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Seattle Gamers Assemble!

The following SGA games took place in 2004:


Game System
Anybody up for Monday TORG?
There'll be jungle mist, monster trucks, one of those big firefighting seaplanes, dinosaurs, a mountain lake hideaway, an Egyptian megalomaniac, ticking bombs, shootouts, swordfights, and, provisionally, syphillis.
Characters will be provided. All you need bring is a d20.

Syphilis? I have no goddamn idea what I was thinking when I sent this out.

Game Master
Laura, Matt Wilson, and others.
A bunch of templated guys. I remember there was a lizardman and a mountie.
Monday, May 19, 2003
Technical Notes
Not much to this scenario. It was just a tryout of the rules with several combat scenes, seeing how the oddball cards worked, etc. The rules seemed to work fine.
The only concrete thing I remember was that the lizardman came with a minigun that did completely ridiculous damage, and there was a helicopter shootdown and a dinosaur attack at one point.
Player Thoughts
Additional GM Thoughts