Saleyas Shark-Sister

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==Saleyas Shark-Sister :: Barbarian

"My journey is in the sea; my destiny, is to find my true home."

Base Matrix

Ht: 6'1" | Wt: 164 lbs | Hair: Blue-White | Eyes: Violet | Lv: 1 | Aln: CG |


STR 16 / +3 Save (+5) || DEX 16 / +3 Save (+3) || CON 14 / +2 Save (+4)
INT 8 / -1 Save (-1) || WIS 10 / 0 Save (0) || CHA 12/ +1 Save (+1)


Proficiencies: [Proficiency Bonus +2]

Athletics [+5]
Animal Handling [+2]
Perception [+2]
Intimidation [+3]
Survival [+2]
Stealth [+5]


Acrobatics [+3]
Arcana [-1]
Deception [+1]
History [-1]
Insight [+0]
Investigation [-1]
Medicine [+0]
Nature [-1]
Performance [+1]
Persuasion [+1]
Religion [-1]
Sleight of Hand [+3]




Vehicles (water)
Gaming set (dice)


AC 17 | HP 14 | Hit Dice: 1d12 | Initiative Modifier +3

Weapon To Hit Damage Range/Reach Weapon To Hit Damage Range/Reach
Glaive +5 1d10+3 n/a Handaxe +5 1d6+3 20'/b0'
Javelin +5 1d6+3 20'/60'


Skill Expert You have honed your proficiency with particular skills, granting you the following benefits:

Increase Stremgth by +1.
You gain Proficiency in a skill of your choice. (Stealth)
Choose one skill in which you have proficiency (Stealth). You gain Expertise with that skill, doubling your Proficiency Bonus with that skill.

Racial Features [Sea Elf]

Size: Medium

Darkvision: 60'

Ability Score Increase: Your Dexterity increases by +2 and your Constitution increases by +1.

Speed: Welking: 30' Swimming: 30'

Keen Senses You have proficiency in Perception.

Fey Ancestry You have advantage on saving throws against being charmed, and magic can't put you to sleep.

Trance You gain the benefits of a long rest with a four hour period of meditation.

Languages: You can speak, read, and write Common, Elvish, and Aquan.

Ability Score Increase: Your Constitution increases by +1

Sea Elf Training: You gain proficiency with spear, trident, light crossbow, and net. (Proficiency Swap for Vehicles (Water) and Gaming Set (Dice)

Child of the Sea: You have a 30' swimming speed, and you can breathe air and water.

Friend of the Sea: Using gestures and sounds, you can communicate simple ideas to any beast that has an innate swimming speed.

Class Features

Armor Proficiences: Light armor, medium armor, shields

Weapon Proficiences: Simple weapons, martial weapons

Saving Throws: Strength, Constitution

Skills: Animal Handling, Intimidation

Rage: 2 Rages per Day, Rage damage +2.

Unarmored Defense: When you are not wearing armor, your Armor Class equals 10 + your Dexterity modifier + your Constitution modifier.

Background Features [Outlander]

Skill Proficiencies


Tool Proficiencies






Personality Trait I'm driven by a wanderlust that led me far from home. Ideal Balance Abuse of the natural balance of life is a sin. Those who would subjugate others should be brought low; those who suffer should be raised up. Bond The principles of my clan connect me to them when I am far from home. Living life as they would have me live it keeps me together with them. Flaw There's no room for caution in a life lived to the fullest.



0 gems
0 pp
0 gp
0 ep
0 sp
0 cp


Hand Axe x2
Javelin x 4




Explorer's Pack
Set of dice
Traveler's Clothes
Necklace of teeth from the first shark I learned to swim with.

Magic Items



Saleyas comes from a large clan of sea elves living on and around the Teyrannel Isles, a chain of mid-ocean coral atolls far off the normal trade routes, with outside visitors a thing that would happen once in decades. The Teyrannel elves live in a careful balance with the sea life around them, only occasionally finding themselves in conflict with roving sahaugin or the odd sea monster. For the Teyrannel, there is nothing unusual about growing up as Saleyas did, learning to swim, hunt and gather among the many creatures living around the islands.

One in particular, though, fascinated the young Saleyas, an old and battle-scarred shark her people nicknamed Blue. Dared to it by her cousins, Saleyas learned to swim alongside Blue, matching the beast's behavior until Blue no longer recognized Saleyas as any sort of prey animal at all. The initial thrill she'd felt on merely approaching the great predator died away, until in order to same the same rush of life, Saleyas began to join Blue's company when the shark would hunt -- and ultimately, to fight alongside him, losing herself in the stalk and and the kill. More and more, Saleyas found herself only feeling truly free when out in the open ocean in Blue's company.

And then one day, the great predator Blue became prey herself. Saleyas flew into a blind rage, and slew the orca that had attacked and killed BLue. To this day, she wears her friend's teeth around her neck as a remembrance.

Following that day, Saleyas withdrew into herself, continuing to hone her battle skill, but drawing away from her fellows. This behavior came to alarm the leaders of the Teyrannel clan. They deemed that Saleyas had the potential to be a great warrior and leader for the clan -- but that she would need to learn to be more than a predator. So, they decreed that she would have to leave the Isles on the Radnin Bar, the journey to find the self. Setting off on a small skiff with minimal possessions besides her great sea-lance, Saleyas traveled far over the ocean, looking to test herself against the distant seas.

Ultimately, though, she ran afoul of a mighty typhoon, and her little boat was wrecked. Far from any known settlements, Saleyas might have been able to forage for herself in the sea, but this would bring her no nearer her goal. So it may have been the hand of destiny that brought her in sight of the Fair Wind. She readily offered to put her hand to work her passage to the ship's destination -- not knowing that it was bound for the notorious haven of Freeport.