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Vek Hendrake


Vek am.jpg Vek-chaos.jpgVek-animal.jpg







  • Lord of Chaos-House Hendrake
  • Lord of Amber
  • Knight of Rasak
  • Rank Gladiator of Ang Ri WC&LGA


Total:467 =194 Stats+ 225 Powers{60}+25 Skills{c}+22 Items{30} +0/0 allies/Enemies+3 Shadow -1 Stuff+Storage

  • 194 in Stats
  • 225(60) in Powers
  • 25 in Skills
  • 22 in creatures/Items
  • 0 in Allies (0/0)
  • 3 Shadow
  • 1 Bad Stuff


  • 2021 Anniversary Advancement.
    • 10 Pips- Advancement toward Advanced Trump
    • 3 Pips to Endurance


  • Psyche:55
  • Strength:37
  • Endurance:94
  • Warfare:31

Powers {225(60)}

  • (50) Advanced Amber Pattern Imprint -Tirna no'gath. Veksdale
  • 45 Basic Logrus
  • 60 (10 Racial) Advanced Shape shift
    • Chaos Form:8' blue skinned clawed humanoid shape. Tight folded leathery wings.Arms. shoulders, legs and feet rimmed with spikes. Pale blue in blue eyes.
    • Animal form: Very large puma sized Siamese cat in multitudes of colors.
  • 50 Trump
    • 10 pips toward Advanced Trump
  • 30 Advanced Sorcery
  • 40 Advanced Conjuration
  • 3 Low Order Magery
  • 3 Low Order Wizardy
  • 2 Ritualism
  • 2 Cantrips

Skills {25}

  • 3 Piano-mainly piano but includes harpsichords and electric organs.
  • 3 Stringed Instruments-Especially guitar and harp
  • 2 Wind Instruments-especially harmonica.
  • 2 Gymnastics, Parkour, scaling/mountain climbing.
  • 2 Slight of Hand, pickpocket, card shark, and Stage Magic (20th Thief)
  • 2 Sailing/Seamanship
  • 2 Brewing/Vinting/Distilling (Associated gardening)
  • 2 Cooking/ food Prep, butchering.(Associated gardening)
  • 2 Camping/Wilderness Survival(Associated gardening)
  • 2 Hunting/Tracking
  • 1 Horsemanship/Dragon-riding
  • 1 racing motorcycle and motorcycle maintenance.
  • 1 Armonica

Allies & Enemies {13/13}


  • Amber Devotee 6 pips.
  • Chaos Devotee 4 pips. trump artist
  • Ally in Amber 1 pip.
  • Court Friend 2 pips.


  • various


  • Follower - "Chasa" A discarded favorite of the high court. An alcoholic scholar, an extremely skilled guitarist, A comedian, a mighty brewer/vinter/distiller/gardener.a survivor of a Chaos slave Market called the Remainders. Chasa; a Remembrance and an Introduction
  • Pet- "Paka"-Hendrake Hunting Cat

  • Paka-Chaosian Hunting Cats(Hendrake)(46)
  • 4 Amber Vitality, 2 Double Speed, 4 Endless Stamina, 4 Combat Mastery,2 Armor vs Guns
  • 4 Deadly Damage, 4 Tongues, 2 Danger Sense, 2 Psyche Neutral ,
  • 2 Shadow Path, 4 Mold Reality, 4 Regeneration, 4 Limited Shape Shift
  • 4 Abilities: Blink 50', Fire Breath, Detect Poisons, Emotional Bond


  • Shadowwide 4

(184)House Hendrake. Paka1.jpgChasa.jpg

Items {22}

“Iron Knife” 11 pips-Left Hand Weapon-Primary

Fighting knife 11 pips.

    • 4 deadly damage
    • 2 n/n form; Bowie Knife, grappling hook, buckle, torc, claw knife, smoking pipe, flute, Buckle knife, throwing star. Cast-iron Fire hook/poker. Carving knife, Walking stick
    • 4 Rack and use (4).
    • 1 Spell Ability: Returns to hand when thrown. (design spell to cover times when physics and bad stuff do their best to confound this special effect skill)
      • Usually worn as a smoking pipe in the brim of a flop hat, as worn as a Torc or buckle knife.

Nasty Place Graduate Blade-2 pips-right hand weapon.


  • Deadly Damage 4
  • Rack Spell-1 Return to Hand/Return to Forge on death
  • Shadow Wide *4


  • 2 n/n forms; knife, longsword, rapier.

The NP knife has a bound Dufiro.

Chaos Cast Iron Kits

Each Kit is a 12 piece set that consists of 12 pieces each able to assume all twelve forms. Kits vary.

  • 12 piece cook kit. (6)
  • 1 Ability-Temperature control. -100 degrees to 500 degrees.
  • 2 N/N Forms
  • x3 Horde Multiplier Available in Chaos

    • Iron Kit 1-Silver: 6" x 1/2" iron bar, Round Griddle & Dip Hot Pot,Wok, Anvil, Pot Catcher, 8q pot & Lid,skilet, grill skillet, Rectangular flat grill / Ribbed Grill, corn pan
    • Iron Kit 2-6" x 1/2 Purple iron bar, Very large 10 gallon Pot, 3-tripod legs, hanging chain & hook( Can extend to the needed length)-needs 4 pieces , bottom pot triangle. Wire Grill. Top Joint, Ring bar & hook
    • Iron Kit 3-Red: Stationary hibachi-Uses 5 pieces, 3 gallon pot & lid. poker fork. 5 various sized pole. trivet.
    • Iron Kit 4-green: 4 different sized tea pots. two sizes of legged trivets, 2 iron mugs, two iron cups.
    • Iron Kit 5-blue: Saws, pulleys, come-along, Chisels-Various, splitting wedges. Shaving plane.

Ironkit1.jpgIronkit3.jpgIronkit2.jpgIron Kit 4.jpg

Wrist Torc 9 pips

Armor Bracers (9)

  • 4 Armor Invulnerable-Transfer 5

Mandalay Stones

2 stones:yellow & Green. x2 Psyche

  • Yellow: Concentration spells, research spells, mental magics. The stone when held in a hand will cure confusions, inebriations, and other focus issues. When urged by psyche the stone will emit ambient light, suitable for reading.
  • Green: Healing, earth magic. Heal plants. Left in contact to a plant will cause it to grow 3 times as fast and to grow in a healthy manner along the genetic ideal of their type. Buried in the ground will cause up to a plot of 16 acres of plants to grow at double speed and in a health fruitful manner.
    • A stone placed in a body of water u to 50 gallons will purify it to pure water.
    • A stone placed in any liquid will purify it of poison to the person drinking it.
    • Stones tend to react to each other magnetically.
    • A tiny effort of concentration, a reaching to psyche, can cause the stones to glow and emit light.

Bright Belt-(Gifted)

  • 1 Animal Vitality
  • 1 Confers Mobility
  • 4 Invulnerable- 5 Transfer
  • 2 Rapid Regen-10 Transfer
  • 4 Limited Shapechange.

x4 Shadow Wide-Made in a Shadow Realm of Chaos for sale.

Green Stone

  • 2 N/N Forms. Various sizes.
  • 4 Rack & Use Spells

Van Real Glasses.

Much of this product is technological. The frames and glass are made of nearly indestructible materials; coated Rearden Metal for the frames, Hull Metal for the glasses. Available for sale.



  • 2 Vs Firearms-Protection from general road damage and effects against the eyes.
  • 1 ability -Multi-spectrum eye protection from incoming effects. Lasers, flash, blinding light, etc
  • 1 ability – See through Invisibly. Not all magical invisibility,
  • 1 ability -See through Illusions. Not all magical illusions
  • 1 ability -X-ray Vision. Thermal Vision, See retained heat signatures.
  • 1 Ability-Binocular/Microscope vision
    • 7

x4 Shadow wide

    • 28 Corporate productions.

Variable lens colors and shades


  • 1 Alt form-Normal/rayban frames sun sensor lens effect

Stuff{1 gs}

1 Good Stuff


“Bajas” 6 Pips

  • 6 Personal Shadow
    • 1 Personal Shadow
    • 2 Communication Barrier.Barrier against Logrus, sorcery, and trump searches.
    • 1 Control of Contents,
    • 2 Control of time. 55 to 1 to 3

“Bajas” Vek's personal shadow is as much a hiding place as anything.

  • A Black Zone world at the fading edge of the Chaos Sway. Technologically not too advanced beyond trains and steamships with some electronics up to the radio stage. Early air travel. Call it a mixture of 1890 to 1930. A gun age and a jazz age. Sailing ships and steam ships.
  • It is largely archipelagos with a pair of continental land masses. The people are mostly peaceful and involved in a wide ranger of sea-based trades and commerce. This gives Vek something to do, such as fishing, longshoreman work, and socializing with working people unlikely to have much against him.
  • Physically a mixture of benign humanoid races from the Chaos end of shadow.
  • In Bajas is a wharf side dive called the Tavern, for lack of a better name. Chasa and Vek own it. It serves the dock works and a mixture of blue collar clientèle. Music, stage magic, simple fare and plentiful drinks. In this place he owns a deceptively large building built into the front of a cave. Inside are his meager possessions, mostly books and maps. Nothing he would miss if he never returned.
  • Vek's comment on his realm to Alvah:

Some day I'll show my wharf side fisherman's tavern, under a light purple sky, with its gray storm clouds raining hard every few days to clean off the muck and fish guts. A green sun casting a bright yellow light. Sailors in different styles of craft working the shallows and the deeps, bringing in crab and lobster and huckleburrs to his cleaning docks. The deep water craft bringing in tuna and shark and sport fish to the packing docks where they clean, smoke, can and fry on the deep water wharf. Nightly the home folks come to the craft circle to trade their wares for the wares of the sea. And the people from the far off city come to buy the canned and smoked fish for the people inland. Blue snow capped mountains, black and purple diamond sands. The sound of jazz coming from oddly bent tavern where the community folks gather.

"Veksvale" 3 pips

  • 1 Personal Shadow
  • 2 Control of Time Flow. 30 to 1 to 9

A place he ran across in travels and liked well enough to decide to relax in for a time. Rugged, a place of mountains and deep woodlands, a single massive continent, 4000 miles from sea level to the flat edge of mountains above the sea.

High order and Low Order magics work but there is little history of potent magic. Legends of wizards and sorcerers. Occasionally there are individuals with "Abilities" or "Knacks." These people are rarely public about their abilities. Many find themselves on the fringes of society.

KC Piano Bar 8 pips

  • 1 Personal Shadow
  • 1 Content
  • 2 Time-10 to 1 to 3
  • 4 Guard-US Marines-special forces

This Kansas City is a earth world with Vek's favorite Piano Bar. He spends about 2 years here at a time. In time he shifts to a nearby shadow at an earlier yer but stays in much of the same 50 year period from the 1970s to 2020.

In each shadow he befriends and bonds the US Marine Corp and its related Special Forces and much of the US military. This gives him technological military forces when in need. A small group of marines get trained in the realities of their epoch and the wider shadows with the knowledge that they may be called upon to serve in bizarre worlds if Vek needs them.

Recently Benedict allowed Vek to send 100 marines to Rasak for a shocking course on the nature of the universe. He attended with them.



  • King Random's Deck
  • Hendrake War Deck
Gilva Hendrake Daughter of Ganril-Breeder Gavog gallowglass Hendrake Gladiator Champion Rhonda Daughter of Falris-Breeder Shaz Far Son of Falris-Breeder
Lasha Hellmaiden Babagrlak-(Babygurl) Hellmaiden Despil Son of Dara Jurt Son of Dara
  • 50 to locations in shadow


  • .75 recoilless automatic pistol 5 round clips.


  • Mithril Harmonica

Hunting Crossbow


Camping gear

Extensive high adventure camping equipment.



Dark is the Rat

Chasa; a Remembrance and an Introduction


Vek of Amber

The Journal of Veksvale

Brand's Rational to Carissa

A Conversation on the Fey in Amber


Time spent

This is a collaborative doc in MichaelW's Black Road.

Vek's Occupation list


  • 13 years: Kitchen Rat in Hendrake Hall-Cooking, food prperation, butchery, knife work


  • 5 years: Chaosian Musician

Bone Warrior

  • 70 Years: Soldier of Hendrake.
    • Fought at Patternfall and witnessed the Unicorn's Choice from a prisoner of war pen.


  • 40 years in Chaos training to walk the Logrus, use sorcery and conjuration and create trumps.


  • 70 Years: Veksvale
    • Mountain Life-In general the first 40 years of Mountain Life is the first attempt to move beyond chaos. The next 30 years of it would be in seasons and years at a time in different shadows as he kept moving from shadow to shadow. It is inter spaced in the other parts of life. He still seeks the solitude of deep mountain places.

Circus Life

  • 25 Years
    • Gymnastics, tumbling, high wire and associated Circus activities-15 years
    • Stage Magician-5 years. Slight of hand, misdirection, stage magic, coin work, card magic.
    • Ring Master-Circus management. 10 years. This time would be one of the first he found in the Black Zone after tempting toward freedom after years in the mountains. It would have been satisfyingly social and good learning. It would be reasonably colorful and chaotic. It would give him a chance to learn management skills.


  • 25 years as a primary.
    • 15 in mixed genres.
    • 10 years in a Black Zone Burlesque Review


  • 120 years of practice as secondary activities during Circus,Wharf Life, and Mountaineering Life

Sports Life

  • 15 years

Salining and Wharf Life

  • Wharf Life-25 years to the present

Cooking-135 years

  • 10 years as a chef's assistant-See Dark is the Rat.
  • 15 years in Bar Foods, BBQ, and sailor chow.
  • 25 years involved in large scale food production for a working circus.
  • 15 years in Sporting Life
  • 70 years in Mountaineering

=Gladiator-5 years

  • Lord Gladiator with Alvah

Jazz World-After leaving the circus world and found the Jazz world. While music had been a big part of the Circus world, and he had learned some instruments there, it was not till he heard the jazz piano and fell in love with it. He spent a number of years here but would seek and find similar places to it in his travels. His time as itinerant musicians is spaced among other traveling.

During the years of Jazz he became aware of darker Burlesque themes. Following them deeper into shadows close to Chaos for a vibrant world of Burlesque/Moulin Rouge style music and performances. In that place he became the band leader of a wildly popular burlesque brothel jazz club. It took him 10 years to finally escape a lifestyle he loved. Sporting Life- These activities would be on worlds that he spent a year or so at a time. He might well do sporting activities in other areas butt these worlds would have had active sporting cultures.

Wharf Life- This is the most recent period of his life and is the place he has been returning to. It is Bajas that he has made his home shadow. Chasa lives here and oversees his affairs. Here he is trying to be part of a culture not just a traveler visiting them. Connecting with people. Cooking Life-While his introduction to cooking was horrifying the practice was satisfying in time. Once free and at his own ends he would find foods he liked. He has learned to love cooking, brewing, vinting, and distiling among other arts.

Skills Breakdown

Mountaineering-70 years Much like mountain men. Camping, woodman skills, hunting, tracking, archery, skinning, fur trade, and other survivalist skills. This part of his life would have been the early period that he was cautiously exploring shadows outside of chaos, fearing the call of the Laboratory sorcerers. This would be a lot of hiding, hunting, and living by himself. Perhaps some Indians and fur traders and other mountain-men activities appropriate to the realms near chaos. These interactions might be his first toward gaining socialization. This period would be the largest block of about 40 initial years. Cooking 10 years as a chef's assistant-See Dark is the Rat. 15 years in Bar Foods and BBQ 25 years involved in large scale food production for a working circus. 15 years in Sporting Life 70 years in Mountaineering

Circus Time-25 years Gymnastics, tumbling, high wire and associated Circus activities-15 years Stage Magician-5 years. Slight of hand, misdirection, stage magic, coin work, card magic. Ring Master-Circus management. 10 years. This time would be one of the first he found in the Black Zone after tempting toward freedom after years in the mountains. It would have been satisfyingly social and good learning. It would be reasonably colorful and chaotic. It would give him a chance to learn management skills.

Musician-25 years as a primary. Also during Circus,Wharf Life, and Mountaineering Life for another 120 years of practice. Jazz like musician-15 years in small bits of 2 or 3 years at a time in between other things. Primarily the Piano like devices and the saxophone like devices but proficient in many others. Also love guitar and harp.

Music being part of a solitary life in the mountains he would have learned flute and handcrafted instruments. Perhaps drums from Indians. Has spent time traveling in the form of a traveling musician. Bard. Minstrel, itinerant musician. This is as much to learn social skills as to perform.

In a urban shadow of unknown name he found a dark and smoky city like New Orleans in a early jazz age. In a waterside bar he found heavy smoke and heavy drink and heavy jazz piano of a forgotten master. The sound intoxicated him as much as the smoke and drink. He spent a couple years in the area learning piano from this great and surpassed him. Chaos Burlesque band. a 10 year span as a band leader in a wildly popular club near chaos. (Story-Red Flashy Lights)

Sports Life-15 years

  • Triathlon like events that mix activities. Running, cycling and paragliding, sailing, swimming.
  • Competitive swimming. Marathon style running event.
  • Boxing and hand to hand competitions.
  • Enjoys playing team sports not at a professional level. Baseball, football, soccer, rugby.
  • In the sporting world he gained a love of motor racing. Motorcycles, cars, planes. Eventually he found racing on Randal.

Wharf Life-25 years to the present

  • Sailor- Nautical skills, knots, woodworking-10 years on Bajas. Dock working-Longshoreman.
  • Bartender/manager “Red Cat Tavern” -15 years on Bajas after the time at sea.
  • Brewer/vintner/distiller 15 years as a bar activity.

The world of Bajas became something of a refuge. His other lives were predominantly solitary, even when around others. For some reason the time on Bajas was different for him. He became close to those on the ships. In time he started working on the docks and enjoyed the simple lifestyle of the longshoreman. When the tavern all the men went to before going home fell on hard times Vek bought it from the original owner and renamed it the Red Cat Tavern. Chasa became its manager and bartender.