SWN: Prismatic Spray: Sabungan Pointcrawl

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Location: Sabungan

Nearby: Near Jungle, Upper Oryang, Lower Oryang

Faraway: Far Jungle, Mangrove Track

Distant: Pretech Installation

Date: 15.10.21 (Morning)

On 15.10.25 (Dusk), Dian Oryang will return to Sabungan for the true adarna.

Crew's Log[edit]

Record events here, if you like.


The map is divided into zones and explored in turns. On each turn, the party may: move to a Nearby zone (or known location in their current zone) and take an action, move to a Faraway zone, or take an action in their current zone. Searching for interesting features, looking for a specific thing, or (heaven forbid) hunting for food are all actions in a zone.

Roll the Daylight usage die each turn: Morning d10 - Afternoon d8 - Evening d6 - Dusk d4. Roll the Rations usage die each time a character enters a new hex; if someone can't, they take their Level in damage. On each turn spent exploring, check for an event or encounter.

Area Map[edit]

Sabungan pointcrawl.png

Pretech Installation[edit]

Terrain: jungle hills

Features: defunct monolith, ?

Far Jungle[edit]

Terrain: jungle

Features: ?

Mangrove Track[edit]

Terrain: swampland

Features: poorly-maintained road, ?

Near Jungle[edit]

Terrain: jungle

Features: ?

Upper Oryang[edit]

Terrain: river

Features: ?

Lower Oryang[edit]

Terrain: river

Features: ?


Terrain: swampland, river

Features: town, rice paddies, ?