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The Saints of Battle are warriors who have achieved a signature victorious battle or signature heroic defeat, considered mighty enough by the other Saints of Battle to accord them this peerage. It is considered a Knighthood in nearly all Tosain & York realms. In many realms the arrival of a Saint of Battle causes opposing warriors to rethink the question of conflict.
Warriors can achieve many awards.  3 Awards are required to be invited to the Council of Battle and vote on new recipients.  Current members of the Council of Battle include King Alexandir KosKorag, Mitchot Kandif, Jake Whitetail, Kirgor the Red, Peredur, Conf, Grog, Mikon, and many others.
The only notification of an award is its sudden arrival, with the objects of the accolade.
===The accoutrement of the accolade===
The award comes in a box of rare woods of different kinds. 
*The main emblem is a solid gold "S" in the form of the Saint's insignia.
*There are a dozen "S" sigil that will affix to armor, clothes, equipment, and almost anything.  however, no more then the number of accolades the holder has will affix to any one item.  Such, that while a holder may affix a emblem to 4 clocks, he may not affix 2 to one cloak.
*There is  utility knife  similar to a complicated swiss army knife.
*There is a shoulder draped cloak with a full sized symbol-(Similar to a fencing cloak.)
*There is a signet ring.
==Customs of the Order of the [[Saints of Battle]]==
Saints often challenge each other to combat, often on sight.  It is considered bad manners to decline a single combat between recipients.

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