SWN: Prismatic Spray: Sabungan Pointcrawl

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Location: Sabungan

Nearby: Near Jungle, Upper Oryang, Lower Oryang

Faraway: Far Jungle, Mangrove Track

Distant: Pretech Installation

Date: 15.10.21 (Morning)

On 15.10.25 (Dusk), Dian Oryang will return to Sabungan for the true adarna.

Crew's Log

Record events here, if you like.


The map is divided into zones and explored in turns. On each turn, the party may: move to a Nearby zone (or known location in their current zone) and take an action, move to a Faraway zone, or take an action in their current zone. Searching for interesting features, looking for a specific thing, or (heaven forbid) hunting for food are all actions in a zone.

Roll the Daylight usage die each turn: Morning d10 - Afternoon d8 - Evening d6 - Dusk d4. Roll the Rations usage die each time a character enters a new hex; if someone can't, they take their Level in damage. On each turn spent exploring, check for an event or encounter.

Area Map

Sabungan pointcrawl.png

Pretech Installation

Terrain: jungle hills

Features: defunct monolith, ?

Far Jungle

Terrain: jungle

Features: ?

Mangrove Track

Terrain: swampland

Features: poorly-maintained road, ?

Near Jungle

Terrain: jungle

Features: ?

Upper Oryang

Terrain: river

Features: ?

Lower Oryang

Terrain: river

Features: ?


Terrain: swampland, river

Features: town, rice paddies, ?