Scarlet Reeds

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Gloranthan Runequest Game to be run by PBP on Seting the southern Upland Marsh before the Hero Wars, characters mainly Lunar.



Useful timeline:


  • Asvedava the Black: This Spolite sorcereress and Lunar Illuminate is the chief subordinate of Tatius the Bright, and remains in Glamour while her master is in Dragon Pass. She is notorious for her efforts to pry out the magical secrets of other cults, religions, and philosophies, so that they can be bent to serve the interests of the Empire - GtG vol 1
  • Tatius the Bright is Dean of the Lunar Field School of Magic, and chief sorcerer of the Lunar Army. Unlike all other officers listed in this section, Tatius is not of the Lunar Provincial Army and reports directly to the Red Emperor, bypassing both Fazzur and Appius Luxius, the Provincial Overseer. Tatius is currently in tactical command of the siege of Whitewall??? Governs Sartar from 1621/2