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Colleen Fitzcannon

Colleen is slightly taller than average, and can pull of the Debutante look with the best of them. Her long black hair is either artfully arranged in ringlets, or tied back in a queue depending on whether she's working or socializing. Her eyes are iron gray most of the time, but if she's enjoying herself they can lighten to cloud gray. Pray they don't darken.

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Name: Colleen Maire Fitzcannon Gender: Cisgender female (Lesbian) Age: 19 years Scion Type: Born Parent: Goibniu Pantheon: The Tuatha de Danaan Level: Pre-Visitation

I don't mind getting my hands dirty, but hurt the dress and you'll pay in kind.

Colleen has never known her father. She's not even certain that her mother married her father - though, as she's heard no hint of scandal, she believes that either there was a marriage, or there's a document saying there was a marriage.

She's her mother's only child and therefore heiress. Unlike many of her mother's peers though, Rosemary Fitzcannon never tried to limit Colleen to 'the finer things'. Colleen was taking things apart by the time she was 6 - and putting them back together again, too. But she did learn the finer things, to an extent, anyway. Enough to pass her cotillion.

She'd been fairly sure even before then, but actually dancing with the 'men' she was socially obligated to spend time with cinched it for her - they weren't her type. Oh, most of them were nice enough, and one or two even shared her interests in technology, but none of them attracted her.

Ophelia Drake now - another Deb out at Cotillion - she was someone Colleen wanted to dance with, and once the dance cards were done with, she did. Ophelia, though, was intense. She spent no more than 4 hours a night sleeping, and that was on a good day. The rest of her time was spent working - Colleen, for all her stamina, couldn't keep up. But Ophelia did introduce her to the biggest part of her life after coming into Society - Bladesmithing. When shes not shopping or going out to clubs to help keep her family's reputation for fashion and femininity, Colleen can be found in ratty jeans, an old sweatshirt and a leather apron, moving metal.

But she's thinking Ophelia infected her. It's not enough. There's more to her life - she knows it, and she feels a powerful drive to become something more. She's even asked Rosemary about her father - but while Colleen's got a will of tempered steel, her mother's will is Armor Plate. All she says is 'in time, child. In time.'


Athletics (Running) OOO

Close Combat OO

Culture (Guest Rights) OOO

Empathy OO

Integrity OO

Leadership O

Persuasion (Seduction) OOO

Science (Metallurgy) OOO

Technology (Bladesmithing) OOO


Favored Approach: Resistance


Intellect (OO)
Cunning (OOO)
Resolve (OOOO)


Might (OO)
Dexterity (OOOO)
Stamina (OOOOO)


Presence (OO)
Manipulation (OOO)
Composure (OOOO)

Legend 0

Start with Legend 0, going to Legend 1 upon becoming a Hero

Legend Points

Points Imbued:
Points Spent:
Imbued points return once the Boon they are imbued into lapses. Spent points do not recover until a specific action is taken.

Legendary Titles

Write Titles As You Get Them


Short-Term Deed: Confuse an enemy/rival with hospitality

Long-Term Deed: Create a Masterwork blade

Band Deed:


Origin Path (Tertiary): Life of Privilege

Connections: Rosemary Fitzcollin, Connections, Access
Skills: Culture, Leadership, Persuasion

Role Path (Primary): Technology Expert

Connections: Joseph Neil, Connections, Access
Skills: Technology, Science, Athletics

Pantheon Path (Secondary): Make something of yourself, kid.

Connections: Ophelia Drake, Connections, Access
Skills: Close Combat, Culture, Persuasion


Honor OOOOO Prowess:







Callings and Knacks

Creator (O):

Innate Toolkit: Knack Description
We go all night: Knack Description
Wireless Interface: Knack Description


This is locked until you reach Hero stage


Write Birthrights here if you have any

Birthright Name (Rating): Birthright Description


Write Fatebindings here if you have any

Fatebinding Name (Rating): Fatebinding Description

Weapons and Armor

Tintreach : A 7' long ash staff topped with a leaf-blade spearhead 18" long. (Long Spear)

Tags: (Lethal, Melee, Thrown) Reach, Piercing

Character Advancement

Experience Earned: 0

Experience Spent: 0

Advancement Log

In addition to gaining and spending Experience, each Player can Tweak their character at the end of each session. They may shift a single Attribute dot to another Attribute or a single Skill dot to another Skill, swap out an existing Knack with a new Knack, write a new Short-Term Deed, and alter a single phrase in one of your Paths. These changes have to be justified, with shifting dots needing the character to work towards increasing their Skill or Attribute, and Path changes needing appropriate circumstances.
To help keep track of both new additions and changes in your character, you may record such changes in this section.

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