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SWN: On the Perimeter is a campaign for the Stars Without Number RPG system, GM'd by Mr. Kent.

The Setting

Titan Sector, Year 3200

The sector's great powers are the Titan Protectorate and the Concordat Holy Union. The Protectorate was born of the ashes of the Terran Mandate in 3150. In 3160, a separatist movement undertaking the tenets of an alien religion formed the Concordat. Armed conflict between the Protectorate and its upstart offspring began the following year.

Locked in war from 3161 to 3176, the conflict ended with the Concordat retreating to another corner of space. While outright hostilities have been few in the decades since, a constant cold war continues.

Though Titan Protectorate has wiped away most traces of the original Terran Mandate, remnants remain. The Perimeter Agency, once a galaxy-spanning organization to weed out dangerous and unstable tech, fell largely into disarray. Titan Sector's own branch was privatized in 3180 by neo-physicist Dr. Nagesh Nadir, who beat out a proposal from Newsun-Matsuri Energy Concern in a heated bid.

Twenty years on, the Perimeter Agency is still alive, though drastically reduced in scope and operations. Nadir has brought you into the fold, hand-picking each of you for your experience and potential.

Main Cast

Player Characters

Support Crew

  • Dr. Nagesh Nadir, owner/proprietor of the Perimeter Agency. Seriously stricken with an unknown condition.
  • Dr. Meteora Ling, Nadir's personal care physician. Wears a bio-containment suit almost obsessively.
  • Modia, ancient AI data manager for Perimeter Base. Potential powers severely weakened at some point in past.
  • Spanner, Perimeter Base's resident mechanic. Goes on frequent excursions to trade in rare items.

Sector NewsNet

Latest News (Posted May 2 3200)

  • BREAKING: The governor of Delvoo is seeking engineers to assist in the repair of a levitation-harness. As the planet's meteor shower problem increases, levitation-harnesses and their embedded grav-sling systems remain of utmost priority in defending the flying cities.
  • BREAKING: Miracle cure found on Cradle? Scientists at the Bioethics Institute claim to have discovered a wonder drug that has shown great promise in the treatment of terminal ailments.
  • BREAKING: Murders on Shaddai! Three retired members of the Protectorate military have been murdered on trade planet Shaddai. All had long careers, and one--Bernard Gosrock--was even a decorated general in the War thirty years ago. Planetary governor Emil Karkov assures the safety of travelers to Shaddai as Protectorate security has been increased.

Older News (All items prior to May):

  • (circa April) Popular interplanetary churn-drop musician D3ead4og (that's pronounced "DeadHog" to the uninitiated!) is bringing his show to Qetesh next month! His tour of the Protectorate worlds began on Clio, visited Thalia, will arrive in Qetesh in May, and will end in a grand weekend on Atlas and Adonis.
  • (circa March) The governess of Adonis, Rhea Solis, has passed away from an allergic reaction to Thalian herbs. Newly appointed governor Piter Klattenhoff has requested an autopsy and full investigation, suspecting foul play.
  • (circa January) The Titan Protectorate celebrates 50 Years! In January our young alliance celebrated its formation with parades and festivals on capital planet Atlas in the grand city of Titanopolis.

Campaign Calendar

  • 5/1/3200 - Visited Q-Town. Scouted NME Office. (Encountered: Nia Tran, Gordy Shane. Met: Iijima, Montour, Baldwin--all with NME.)
  • 5/2/3200 - Returned to Q-Town to retrieve x-cell for Nadir. Saw crime scene at Golden Orb Hotel. Blinov gave intel on murder suspect for reward. Bought tickets to DeadHog concert. Investigated Katie's qweevil problem. Went clubbing with Montour/Baldwin. Aleksandr left the group. (Met: Marshal Greene, Numen of NME, Katie, DJ S'MOOV, Venus, Dexter.)
  • 5/3/3200 - Drove to Jessup. Investigated "Heathen Eyes" club. Met with Greene about job offer. Planned to attend DeadHog/S'MOOV concert at night. (Met: Blanco aka Heathen Eyes.)
  • 5/4/3200 - TBA
  • 5/5/3200 - Scheduled to meet Nia's "friend" Cowboy at Dance Hall.

Job Assignments

Jobs Taken

  • Settling Up with NME (COMPLETE - 750xp). Offered by Nagesh Nadir. Retrieved x-cell prototype, 835 credits each.
  • Amity Family Farm. (IN PROGRESS). Offered by Katie Amity. End qweevil infestation.

Jobs Offered

  • Where is Manny Basanos? Offered by "Mrs. Basanos". The Qeteshi labor leader is missing.
  • Message to Atargatis. Offered by Mr. Blanco. He has choice words for his homeworld.
  • Merc Work. Offered by Ran Iijima. NME is always hiring freelancers for special ops.
  • Seeking the Outer Limit. Offered by Marshal Greene.

Other Factions