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~under construction~

brief flavor text?


Character Creation

As per the 2E/Revised rulebook (Page 4), with these changes.

  • Roll 3d6 for attributes (or the array) as described. Assign your results in the order you prefer. If playing the attributes you rolled would make you miserable, even after changing one to a 14, use the array instead!
  • Instead of rolling HP at level 1, set your first d6 to 8 and modify with Constitution as normal. When you reroll HP on level up, continue using 8 in place of that first d6 only.

Character Options

  • Humans. Ask about existing homeworlds, or let's brainstorm your own! If you don't have an idea already, try rolling a random Background or Class: it's really fun!
  • Posthumans. Spend one of your foci to play a magic/cyber/gene-tailored person, such as a Harpy or a Naiad.
  • Prismatics. Spend one of your foci to play a True AI.


flavor. Harpies can fly under normal gravity conditions with their move action and never take more than 1d4 falling damage while conscious. They have integral low-light and thermal vision, as per Panspectral Optics cyberware.


flavor. Naiads can breathe and move freely underwater as well as on land. They can naturally communicate telepathically with one willing person for a full scene, once per day, as per Telepathy-1: Transmit Thought. They are automatically aware when Telepathy is used on them.


flavor. True AI are created as per Revised Edition page 285. Prismatics call their quantum core a "soulstone"; decide where yours is. Choose Jack or Synth (page 257) as your starting armature.

One Plot Thing/A Story About You

[100 words of background at most, focus on driving things forward. "Verdigris is the exiled rebel princex of the prismatic fleet" is only 10 words!] Pick a plot-driving hook for your character. Maybe you know a secret jump route, or a military officer who needs work done off the books from time to time. Every character needs one connection or relationship that can be used to get information, create complications or hang an adventure off of in a pinch!

Style and Posting

  • Tell me your intention (what you want to accomplish) and your action (how you attempt to do something).
  • Post with purpose. Posts should push the action forward, uncover information or reveal something about the character. Preferably two or more of those at once!
  • Banter is fine as long as things are moving.
  • Avoid getting caught in the politeness spiral. Pick a direction, post it, and if other characters want to do something else, then that's rp fodder!
  • I am aiming for four to five purposeful posts from each player every week. More is fine, but 4-5 is a good ballpark.
  • If you are planning on an absence, please let me know.
  • If for some reason you fall behind on posting, don't fret, just jump back in. Everyone goes through lulls occasionally.
  • If you are no longer interested or no longer have the time to play, please let me know you are withdrawing. There will be no hard feelings, and not only is it polite, it keeps The Wyzard from blacklisting you.

Dice Rolls

[how will dice be rolled?] I will be doing all the rolls save character creation (and I will roll chargen for you if you'd like), but it's all done and recorded there.

Prismatic Spray Sector



[how will XP be granted?] Everybody advances on the Expert xp chart.


Skill points gained per level are doubled. The skill caps remain the same.


Every 50 credits earned from adventuring translates to 1 xp for each character. Equipment or other loot kept by the characters is not counted. Experience will also be awarded for various milestones and on completion of certain actions and achievements. Milestone and achievement awards are received in full by each character.

House Rules