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The Savior/Slayer ethics is a religious following from the Tosian worlds.  It has a level of devotion and fanaticism that is dangerous and considered by many to be insane.
An earlier Order of the Savior and the Slayer worshiped an unnamed deity in a monotheistic and monastic manner.  In time the Faith moved to revere the Gods of Tosa.  The Tosian Faith was created when [[Tolknor]] Scripter discovered the Worldstone in Eldomar, Tosa.  Unaware what it was and what effects it had, many people touched the Worldstone in order to gain powers, unaware it made them, in the World of Tosa, objects of worship.
There is some ancient evidence that the object of veneration has changed in the passage of eons for unknown reasons. 
==Charity and Devotion==
*As a matter of general principle the SSC faithful are benevolent and hospitable, and engage in aggressively positive and humanitarian efforts. Soup kitchens, disaster relief, crop recovery, etc.  Their charitable works are legendary across the Tosian/York worlds.  Only a tiny fraction of the SSC faithful are part of the SSC-Church Militant.
But when attacked, they decide the person has called upon the slayer and attack without mercy, willing to execute the wounded and prisoners.
=='''The SSC Following'''===
*The SSC has many members of military ability and they often raise volunteer forces in need, but the most well-known branches are the Paladins of the SSC and the Armored Clerical Order.
==='''The Following of the Beloved Savior and the Detested Slayer'''===
Savior/layer creed of the Tosian Pantheon separate the individuals into if the are aspects of either the Savior or Slayer.  This differs from the standard Tosian Pantheon and its followers.
==='''The Cult of the Savior Slayer'''===
This is a monastic order dedicated to good works and worldly poverty but they are not bound by the strict clerical requirements. This is sometimes a penitent order where people serve for various lengths of time for various personal reasons.
==The SSC-Church Militant==
The Church Militant is a small portion of the SSC faithful and only members that reach a certain level of devotion are effected by the clerical elements that so characterize the SSC: Healing powers, Regeneration, Conversion and Cursing.
==='''The Church Militant and Wealth'''===
They always take their full shares of treasure and fortunes but nearly all of it, beyond the maintenance of arms and horse, they use it for charitable activities.
==='''The Devout'''===
The Devoutly Damned are members of Church Militant serving in many official functions across the universe on S/S holdings.  Guards, soldiers, bodyguards, and instructors. These soldiers are not bound by the religious restrictions of poverty but many effect it anyway.  10% of the devout have the injury to mania response and it is from this fraction of the devout that the '''Paladins''' and the '''ACO''' gain their members.  Those that go on to the other orders always continue to consider themselves members of the Devout.
==='''The Mad Ones'''===
This is an illegal secret society among the Devout that maintain a wound in order to maintain the Slayer mindset.  They hide their injury and may behave as the regular S/S members in all other matters but are able to act directly as the slayer if they choose.  Because of the unwillingness of its members to return to the Savior creed the members of this order are considered heretics. The existence of the Mad Ones is one of the reasons that man official gatherings of the S/S are begun with magical healing.
==='''Paladins of the Savior / Slayer'''===
==='''Armored Cleric Order'''===
*Toian Savior Slayers often prefer Rearden Metal armor as it is able to be crafted to +5 without magic.  Mithril is also a preferred metal though it is considered a magical metal.
Warriors of the SSC specialize their armor and weapons to be the highest quality available without depending on magic.  The also use magic and magical artifacts but don't depend on them. 
(In Game play they detected as devoutly Lawful Good.  After damaged to over 10% of their hit point's they raised their strength substantially, their speed substantially, and were ruthlessly Lawful Evil)
The Paladin Primus of the Savior/Slayer is Sir Reltorious Winteri
The Primus Armored Cleric Order is Topatia
Commander of the SSC Foot Dame Twila The Mild
[[Jeweled Amber]]

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