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A game of MonsterHearts set in the fictional town of Parington, Massachusetts—not far from the sea or the Merrimack river. The nearest 'big' city of Haverhill. The town is sustained largely by a pair of entwined Catholic Schools. St. Patrick's School for Young Men and St. Bridget's School for Young Ladies. The two schools share faculty and staff, and both are connected with The Sacred Heart Church of Parington. All of this occupies a single gorgeous campus with boys and girls schools / facilities separated by shared greenery on the north side and a shared kitchen / mess (with separate dining halls) on the south side.

Player Characters


Character Harm Experience Advancements Highlighted Stats Conditions
Wolf Kennedy 1 1 9 Hot, Volatile Brother to the Poisoner, Drained, Messenger, Nuns' Shitlist, One of Them, Terrified
Jacqui Adams 0 3 11 Cold, Dark Forgiven


held by ↓ on → Wolf Kennedy Bryn Rossaw Jacqui Adams
Wolf Kennedy X 1 0
Bryn Rossaw 0 X 2
Jacqui Adams 1 1 X


  • 1 on Father Buckley
  • 1 on Gaspar
  • 1 on Sister Dionysia
  • 1 to Peter
  • 1 to Christoph Klein


  • 1 on Father Buckley (Brother Justin)
  • 1 on Caitlyn


  • 1 on Peter
  • 4 on The Poisoner of Darkened Stars
  • 1 on Sally
  • 3 on Sister Dionysia

Non-Player Characters


  • Father Buckley—A Jesuit with PhDs in Anthropology and Biochemistry who teaches anything science related without a qualified teacher available. Looks like a middle aged blond surfer forced into vestments. Apparently unaware of anything to do with the Silent Chapel (or the numinous in general) and took Jacqui's disastrous confession. Conditions: Afraid of driving people away from the Church (from a looong time ago), Too Curious
  • Father Maestri—Headmaster of the schools. Took Wolf's confession (or rather hypnosis), and is now his personal guidance counselor.
  • Father Wronski—runs the debating team. Condition: Sophist
  • Nina O'Dowd—A fair skinned Polish woman who teaches the girls sex ed classes. She's married with 8 kids and is in her mid 30s.
  • Sister Abigail—Young, fit, in charge of physical education and sports programs for girls. Very strict. An Irish red-head with a gymnast's build. Condition: Intransigent
  • Sister Felicula—Older middle aged, friendly, teaches history (including AP History). Considered fair but not lax. Does not take shit from the guys in her AP History class. Also teaches religion to the youngest age bracket. A bulky build.
  • Sister Dula—Old, strict, and no longer teaches. She's in charge of discipline and is the effective head of Saint Bridget's School for Young Ladies. Has the full withered old nun look going. Supplies dodgy incense to the devouts.
  • Sister Dionysia—Young-ish, friendly, in charge of art, music, and other "fluff" classes. Very friendly, but toes the line when pressure is applied to her from other members of the faculty or staff. Classical Greek complexion and facial features. Not human. Wolf's second former Dark Power. Conditions: Frightened, One Alone, One of Them 2 Harm taken.
  • Lilian Roth—A recent addition to the faculty, with a Masters in Mathematics, she's taken over a large number of math classes. Young, somewhat old fashioned dresser, wears all manner of quirky glasses and socks (and the girls in her dorm have seen her in lots of math reference t-shirts). Is the live in faculty for the 10th and 11th grade girls dorm.
  • Christoph Klein—Teaches English and is fixated on Tolkien and the Catholic message in his works. Full on aging hippie look (receding hairline, gray ponytail, etc.). Is the live in faculty for the 10th and 11th grade boys dorm.


  • Gaspar Gordon—Wolf's roommate from last year; wasn't in touch with Wolf over the summer despite them saying they would be
  • Caitlin Dunforth—Bryn's friend who did not return her call over the summer
  • Mary Williams—Valedictorian, member of Jacqui's clique. Also good with computers and known to hack the network. Pregnant with the progeny of the Poisoner. Killed by the Lords of Leng.
  • Peter Matthews—Salutorian at St Patrick's, member of Jacqui's clique. Specialises in history and local history in particular. A mine of useless information and a tendency to drone on—and most people will tell him to shut up; few will actually find the useful information there.
  • Henry Danvers—Only just scrapes into any AP classes (and only AP art and AP shop at that), but still a favourite of hers. Runs the sound and lighting for school plays and is an amateur conjurer on the side. Managed to get her to be his assistant (and cut her in half)—and wants more from her. Condition: Hopeless Crush on Jacqui
  • Sally Jones—One ahead of Jacqui in the class rankings and best of frienemies with her. Didn't make contact over the summer. Friends with but not a part of both Jacqui's cliques although the borderline is getting very thin. Condition: One of Them
  • Becky Jackson—Actress, storyteller, member of Jacqui's clique.
  • Hallie ???—Rambling, wordvomiting, creepypasta girl. Former(?) disciple of the Poisoner. Conditions: Replenished, One of Them, Bitter
  • Ramona ???—Hallie's big sister, former 11th year representative
  • Mark Josephson — Sally's ex who posted her selfies up on MySpace
  • Mitchell Edwards III — Sally's current boyfriend, hit on Jacqui
  • Agnes Peters — One of the Devouts, prayed with Jacqui.
  • Angelina O'Donnell — One of the devouts, Angelina's a mystic who's not quite in this world. Near the bottom of most classes other than arts and sports, and smiles amiably at everyone. She seems not quite all there until she comes out with something showing that however she sees the world, it's deep. Jacqui isn't quite sure how smart she really is, and has suspicions that she only plays at being stupid. Also one of the school's best artists, with mystical overtones to her work, and the only overtly religious favourite of Sister Dionysia (wearing her teacher's hat)
  • Helen Morezzo — Helen's sometimes known to the boys as the Ice Princess (or "Troy") and is possibly the subject of more fantasies than Jacqui - she seems to be utterly asexual, and has the body of a porn star, and a sweet soprano voice. At her more cynical moments, Jacqui thinks that this dichotomy is deliberate, and suspects that Sister Dionysia gave her the lead soprano role because she can stop traffic when Ramona's just as good but hatchet-faced. A member of the devouts.
  • Penny Smith — Penny Red is one of those activists. The one always passionately interested in A Cause, with a new petition for you to sign every week? The one that causes both the staff and her friends to keep a set of bolt cutters on hand just in case she chains herself to something else. Some slight animosity between most of Penny's friends and Henry - he's been known to supply the chains. On the fringes of the group because she's more doubts than Jacqui, and flirts with Wicca. Also a devout.
  • Patrick Leary. — Voted most likely to become a priest, Patrick and Jacqui know each other fairly well through debating, and Patrick cultivates a slightly affected gravitas that doesn't quite ring true (Mary delights in puncturing it) but in a few years may become true.


  • Sathariel, Poisoner of Darkened Stars—Wolf's first former Dark Power. Condition: Overconfident
  • The Lords of Leng—said they had a claim to the Throne. Deceased.

School Policies of Interest

  • The school is very formal. The superficial elements of Vatican II didn't really permeate. The nuns take names, wear habits, etc. Proper address and protocol is required for the clergy members of the staff and faculty.
  • Students live in dorms in sets of two years. 6th / 7th grade, 8th / 9th grade, 10th / 11th grade, and 12th grade getting the full regard of a two year set
    • Each has a live in lay faculty member as the one in charge of their dorm
    • Each gets to pick a representative to form a council that encompasses both of the schools, which brings student concerns to the school administration
  • Honor programs, AP classes, and the like are the only classes where the two schools mix in a single class
  • The same age set from the two different schools share mealtimes, chapel times, free play on the fields, and gym class times. None of these are particularly conducive to actually interacting with those in the other school.