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Alex, the Witch

Alex Smith born to Tricia Smith and Gerald Smith (those names feel lower class so I'll go with that), was a smart kid, smart but bored and quickly got into hacking as puzzles to be solved. Coasting at the local comprehensive school they quickly and efficiently dealt with any coursework and the exams with ease. This lead to more time solving the puzzle of increasing access to new areas of the net and for them to get a academic scholarship. It was during the summer between ending year 11 and entering college, that something happened, delving deep into a weird site of what looked like a simple hippy religion on the surface but as they broke past the layers of the site the positive thinking message fell away leave more and more complex arcane mathematics and graph theory. It was once they seemed to bottom out in the website that some thing changed a video began playing automatically and continued long after Alex hit the power supply, Alex can't clearly remember the video but when they woke up the next day they started to see what looked like network connects linking everything and everyone. Manipulating these connections Alex's has found they can change reality and that they like the power that it gives.


Guarded, Playful eyes


Hacker of the strange


Hot -1 (Turn Someone On)

Cold +2 (Shut Someone Down, Keep Your Cool)

Volatile -1 (Lash Out Physically, Run Away)

Dark +1 (Gaze Into the Abyss)


Sympathetic Tokens: You gain power from tokens - items of personal significance taken from others. Sympathetic tokens count as strings.

Hex-casting: You can cast Hexes, Choose two that you know. To cast them, either expend a Sympathetic Token during a secret ritual, or meet the target's gaze and chant at them in tongues. Then roll with dark. On a 10 up the hex works, and can easily be reversed. on a 7-9. it works but choose one: + the casting does you 1 harm + The hex has a weird side effect + Trigger your darkest self


Watching: You enter a deep sleep, and begin to see the world through the eyes of the hexed. You can feel their reactions to and impressions of what they are seeing.

Illusions:Pick one: snakes and bugs, demonic visages, false prophecies, non-existent subtext. The hexed sees that thing everywhere. You have no control over the exact images or manifestations.

Sex Move: After sex, you can take a Sympathetic Token from them. They know about it, and it’s cool.

Carry Forward







Winslow is beautiful

Ash wears his heart on his sleeve

Ash has Alex's fancy

Bruce seen Alex take Some tokens

Alex has a Sympathetic Token from Ash (A topo left in his room)

Alex has a Sympathetic Token from Seraphina (deck of cards)


Course Load

ICT Further Maths (statistic & mechanics) Physics English language Philosophy History Undecided Foreign Language


Two strings on Ash


Ash's Top

Seraphina' cards

Darkest Self

The time for subtlety and patience is over. You’re too powerful to put up with their garbage any longer. You hex anyone who slights you. All of your hexes have unexpected side effects, and are more effective than you are comfortable with. To escape your Darkest Self, you must offer peace to the one you have hurt the most.




Ο Add +1 to one of your stats

Ο Take another Witch move

Ο Take all the remaining Hexes

Ο Create a new Hex

Ο Take a move from any Skin

Ο Take a move from any Skin

Ο You belong to a Coven.