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[http://forum.rpg.net/member.php?u=9897 Stormraven] - [[Camessra (School of Hard Knocks)]]
[http://forum.rpg.net/member.php?u=9897 Stormraven] - [[Camessra (School of Hard Knocks)]]
[http://forum.rpg.net/member.php?u=54252 Davi the Eccentric] - [[Xaven_Zedlai_The_Third_(School_of_Hard_Knocks)]]
[http://forum.rpg.net/member.php?u=68891 Mootkilla] - [[Ira Fletchett_(School_of_Hard_Knocks)]]
[http://forum.rpg.net/member.php?u=68891 Mootkilla] - [[Ira Fletchett_(School_of_Hard_Knocks)]]

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Next Season, on School of Hard Knocks:[edit]

Earth, a backwater planet in the Sol System, Milky Way Galaxy is the home to a technologically limited society. The people for the most part are average, with occasional bursts of intellect or creativity. Still, an average example of a Level 3 society…

Except for the ‘superheroes’ and ‘supervillains’. These beings exceed the baseline of ‘humans’ by orders of magnitude. Stronger, faster, smarter. “Supervillains’ seek to dominate the world, commit crime for their benefit or utterly destroy anything in their path. Meanwhile, ‘superheroes’ adhere to various codes of honor, such as protecting the innocent and enforcing the law.

We’ve gathered a group of average teenagers with disciplinary problems but good hearts from across the cosmos and are setting them up in a house together. Here, they will live on Earth with their Probation Officers, assume the role of superheroes and learn to both care about each other and a world that desperately needs protection from villains, criminals and perhaps their newest saviors.

Alright, this is a call for players for a HERO System 6th Edition game set on modern day Earth (no, I’m not going to use another game system). You’ll be playing superpowered juvenile delinquents from around the cosmos exiled to Earth to serve as superheroes as part of your probation. With the help of your probation officers you’ll find guidance on doing the right thing as well as how to fit in on your new planet.

Oh, and you’re the subject of a reality TV show that broadcasts to over a hundred and eight galaxies. The last three seasons had stellar ratings and the producers hope to top that with this new twist on reforming the latest crop of malcontents and hoodlums.

We’ll be using the Standard Superheroic point scale (400 pts, 75 Points Complications, 40 Max for one complication) and the suggested power levels from the Character Ability Guideline Table. All characters need to take the following complications:

  • Flawed Knowledge of Earth Culture: Character is an alien whose knowledge of Earth culture comes solely from reality television (Very Frequently, Slightly Impairing): 20 Character Points.
  • Hunted: Various fans of the shows, local people you get in trouble with, your probation officers, the show cameras and real superheroes keeping an eye on you. (As Powerful, NCL, Frequently, Mildly Punish) 15 Character Points

Recommended Complications:

  • Psychological Complications based around juvenile delinquency, looking to be a better person, problems with authority figures, etc.
  • Rivalries with other heroes in the world (I'll have a list of rivals put together).

As for powers, two things:

  • These are beings with powers, not gadgets. I'd prefer not having people with powered armor and such.
  • The Network provides a perception filter which conceals the fact that you’re perhaps a bizarre-looking alien to most of the world. It’s for use when you are trying to live as a normal human teen/twentysomething, although most of the time will be spent in costume doing hero-stuff. You get this for free and it almost never fails. Almost… I’m going to ask that you be relatively humanoid, though.

The Cast So Far:[edit]

The Wyzard - Corax (School of Hard Knocks)

Stormraven - Camessra (School of Hard Knocks)

Mootkilla - Ira Fletchett_(School_of_Hard_Knocks)

Banshee46- Tcharlag_(School_of_Hard_Knocks)

Unka John- Princess Ras'shel_(School_of_Hard_Knocks)

Supporting Cast[edit]

Maliborgio - Your Probation Officer(SHK)

Khyshan Lornis - Your Probation Officer(SHK)

Milius YYavan - The Director(SHK)

Balanne - The Rep From The Network(SHK)

Knick-Knack - Production Assistant(SHK)


Millennium City (School of Hard Knocks)


The Real World, Jersey Shore, Jerry Springer, Heroes, Cops, Batman: The Brave and the Bold, Super Hero Squad, DC Universe cartoons, Metalpocalypse, Animal House, Who Wants to Be A Superhero, pretty much anything that has loveable (or not loveable) screwups trying to do good and sometimes failing.

Galactic Culture and Races[edit]

The Vor'Halen