle bitch who looked out for her self while looking out for her own.

She whispered a little prayer to her.

The shadow to her left spoke in a voice she had not heard in many years. 'No need to speak to such a creature as the God of Thieves for you homeland. You live larger now and need a larger god. Besides. You may speak to her but you belong to me, do you not, Tesa of the Maze? Tesa of no name? tesa who fled the Beggar King after he had rented her out once to often before you could peak over the top of a dinning table? Tesa who put a knife in the knee of Tempus when he attempted to serve his God with his violent lust on a girl not yet old enough in years for 2 numbers? Tesa who had a voice send her to the schools of the Snikura and opened her to riches beyond her greatest dreams?"

"Yes...I'm that Tesa...I didn't get your name. You can hear my thoughts and my prayers to my god? How is that? Are you the god of shadows?"

The soft voice laughs in shade. 'I've not touched the god stone, if thats what you mean. i am a gatherer of thing. Treasure. powers, people. I liked Sanctuary. There is something about baldfaced avarice and a total lack of a moral center. It makes stealing from the corrupt and giving to the needy more fun."

A man steps from the shadow. his skin the color of paper and his hair white as snow. Yet some trick of the light made his face only half seen. His clothes were nondescript. No one on the street would look twice at him if it were not for the whiteness of him.

"As for a name, i'll tell you. Speak my name in need into the shadows. I may come. I may leave you to your doom. I am Conf of Shadows"

She nods-'Tosian...Ive heard the legends. Ive traveled with a Warrior of Tosa, Sir Carston Brak. He is fond of telling tales of the Gods. You are a god of thieves, yes?"

Conf walks up, running a hand through her multicolored hair.

"Let us be clear with each other. There is an artifact in the Tosa worlds called the World Stone. Those who touch it become gods of a sort in the Tosa worlds. They aren't really gods of course. They are recipients of the effects of great magic that effects a billion people or more. some take it seriously, other do not. I am a Thrice Crowned Bard born on Tosa and i stole the World Stone but never touched it. I am what you hope to become; a mighty and powerful being who became what they are through wit, daring, and skill. And you may, but never thiink one becomes that without owing favors, and granting favors.

He moves his hand over her face and she sees it fade into and out of sight in relation to the light and shadows.

"You seem to have profited from the favors i granted you. I had followed you for a time..The day before i met you your breakfast was cold rat, you stole a copper from Hakiem the Storyteller, and you slept in the rafters of the Vulgar Unicorn. A thief saw you early in the morning and was going to use you as a woman despite your age but he suddenly changed his mind and laid down on the floor to sleep. You thought him passed out from drink. He has 2 coppers on him and you took them. The next day you were in the hands of two cloaked men bringing you to Snikura hall. Along the way you were nudged, and had opportunities drop in your lap like magic. Including saving the daughter of sir Gandis, uncharacteristically risking your own life for her sake. grateful, he looked out for you. and when he suddenly had a new mission it occurred to him to take you along.