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(10/12/09 13:05:40) Myllinnia: Our young heroes did their best, using the powers granted them they stormed a ... very lightly defended big mouthed ship and culled it. Now it sits sulking beyond the farms near the smoldering Shadow Forest. The village itself is in decent shape, and the villagers are quickly rebuilding already.

(10/12/09 13:07:31) Myllinnia: The Council has convened and no doubt they are discussing the next step in whatever plan they seem to have. The rest of you had been left to your own devices, and upon returning to the Hill found it as you had left. Several servants are cleaning the mess. >>

(10/12/09 13:08:27) Myllinnia: Upon sunrise you all feel, with exception of Tai whose memory was damaged upon her exaltation, as if yesterday was all just a shared nightmare.

(10/12/09 13:08:46) Priide Kittee kisses Tai on the forehead, holding her lover's hand gently.

(10/12/09 13:09:10) Tai Zi smiles and sits next to Priide looking over the place quietly.

(10/12/09 13:11:33) Gale: Gale wakes up a bit cautiously, remembering the night before at least. And He can still feel the changes to his body. The way he needs less sleep, the way he moves faster... He doesn't even feel groggy when he awakes. He just gets out of bed, changing his clothes before going downstairs, looking to see who else is awake.

(10/12/09 13:12:05) Priide Kittee waves at Gale as he comes downstairs. "Sleep well?"

(10/12/09 13:12:38) T`zaran comes in from outside around the same time that the others are waking, Eos by his side.

(10/12/09 13:12:48) Gale: "Better then I was when I was awake." he gives a brief smile. "Though I wish I had dreamed longer. How are you, Priide?"

(10/12/09 13:12:55) Tai Zi is siting with Priide, wearing a new breatband carefly possitioned so that its not pressing down her new quills much, a loin cloth around her hips, she has a beaten and aged book in her lap reading it quietly.

(10/12/09 13:13:25) Fox: Bounds back to the house from the ship in a series of super human leaps. "Hi everybody"

(10/12/09 13:13:33) Priide Kittee: "Good, thanks." The Sidereal smiles at her lover. "Enjoying your book, my moonlight?"

(10/12/09 13:14:37) Tai Zi she frowns a bit but nods at Priide. "Yes sweety, I know I've read it before, but I dont remember reading it, at the same time I remember some of what I'm reading."

(10/12/09 13:19:26) Myllinnia: Lilly is awake looking out of the window with a calm peaceful look in the dining room. The pair of servants that have been cooking for you are busy cooking a warm meal it appears.

(10/12/09 13:19:30) Rai is sitting on the steps with a plate full of breakfast and brushes, having been chased outside after people complained about painting his armor at the table

(10/12/09 13:19:45) Gale: Gale shakes his head, looking to everyone. "I wanted to apologize for my... outburst, during my exaltation, and afterwards. Even after I gained control, I had so many emotions running through my head. It was hard to think straight, or even feel right. I'm in control again now though. I have vowed not to let it happen again, I do not want anyone here harmed."

(10/12/09 13:30:41) T`zaran: "I feel changed as well, though in a good way. I can do more than just train animals, now. I can speak with them." He chuckles at Fox, "But still hungry, yeah."

(10/12/09 13:31:56) Tai Zi picks at her breakfast, she doesnt seem particularly hungry

(10/12/09 13:33:13) Priide Kittee steals some of Tai's breakfast, feeding other pieces to the Lunar.

(10/12/09 13:36:36) Myllinnia: Lilly continues to stare out of the window but at least the meal was a very good one. Slowly Noon comes and with it comes Scarlet Ruby, she looks tired as she approaches the entrance and might have not even been back to the Hill since yesterday.

(10/12/09 13:37:36) Gale: Gale moves to keep Lilly company after the meal, more concerned for her safety now. His brotherly instincts kick in, and he loses any worries about himself as he tried to get Lil to eat some before Ruby arrives.

(10/12/09 13:38:12) Rai comes back in with a grin on his face, having finished up the finishing touches that didn't get done yesterday. "Such a wonderful morning!"

(10/12/09 13:40:18) Myllinnia: Scarlet smiles warmly if not tiredly as she comes to the table where you all are Lilly continues not to eat refusing always politely. "I hope you all have slept well?"

(10/12/09 13:41:32) Fox: Fox concentrates on his breakfast.

(10/12/09 13:41:39) Gale: "As well as I can sleep. I would prefer to sleep for a week more, but i've not that amount of time. Are you well? you look drained." he says to scarlet, much more calmly this time then last night.

(10/12/09 13:42:15) Rai: "I slept great!"

(10/12/09 13:43:38) Myllinnia: "I am fine," she responds gently to Gale and smiles to Rai, "Anyway I have good news for you. You no longer have chores and things to do. You are free to do what you wish."

(10/12/09 13:43:48) Rai: "Woohoo!"

(10/12/09 13:43:55) Priide Kittee frowns.

(10/12/09 13:44:01) Rai: "You should all be my air pirate crew!"

(10/12/09 13:44:17) Priide Kittee: "This wouldn't be connected to yesterday's events, would it, mum?"

(10/12/09 13:44:30) T`zaran stifles a yawn. "I napped a bit, but was mostly busy exploring my new abilities."

(10/12/09 13:45:06) Tai Zi leans against Priide softly watching Scarlet quietly.

(10/12/09 13:45:25) Priide Kittee smiles, cuddling her lover gently.

(10/12/09 13:46:09) Rai: "Nobody? Aww..."

(10/12/09 13:46:13) T`zaran: "So long as we're pirates who only attack people who deserve it and who protect the innocent, then I'll be part of your crew."

(10/12/09 13:46:15) Tai Zi coughs softly. "What were my chores?"

(10/12/09 13:46:44) Myllinnia: Scarlet Ruby nods. "Yes it is connected to yesterday. Of you acquiring the powers to battle the darkness outside our lands. So how do you all feeling about your new founds abilities?" Her tone in the latter question is tinged with concern.

(10/12/09 13:46:46) Rai: "Sure, we'd only fight the bad guys"

(10/12/09 13:47:25) Rai: "And you answered first, so you can be first mate!"

(10/12/09 13:48:21) Gale: "The armor does look nice Rai." He says with a smile.

(10/12/09 13:48:47) Priide Kittee: "Good. Worried. Not intending to use them to become a pirate." Priide says wryly.

(10/12/09 13:49:33) Gale: "As for how I feel about them..." Gale shakes his head. "Scared, I guess. But last night... something helped me. I think you may know already, correct Ruby?" He asks, a bit curious. Its not patroniZing, but she knew who he talked to... "So I'm still scared. But I know they are *my* powers, and not Malfeas."

(10/12/09 13:49:50) Fox: "I love them thanks! How did you make them?"

(10/12/09 13:49:57) T`zaran: "They're amazing. I spent most of the night talking to the animals in the woods, and getting to know Eos even better. I need to find someone who can teach me more of the Art of Victorious Concession, though. I know there's more to it, but I can't seem to remember any more."

(10/12/09 13:50:03) Tai Zi looks angerly at Scarlet. "how should I feel, I have nothing before yesterday, I dont know who you are, I dont even realy know whats going on here..." She pulls her knees up and stands starting to pace quietly. Quills standing up across her back.

(10/12/09 13:50:41) Priide Kittee looks at Tai, then stands, moving to hug her. "It's okay, Tai. You're safe here. Trust me."

(10/12/09 13:51:14) T`zaran grins at Rai. "Thanks. Though I think Gale might be a better first mate than me."

(10/12/09 13:52:15) Rai: "Well, you can have your pick of jobs then!"

(10/12/09 13:52:25) Myllinnia: An eyebrow arcs on her face. "When did she start exhibiting this Priide? During the attack or during her... exaltation?"

(10/12/09 13:53:55) Tai Zi says nothing just resting aginst Priide, blinking yellow eyes softly, being careful not to stick her with her quills

(10/12/09 13:56:33) Priide Kittee raises an eyebrow right back at Scarlet. "How about you tell us what you know about those shards *before* asking us questions, mum?"

(10/12/09 13:59:03) Myllinnia: "Very well," she says as she sits down crossing her arms. One of the servants brings a cup of tea before disappearing. "Those shards my children are Celestial Exalted shards. Shards that many died for keeping away from the Ebon Empress."

(10/12/09 14:00:17) Myllinnia: "They contain the power granted by the Incarna themselves, granting you, my child the power of heroes long since past through history."

(10/12/09 14:00:54) Rai: "How'd you get ahold of them?"

(10/12/09 14:01:27) Fox: "And where can we get more?"

(10/12/09 14:02:16) Priide Kittee blinks. "I see." She hugs Tai close. We've been granted power by the Incarna? Wow.

(10/12/09 14:02:29) Gale: "And it is correct that you did not anticipate Lilly or I receiving our gifts the way we did? We were to normally exalt like the others."

(10/12/09 14:03:38) Tai Zi frowns. "did you expect me to forget?"

(10/12/09 14:04:09) Myllinnia: She nods a bit sadly. "I had not anticipated the Neverborn or the YoZi to take desperate matters as I have. Their methods are a bit more sure than mine. However I got mine from several of those from heaven, just before each of you were born."

(10/12/09 14:04:31) Myllinnia: "And no... I had not anticipated you to forget dear Tai. It is disturbing that it has happened."

(10/12/09 14:06:36) Priide Kittee hugs Tai gently. "I hope you get your memory back soon, Tai, love."

(10/12/09 14:06:47) Tai Zi puts a hand on Priide's arm closeing her eyes, spines twiching. "Please tell her what she wants to know starlight, it may help"

(10/12/09 14:06:53) Rai: "Isn't getting hit on the head supposed to help with amnesia?"

(10/12/09 14:06:59) Gale: "I see." Gale nods his head. "I only want to ask... Were we to have exalted like the others?"

(10/12/09 14:07:04) Priide Kittee: "No. It's not."

(10/12/09 14:07:16) Rai: "I totally read that somewhere though."

(10/12/09 14:07:33) Myllinnia: "Yes," she says simple to Gale noticing Lilly's continued disintrest.

(10/12/09 14:09:27) Priide Kittee nods at Tai's words. "All right. It was in the Exaltation. I think."

(10/12/09 14:11:33) Gale: "Can you help Lilly? You said... she was on a darker path, and I heard the same from T'zaran... And another. Can she be helped?"

(10/12/09 14:11:46) Myllinnia: She nods at Priide thoughtful. "I've not heard of this. But its possible that a part of the taint that the Lunar Exaltations once held might have been at work. It should recover though."

(10/12/09 14:12:39) Priide Kittee: "Taint?"

(10/12/09 14:12:51) Myllinnia: She nods, "There... is possibly away. But it is more difficult now that it was in the past."

(10/12/09 14:13:23) Priide Kittee: "What's this 'Taint' you mentioned?"

(10/12/09 14:14:06) Myllinnia: Scarlet looks to Priide. "Long ago the shards that are those of the Lunars were subjected to the corruptive powers of the Wyld. Each of the shards since there hand a small spark that could eventually drive a Lunar mad. Since the Ebon Empress' capture of the shards the taints and sparks were cleansed. Though it appears not all of them."

(10/12/09 14:14:45) Myllinnia: "This is supposition and for Tai the same solution might be in store for her as it is for Lilly. Maybe."

(10/12/09 14:15:00) Gale: Gale goes quiet, shaking his head. "Is there a way I can help Tai Zi? She is a friend of mine, and though we do not see eye to eye, she needs my help as well."

(10/12/09 14:15:08) Rai: "Shard soap?"

(10/12/09 14:15:11) Priide Kittee: "I see." Priide looks troubled. "Do you know how they were cleansed?"

(10/12/09 14:16:46) T`zaran listens quietly, frowning faintly.

(10/12/09 14:18:34) Myllinnia: She shakes her head. "However it is said that the Ebon Empress is able to clean them with her... strangely destructive power. Again it is not fully known if that is true or not. There is one that may truly know and I have not been able to talk with him these last 20 years."

(10/12/09 14:19:24) Tai Zi shakes her head and sits down back aginst the wall carefully. "Stop, you said that she had shards like ours..with out the taint that effected me...how many shards does she have?"

(10/12/09 14:19:25) Rai: "Did he move without telling you?"

(10/12/09 14:20:06) Priide Kittee crouches next to Tai, taking one of the Lunar's hands.

(10/12/09 14:20:27) Tai Zi squeezes Priide's hand.

(10/12/09 14:20:30) Myllinnia: She is silent for a moment. "There are less than 700 of them."

(10/12/09 14:20:47) Priide Kittee: "That doesn't answer her question, mum."

(10/12/09 14:24:53) T`zaran: "A more important question is how many of them are trapped in tubes like ours were, and how many are being used by people that she controls?"

(10/12/09 14:26:28) Gale: "I would be as concerned about her husband controlling them. He has his own exalts."

(10/12/09 14:26:30) Myllinnia: "She doesn't let them out. She is afraid of the Celestial and Terrestial Exaltations. They go against her plans they do not follow her Order. I was the only one with these shards. And of the 700 Celestial shards I only had 10."

(10/12/09 14:26:57) Priide Kittee blinks. "What happened to the other two?"

(10/12/09 14:28:27) Myllinnia: "I do not know. This is why the Ebon Empress dislikes them so. Once free of whatever restrains them they will continue their hunt for the appropriate ones to Exalt. I would think maybe they found people to empower."

(10/12/09 14:29:40) Tai Zi frowns. "so in her control or not, there are atleast two others like us out there

(10/12/09 14:29:40) Priide Kittee: "I see." Priide looks worried. "Hopefully we can convince whoever they did choose to side with us."

(10/12/09 14:29:57) Fox: "So how do we find them?"

(10/12/09 14:31:05) Rai: "Ride around being sky pirates, of course!"

(10/12/09 14:31:10) Rai: "They'll be drawn to us!"

(10/12/09 14:31:57) Priide Kittee sighs. "I don't think it works that way, Rai. And who says we're becoming sky pirates, anyway?"

(10/12/09 14:32:20) Rai: "I did, like three times already. Gale and T are coming too

(10/12/09 14:32:38) Myllinnia: "Well," she is thoughtful for a moment. "There is no good way to find them other than looking for them. There are other cities and villages outside of Caradeen. Though likely if they exalted recently in any of them a Shadow Scythe might have found them."

(10/12/09 14:33:49) Rai: "And I mean, *we* all went to the airship when it showed up, so naturally the others like us would too!"

(10/12/09 14:34:20) Tai Zi looks at Rai. "it was firing on the town, we had to stop it."

(10/12/09 14:34:26) T`zaran: "And the ship did say that the Empress would come looking for it if it didn't return -- so we need to make sure she finds out that we've taken the ship and left as Exalted. Then she'll have no more reason to threaten Caradeen."

(10/12/09 14:35:06) Tai Zi looks at T`zaran. "No reason? they sheltered us apparently and hid ten items of power from it."

(10/12/09 14:35:44) Priide Kittee: "And that doesn't require us to become thieves. I don't know about *you*, but I have these little things called *morals*. You may have heard of them?"

(10/12/09 14:35:53) Gale: "They'll have very little reason if we stay here."

(10/12/09 14:36:11) Gale: "Priide, we both know Rai means pirate in the vagabond, general, good swashbuckling sense."

(10/12/09 14:36:35) Gale: "Look at Rai, he's too goofy to be bad."

(10/12/09 14:36:50) Rai nods furiously through the first part of Gale's statement but shouts "Hey!" at the second part

(10/12/09 14:37:14) Priide Kittee raises an eyebrow. "It's always the ones you least expect, as a rule."

(10/12/09 14:37:21) T`zaran: "Ten items of power that aren't here anymore. We'd be the bigger target. Caradeen wouldn't be relevant to them anymore. And Rai has already said we'd only attack people that deserve it -- namely the Ebon Empress and her forces -- and that we'd protect the innocent."

(10/12/09 14:38:27) Rai: "C'mon, when have you ever known me to take something from someone who didn't deserve it?"

(10/12/09 14:38:30) Tai Zi looks at Priide. "There's only one think keeping me here." She curls her fingers aginst Priides.

(10/12/09 14:38:31) Rai: "... and not give it back, I mean."

(10/12/09 14:38:50) Gale: "Oh, you're our goofball, Rai." Gale gets up and gives him some noogies for good measure. "And of course i'm coming with you if you do this piracy thing. Gotta make sure you don't get in *too* much trouble."

(10/12/09 14:39:14) Gale: "The short of it is... The empress is after us. She wouldn't give nine tenths of as much of a damn if we weren't here now."

(10/12/09 14:39:18) Priide Kittee looks at Tai, then blushes. "Thank you, my moonlight."

(10/12/09 14:39:37) Rai: "Ack, quit it!"

(10/12/09 14:39:51) Rai squirms out of Gale's grasp after the first half of a noogie

(10/12/09 14:40:19) Gale: "I am willing to leave Carenteen if I can save Tai Zi, and lilly." Gale gives a brief nod.

(10/12/09 14:40:55) Gale: "I know very well that my exaltation cannot be restored like theirs. It is not something that can be done. I don't care about that. I am that i am, and I will ensure that I do good in this world with this gift."

(10/12/09 14:41:29) Fox: "Well said."

(10/12/09 14:41:39) Fox: "So say we all."

(10/12/09 14:41:50) Myllinnia: Scarlet smiles warmly at his statement and Lilly turns to look at him with a slight frown.

(10/12/09 14:45:48) T`zaran: "Hmm." He rubs his chin, considering, then looks down to Eos. "You wouldn't mind if I trained a falcon, would you? You can't fly, and we're going to be spending quite a bit of time on an airship." Eos looks back up at him and yawns, entirely undisturbed by the notion of a big bird hanging around.

(10/12/09 14:46:16) Gale: "Ruby, you didn't take these shards alone, did you? Besides this man you mentioned..." Gale pauses, a bit unsure...

(10/12/09 14:46:20) Gale: "There was another who helped. A woman."

(10/12/09 14:46:49) Priide Kittee looks at Gale curiously. "What are you talking about?"

(10/12/09 14:47:33) T`zaran looks just as puzzled as Kittee.

(10/12/09 14:47:54) Gale: "Yesterday when I went into the woods to clear my thoughts, I had a meeting with a curious servant of the Ebon dragon."

(10/12/09 14:49:23) Myllinnia: Scarlet Ruby winces visibly. "There... are several that still survive... in a way... from their delivery of the shards. What... was the name of this servant Gale?"

(10/12/09 14:50:24) Gale: "She was named Diamond Night Sword."

(10/12/09 14:51:28) Myllinnia: She nods softly if not a bit unnerved. "Did she say much?"

(10/12/09 14:51:33) Rai: "She? Was she totally hot and willing to be swayed to the side of good by a charming young sky pirate?"

(10/12/09 14:52:18) Priide Kittee rolls her eyes.

(10/12/09 14:53:40) Rai rolls his eyes right back at Pride and Tai

(10/12/09 14:54:05) Gale: "Relax, Rai. She's after me."

(10/12/09 14:54:14) Gale: "She mentioned a few things... She's enslaved to the Ebon dragon."

(10/12/09 14:54:28) T`zaran: "Enslaved?"

(10/12/09 14:55:08) Gale: "She mentioned the Yozi have a way to enslave exalted should the exalted be willing."

(10/12/09 14:55:29) Rai: "Oh, if you want to do the swaying thats cool, I wouldn't poach your girl."

(10/12/09 14:55:32) Gale: "I however, believe her to be an ally. She let me walk away with my life, and her name. I thought Ruby should know."

(10/12/09 14:56:09) Priide Kittee raises an eyebrow. "His girl? He's barely met the woman." She murmurs to Tai.

(10/12/09 14:56:53) Gale: "She was very pretty though. Even more beautiful then Scarlet ruby. I flirted shamelessly with her." He smiles.

(10/12/09 14:57:04) Tai Zi smiles and pets Priide's hand. "to be fair starlight, its like I just met you, at least from my prespective."

(10/12/09 14:57:10) Rai gives Gale a giant thumbs up!

(10/12/09 14:57:22) Myllinnia: "Thank you Gale, I appreciate you telling me."

(10/12/09 14:58:14) Gale: He nods. "Should we meet her again, I would consider her an ally. She helped me get my bearings straight. She was rather nice, for someone who could be my assassin."

(10/12/09 14:58:25) Gale: "Thats all..." He says, sitting down again.

(10/12/09 14:59:13) Priide Kittee sighs. "I swear I'm going to help you get your memory back, my moonlight."

(10/12/09 14:59:21) Gale: "I'll be trying to help her too, so I would appreciate it if no one tried shivving her when we meet."

(10/12/09 14:59:37) Myllinnia: "I would be cautious all the same Gale." She says with a nod and a gentle smile.

(10/12/09 14:59:45) Rai: "I wouldn't do that to my first mate's girl!"

(10/12/09 15:00:21) Gale: "Nothing but cautious." he says with a nod.

(10/12/09 15:01:12) Tai Zi holds Priide's hand tightly watching Rai quietly.

(10/12/09 15:01:15) Myllinnia: "So you all plan to leave Caradeen then?"

(10/12/09 15:01:36) Gale: "I've no other choice. I must look after my friends. And there is a creation to save."

(10/12/09 15:01:52) Gale: "And a Rai to save as he tries to save Creation. Or he can save me, being his first mate and all."

(10/12/09 15:02:13) Rai: "We can get each other's backs!"

(10/12/09 15:02:15) Priide Kittee frowns. "I don't like that idea. I think we should stay here to protect it. The Ebon Empress is likely to make another strike, whether or not we leave."

(10/12/09 15:02:37) Gale: "We should perhaps wait and see what her next move is."

(10/12/09 15:02:50) Tai Zi nods. "If were to leave we must make sure that this place is still protected."

(10/12/09 15:02:51) T`zaran nods to Ruby. "I don't think you'd all be safe here if we stayed. So long as we're very public about leaving, I think we can draw her attention away from Caradeen."

(10/12/09 15:05:10) Rai: "Oh, if there's one thing I'm good at, it's drawing attention."

(10/12/09 15:05:26) T`zaran laughs at that. "True enough."

(10/12/09 15:05:34) Priide Kittee: "Far too much of it, usually." Priide murmurs.

(10/12/09 15:06:19) Gale: "That just means he's the best diversionary tactic in the world."

(10/12/09 15:06:37) Tai Zi nods and holds Priide's hand tightly looking up at Scarlet. "I would like to ask you some questions, privately."

(10/12/09 15:07:32) Priide Kittee looks at Tai curiously. "Am I allowed to be present for those questions, my love?"

(10/12/09 15:07:46) Tai Zi nods. "Yes."

(10/12/09 15:07:53) Rai: "If you're paying attention to me, you're miss the attack that's coming at you from behind!"

(10/12/09 15:08:11) Fox: "From me."

(10/12/09 15:09:33) Priide Kittee: "Thank you, my moonlight." Priide murmurs.

(10/12/09 15:10:37) Myllinnia: She frowns slightly, "Very well, I was going to turn in soon anyway. Follow me then." She stands bows to rest of you. "I will grant you things to have so you will be more ready whenever you desire to leave."

(10/12/09 15:11:12) Rai: "Things! My favorite things!"

(10/12/09 15:11:37) Tai Zi stands and helps Priide up following Scarlet.

(10/12/09 15:12:12) Priide Kittee smiles at Tai, standing and following Scarlet, one eye on her lover's buttocks.

(10/12/09 15:12:29) Rai also follows Scarlet, drawn by the promise of stuff

(10/12/09 15:13:48) Gale gives a brief nod, following Ruby.

(10/12/09 15:15:59) Tai Zi stops and stares hard yellow eyes at Gale and Rai. "Boys, a little privacy please?"

(10/12/09 15:16:08) Priide Kittee nods.

(10/12/09 15:16:11) Rai: "I was promised things!

(10/12/09 15:16:27) Priide Kittee: "Wait till the morning."

(10/12/09 15:16:36) Rai: "Impossible!"

(10/12/09 15:16:44) Rai: "I don't have that much patience."

(10/12/09 15:16:52) Priide Kittee: "Learn some."

(10/12/09 15:16:59) Rai: "I'd learn better with things."

(10/12/09 15:17:08) T`zaran: "We'll get them before we leave. In the meantime, I think we need to name the ship, Rai."

(10/12/09 15:17:35) Myllinnia: Scarlet smiles softly, "Yes tomorrow morning I will give them to you. Tonight I will have to clear the codes to enter the Vault. Come ladies."

(10/12/09 15:17:58) Priide Kittee: "No, you'd learn better by putting up with the wait like normal people." Priide says, following Scarlet.

(10/12/09 15:18:04) Gale: "Very well!" Gale gives a brief smile and a nod, heading off to continue the reparations to the town.

(10/12/09 15:18:11) Rai: "Oooh, uh... Sky Stealer... uh no, that's not good..."

(10/12/09 15:18:16) Tai Zi smiles and plucks a qill from her back and hands it to Rai. "There, you got something."

(10/12/09 15:18:26) Rai turns away, not paying attention to anything Pride is saying.

(10/12/09 15:18:53) Rai absent mindedly tucks the quill behind his ear before rambling on with more name ideas as he wanders off with T`zaran.

(10/12/09 15:20:06) Tai Zi shakes her head turning to catch up with Priide and Scarlet

(10/12/09 15:20:14) T`zaran: "Definitely not. We need something powerful, something noble...Golden Sun? Star Fury?" He doesn't seem to find either suitable, continuing to ponder.

(10/12/09 15:20:39) Rai: "Heaven's Lightning?"

(10/12/09 15:21:07) T`zaran: "Ooh. Now that I like!"

(10/12/09 15:21:44) Rai: "Sweet! I've still got some enamel left, we can paint it on the side!"

(10/12/09 15:23:00) T`zaran: "What do you think, Gale? Fox?"

(10/12/09 15:23:21) Fox: "Fine by me."

(10/12/09 15:23:29) Gale: "It should work."

(10/12/09 15:25:26) Rai whistles for Ari, who he'll need to hoist him up high enough to paint.

(10/12/09 15:27:03) Myllinnia: It takes a while but soon the black ship has a new painted name.

(10/12/09 15:31:21) Myllinnia: The ship for the most part is quiet. The village is quite busy. Everyone is talking about how heroic you all were, though Rai gets still distrustful looks."

(10/12/09 15:32:46) Rai promises everyone wild riches once he's done plundering them from all the villains with them currently.

(10/12/09 15:46:26) Myllinnia: After the day ends and the villagers are quite happy with the help they have gotten. Everyone goes to bed and dreams. For Gale, the whipsers of Malfeas continue to taunt him while others get more peaceful dreams.

(10/12/09 15:46:57) Tai Zi doesnt go to bed she sits outside the house looking at the woods.

(10/12/09 15:47:38) Priide Kittee sits with Tai, holding the Lunar's hand quietly.

(10/12/09 15:48:16) Gale wakes up, shaking away the nightmares as he hops out of bed. He knows what the city wants from him, but it won't be so easy for the demon to corrupt him, ever.

(10/12/09 15:48:58) Tai Zi looks over at Priide. "if something happens will you forgive me? I know I cant ask that of you but.."

(10/12/09 15:49:24) Priide Kittee hugs Tai. "Of course I will, my moonlight."

(10/12/09 15:49:27) Rai: *Scarlet finds Rai staring at her face as she opens the door to her room. "It's morning now!"

(10/12/09 15:52:19) Myllinnia: The tired Scarlet with her hair neatly aligned and her clothes sharply placed upon her blinks in surprise at the young man.

(10/12/09 15:52:32) Myllinnia: "Y, yes, yes it is morning."

(10/12/09 15:53:50) Myllinnia: Lilly for the most part hasn't slept and sits at a window.

(10/12/09 15:54:52) Rai: "Need any help with that Vault?"

(10/12/09 15:55:19) Gale: Gale moves to Lilly, seeing her back at the window again... "...Lilly, are you alright?"

(10/12/09 15:56:45) Myllinnia: She shakes her head, "The Whispering Ones are always on me. Its hard to concentrate."

(10/12/09 15:57:14) Myllinnia: Scarlet looks to Rai. "We will wait for the others to come up here. You can wait a bit more longer?"

(10/12/09 15:57:43) Rai sighs. "You mean the *one* time I get up before you, it didn't even accomplish anything?"

(10/12/09 15:58:06) Tai Zi twines her fingers with Priide's and looks out over the darkened woods. "I want to go hunting today, would you mind if I did it alone?"

(10/12/09 15:58:33) Priide Kittee kisses Tai on the forehead. "No, love."

(10/12/09 15:59:11) Gale takes Lilly by the hand. "I understand what you mean... But i'm here with you. Those whispering things won't harm you, not as long as i'm here..."

(10/12/09 16:04:25) Myllinnia: Lilly smiles and stands, "Thank you Gale."

(10/12/09 16:06:48) T`zaran comes in from downstairs, Eos by his side. This time, though, there's a rather tense looking serpentine bird -- a Mospid, and a young one for those that could tell -- with its claws dug into a makeshift leather bracer that he's wearing on his wrist. The creature has its eyes covered to help keep it calm, and he whispers reassuringly to it from time to time.

(10/12/09 16:06:55) Myllinnia: "Gale..." she says suddenly but falls silent for a moment., "Would it be much to ask you to not call me by name. Tell the others too could you?"

(10/12/09 16:08:06) Gale: "...What would you prefer?" Gale asks, heading to Rubys room. "I'll tell the others."

(10/12/09 16:10:07) Tai Zi kisses Priide softly and runs off into the woods.

(10/12/09 16:11:58) Priide Kittee smiles after her lover's back, heading to bed.

(10/12/09 16:12:36) Myllinnia: "I will ... tell you later. Just uh... for now call me Trinity. I think... they will be happy with it like that."

(10/12/09 16:15:06) Gale: "Trinity... Okay." Gale gives a nod as he approaches Ruby and Rai. "I imagine we're waiting for the others?"

(10/12/09 16:19:32) Myllinnia: Once everyone has gathered for the morning outside of Scarlet's room, Scarlet turns and enters the room. Going to the former storage room of the shards she goes and stands near the furtherest wall. "Everyone come inside."

(10/12/09 16:20:13) Priide Kittee blinks, staring at Scarlet coldly. "What now? More secrets?"

(10/12/09 16:20:23) Gale gives a brief nod. "Oh... Also, since everyone is here... My sister would prefer to be called Trinity for now. or, 'Tri' for short."

(10/12/09 16:20:23) Tai Zi is gone for hours, in fact the sun would be finaly starting to come up when she returns from the wood, naked save a thin coating of blood across her entire body. Ariveing home just in time to join the others, a cloth wraped loosely about her body as she comes in.

(10/12/09 16:20:35) Rai: "How bout just Ni?"

(10/12/09 16:21:19) Priide Kittee takes Tai's hand gently, ignoring the blood on her lover's body.

(10/12/09 16:22:20) Tai Zi seems to be the most relaxed she's been since the entire ordeal began, her fingers squeezeing Priide's softly, watching T'zaran and Rai.

(10/12/09 16:22:54) Priide Kittee squeezes Tai's hand back, staring at Scarlet. "Well?"

(10/12/09 16:23:34) Myllinnia: Lilly/Trinity quivers at the sight of the blood and looks away. Scarlet gives a sigh. "Yes a secret, but not a big one. Under here is the rest of the Hill, a Manse. For years I have taken items that only you will be able to use and stored them inside here. Disappointed?"

(10/12/09 16:25:41) T`zaran takes the mospid to his room, so that it doesn't get spooked, and then wrinkles his nose...well before Tai comes in, one might notice. "You smell like food to Eos," he tells Tai. "I hope you're not ticklish, because she's probably going to come in and start licking you clean."

(10/12/09 16:25:45) Priide Kittee: "Yes. I thought I could trust you, mum. Instead you scare my lover and keep things from us." Priide says, glaring.

(10/12/09 16:26:55) Gale: Gale shakes his head. "Things change. Things have always been secret from us... But I do not care. What have you saved for us?"

(10/12/09 16:26:56) Tai Zi smiles softly at T'zaran. "she can lick me, I wont mind." She kneels down a bit offering her arm to Eos."

(10/12/09 16:27:28) Rai quirks an eybrow at Tai, but quickly turns to Ruby and says "Yeah, what else you got for us?"

(10/12/09 16:27:35) Myllinnia: Scarlet Ruby's eyes flash with rare anger but she calms it down quickly and turns hitting a button in the wall. Before long the entire room begins to descend." Lilly licks her lips before bitting at her nails.

(10/12/09 16:28:44) Gale: Gale looks to Lil in concern. "Tri... are you okay?"

(10/12/09 16:28:48) Myllinnia: Suddenly it stops and a door opens into a brightly lit chamber and beyond it are all sorts of things.

(10/12/09 16:29:54) T`zaran: "If she's kept secrets from us, it's been for our own good, Kittee. You know that." He chuckles a bit as Eos does exactly as expected, seeming to quite enjoy the treat on the offered arm. Trust in Ruby or not, though, he's rather startled when the room starts to move.

(10/12/09 16:30:45) Priide Kittee: "Sure. You go on believing that, T`zaran."

(10/12/09 16:31:36) Tai Zi watches Eos lick along her arm, closeing her eyes and leaning forward a bit, the skin of her arm and back rippeling slighly as quills begin to stprout from bare flesh, nose elongateing along with her jaw into her own short muzzel.

(10/12/09 16:32:22) Rai: "You know, for someone that was so against the idea of me poking his nose into Ruby's secrets, you're awfully mad at her for keeping them."

(10/12/09 16:32:26) Myllinnia: In fact this floor is bigger than the Hill itself seems. And at the center of the room is a large pillar of golden light. Various artifacts are neatly placed along walls and cabinents.

(10/12/09 16:32:55) Gale: "Hrm?" Gale looks at the artifacts, wanting to say something to Priide, but deciding against it. "How many of these are there?"

(10/12/09 16:34:22) Myllinnia: "There are a lot, a culmination of 20 years. In a corner there are some First Age devices that even the former Realm couldn't get to function."

(10/12/09 16:41:55) Tai Zi smiles softly at Eos before looking up at Tri.

(10/12/09 16:42:37) T`zaran: Whatever his retort to Kittee might have been, it's cut short by the combination of the room becoming an elevator and suddenly being surrounded by more artifacts than he's ever seen outside of books.

(10/12/09 16:42:38) Gale: "Hrm... Would any of these work with me?"

(10/12/09 16:42:39) Priide Kittee glares at Scarlet. "And how exactly did you get them down here without us noticing?"

(10/12/09 16:42:58) Gale: "...Magic?" Gale replies to Kittees response.

(10/12/09 16:43:20) Myllinnia: Trinity stands removed biting at her finger anxiously. She tries hard to not look.

(10/12/09 16:44:04) Myllinnia: Scarlet nods. "Also a back door. I stoped gaining the majority of them after the first 5 years."

(10/12/09 16:44:38) Tai Zi muzzel parts softly, the tip of her nose twiching at Tri. "Gale, your sister smells hungry."

(10/12/09 16:44:57) Gale: "...Hungry?"

(10/12/09 16:45:12) Myllinnia: "No... I am not." Trinity denies emphatically.

(10/12/09 16:45:23) Priide Kittee blinks at Tai. "Um, dear, why do you have a muzzle?"

(10/12/09 16:46:02) Rai dashes around looking and handling everything. "Ooooh, that's the best sling I've ever seen!"

(10/12/09 16:46:28) Tai Zi looks up at Priide, her back completely coated qith quills, they even run down her arm now, before they were only on the upper reaches of her back, the quills are also obviously barbed and sharp now, before they were actualy soft to the touch.

(10/12/09 16:47:29) Priide Kittee smiles at Tai, pulling her into a hug. "It looks good on you, though."

(10/12/09 16:48:09) Tai Zi lips twitch softly. "it happened when we were fighting yesterday, and when I was hunting before, it goes away."

(10/12/09 16:48:42) Gale: "All of the... gold and jade items kind of hurt to look at... I don't think I can touch them..."

(10/12/09 16:49:32) Tai Zi stays crouches slightly moving towards Tri and sniffing at her. "They can't smell it, they cant hear it, but your stomach is churning."

(10/12/09 16:50:10) Fox: "This mask looks interesting." He puts it on. Suddenly Fox is much more handsome.

(10/12/09 16:50:34) Gale: Gale looks to Tai Zi, staring at her. "She's already worried enough! Whatever the hell you are playing at, say it out right. Theres no need to scare my sister further!"

(10/12/09 16:50:49) Rai gives Fox a thumbs up "Looks good on you!"

(10/12/09 16:51:09) Priide Kittee glares at Gale. "Oh, so it's okay for Scarlet to hurt Tai, but not for Tai to scare Lilly?!"

(10/12/09 16:51:48) Myllinnia: "No its... okay, Gale... don't worry."

(10/12/09 16:52:04) Gale: He then turns to Priide. "I have said nothing about Ruby doing anything to Tai, but I have said nothing because I do not know what happened."

(10/12/09 16:52:18) Myllinnia: Trinity then looks to Tai. "But if I do... I might... hurt you. Priide won't like that."

(10/12/09 16:52:28) Tai Zi shakes her head at Priide. "No its okay Starlight." She looks up at Gale. "I already said what I am geting at, shes hungry, but we all had food"

(10/12/09 16:52:52) Gale: "If you believe eye for an eye regardless is perfectly acceptable, thats fine. But how dare you believe my sister can be frightened by your lover. I respect you Priide, but if you believe that, my respect for you will be *lost*." he says coldly.

(10/12/09 16:53:08) Tai Zi smiles softly at Tri. "Sweety your hurting right now, a little pain to relieve anothers is never something to be uspet over."

(10/12/09 16:53:43) Priide Kittee rolls her eyes. "You just admitted she was scared, Gale."

(10/12/09 16:54:12) Myllinnia: She then nods, "Then... then... may I... just a little?"

(10/12/09 16:54:39) Tai Zi smiles and holds out her arms to Tri understanding in her yellow eyes. She may have lost a lot but she knows family.

(10/12/09 16:55:13) T`zaran is drawn to a pair of golden bracers, elaborately detailed with sunbursts on each, a single socket in one of them that sits empty. "I owned a pair of these once," he murmurs. "Fought with them." He may be in the room with them, but he seems oblivious to what's going on. Eos, though, is entirely present, and she moves out of Trinity's way as if she knows she needs to.

(10/12/09 16:56:33) Myllinnia: Trinity takes the arm gently and looks to Tai making sure it was really okay.

(10/12/09 16:57:27) Priide Kittee glares at Gale again. "Some morals you have." She moves to get between Tai and Lilly.

(10/12/09 16:57:56) Tai Zi relaxes, the spines on her arm flowing into nothingness, her muzzel fanishing as she nods. "I did it myself this morning, just leave me a little."

(10/12/09 16:59:43) Myllinnia: As Priide nears Trinity takes takes a soft bite closing her eyes.

(10/12/09 17:00:25) Tai Zi hisses softly and holds up a arm keeping Priide back. "Remember when I gave you a bit of my blood? She needs some too."

(10/12/09 17:01:14) Priide Kittee: "...All right."

(10/12/09 17:02:03) Myllinnia: Trinity is there for some a very long time but only a minute passes before she releases with a shuddering and conteneted sigh. "T, thank you Sister Tai."

(10/12/09 17:02:43) Gale: "Morals?" Gale says to Priide, coldly.

(10/12/09 17:03:11) Gale: "Morals? I almost *died* trying to defend my fucking sister! I gave my goddamn life almost." He says, getting into her face, looking her right in the eyes.

(10/12/09 17:03:29) Gale: "My 'morals' to defend her got me bleeding out on the floor, watching her get impaled as i could do nothing."

(10/12/09 17:03:49) Gale: "If Ruby harmed Tai... Where the fuck was your indignation. Where the fuck did your righteous anger go in trying to defend her?"

(10/12/09 17:04:08) Priide Kittee glares right back. "And you seem to think it's okay for her to consume Tai's blood? Some fucking morals you have!"

(10/12/09 17:04:11) Myllinnia: Trinity blinks and moves between Gale and Pride. "Please Gale, let it go."

(10/12/09 17:04:30) Gale: "Nowhere? Nothing? Until you have even tried giving your very life to protect her. To support her, I want to hear nothing about your so called 'morals'!"

(10/12/09 17:04:36) Tai Zi smiles and kisses Tri's cheek, leaveing a lipstick mark of blood. "your a lot like me, blood is the coin of our power"

(10/12/09 17:05:38) Gale: "Tai allowed her. Tai asked her if thats what she wanted." Gale says coldly. "Until you can learn some gods damned respect..." Gale says, moving away. "My respect for you is *gone*, Priide."

(10/12/09 17:06:30) Priide Kittee: "Oh, fuck *you*, Gale! I'm sick of your fucking lectures!"

(10/12/09 17:07:09) Rai has wandered by T'zaran, with his hands clearly in his pocket saying "Nice bracers!" before wandering away, his back turned when T'zar is startled by the bracers vanishing

(10/12/09 17:07:19) Myllinnia: "Please do not fight." Trinity says worriedly between them.

(10/12/09 17:07:40) Myllinnia: Scarlet Ruby sighs heavily but doesn't step into the middle of the argument... yet.

(10/12/09 17:08:51) Gale: Gale ignores Priide, instead hearing another voice in his head... 'Tell yourself again that these are not truly your friends... ' Gale retorts under his breath "Oh shut the fuck up malfeas."

(10/12/09 17:09:22) Tai Zi looks at herself and stands up very carefuly useing the cloth covering her to whipe off most of the blood on her with out exposing herself too much. She steps up behind Priide and wraps her arms tightly around her. "Priide, she didnt know this would happen to me." She looks up at Gale. "Your sister needs blood, my body is just as much Priide's as it is my own, unless you want to feed her yourself stop now."

(10/12/09 17:10:45) Gale: Turning to Tai, the steel in his voice starts to die down. "...Tai Zi, I would not have had so much a problem were it not the way you seemed to be looking at my sister more like Prey... If you had explained, or if Priide hadn't mouthed off, I would have listened."

(10/12/09 17:11:17) T`zaran would normally at least try to be the peacemaker. But his attention is so focused on the bracers that he remains oblivous to his surroundings...until they vanish, and he's abruptly snapped back to the present. He hadn't really even noticed Rai, so his attention doesn't immediately turn to the one responsible. "No, it wasn't them. The ones I remember...they burned with holy fire,>

(10/12/09 17:11:21) Tai Zi looks at Gale. "if you starve her, she will be prey, not mine, but others."

(10/12/09 17:12:15) Rai points across the room. "Are those them over there?"

(10/12/09 17:12:26) Gale: "If she needs blood... She can take from me." He says, before looking to Tai again. "...Or you, should you deem it alright. I'm just..." Gale shakes his head. "I'm still not right, he's twisted even that."

(10/12/09 17:13:12) Tai Zi looks hard at Gale. "You, me, and her, we were all damaged just as much as we were empowered, but even this morning you were more concerned with what we thought about you, did you ask her what she needed, what the change had done to her? Why did it take a animal sniffing your sister to realise that she needs help Gale?"

(10/12/09 17:15:38) T`zaran: "...and I stood alone against the darkness with them." He shakes his head. "That was...odd. My memory, but not mine." At Rai's gesture, he looks over to the other set and shakes his head. "Not the same. The ones I -- thought -- I saw were different, too. Just similar enough, it seems."

(10/12/09 17:17:32) Gale: "I have been concerned for her since T'zaran said she walked a darker path then I. If I do not always show concern, that does not mean it is not always there." He says, calmly. "I am showing concern now because she was frightened, and in pain."

(10/12/09 17:18:08) Gale: "Were you listening when I said that I would help her? And you? Was that a lack of concern? When I smiled to her and was there for her this morning, was that a lack of concern?"

(10/12/09 17:18:23) Myllinnia: Trinity shakes her head, "I.. its okay, really. Its been a tough few days. Its okay if everyone is worried and afraid. Please do not take it out on each other."

(10/12/09 17:18:26) Priide Kittee hugs Tai. "You are *not* an animal, my moonlight. Never speak of yourself that way, please."

(10/12/09 17:18:56) Tai Zi shows Gale the wound on her arm. "She is my family too Gale, i will gladly give my blood to ease her quaking stomach."

(10/12/09 17:20:44) Tai Zi licks Priide's neck softly. "we are okay, we have changed, we are all scared, we are all hurting in someway. Now stop, go and pick out a few toys that Scarlet found for us, it is no worse than her hiding our calabration gifts so we wouldn't find them."

(10/12/09 17:21:47) Myllinnia: Scarlet oddly gives a slight chuckle at that thinking to herself something pleasant it seems, before she shakes her head.

(10/12/09 17:21:50) Priide Kittee: "...All right. For you."

(10/12/09 17:23:31) Gale: Gale shakes his head. "My apologies. We have many more things to concern ourselves with. I over reacted." He looks away, a but wounded by his own behavior.

(10/12/09 17:23:31) Tai Zi smiles and sits down on the floor leting Priide go.

(10/12/09 17:24:17) Tai Zi looks up at Gale. "Thats the good thing about family Gale, even if you fuck up royaly they will forgive you."

(10/12/09 17:25:18) T`zaran seems a little puzzled about all the tension, but it seems to be ebbing, so he relaxes a bit. Going over to check out the pair of bracers, he picks them up. "Look at the patterns on this one. The sun partially behind a storm cloud, and lightning bolts." He grins over at Rai. "If I wear these, I think people are going to assume I'm the captain of the ship. You might be out of a job if you're not careful!"

(10/12/09 17:25:53) Myllinnia: Scarlet watches the group, spying T'zaran, Fox, and Rai happily shopping it appeared.

(10/12/09 17:25:53) Priide Kittee smiles down at Tai, before going and taking a set of grey metal bracers and anklets, then returning to sit next to her lover.

(10/12/09 17:26:09) Rai looks crestfallen.

(10/12/09 17:26:26) Gale: He instead turns to Lilly, "I should show more concern for you as well, I have not. I am worried for you, Tri... If you ever, ever need to talk, know that I am always here. I will be with you, always. I won't abandon you in your time of need."

(10/12/09 17:26:52) Tai Zi figits slighly leaning aginst Priide, watching T'zaran and Rai.

(10/12/09 17:26:56) Rai bends over behind the column those are on and comes up holding the sun burst pair. "Are you sure these aren't the ones you were looking for? I mean, the sun is totally more about holy fire when it's clear than when it has some storm cloud in front of it..."

(10/12/09 17:27:18) Priide Kittee kisses Tai gently. "Are you okay, my moonlight?"

(10/12/09 17:27:46) Tai Zi smiles and nods a bit. "I am, just have things on my mind."

(10/12/09 17:27:56) Myllinnia: "I know you won't Gale," she says softly and smiles gently as she sits down.

(10/12/09 17:28:04) Priide Kittee: "Oh? Do you want to talk about them?"

(10/12/09 17:28:26) Gale: "They were right though. Its just... No, theres no excuse."

(10/12/09 17:28:38) Tai Zi smiles and looks at Priide out of the corner of her eyes. "Not right now."

(10/12/09 17:29:35) Gale: "I can't say anything to make an excuse. I can only make up for it with actions. If you need to let blood, I'm here so you can shed it, as is Tai Zi. If you need someone to talk to, I have ears and am always willing to listen. If you need comfort, I am your brother, and have always tried to care for you."

(10/12/09 17:30:00) Fox: "Wow look at what this staff does." Raps it once and out pops a spear blade.

(10/12/09 17:32:20) Tai Zi bites her lip and nuzzels aginst Priide's cheek softly. "That is all your taking?"

(10/12/09 17:32:26) T`zaran considers that for a long moment. "I dunno, I mean, it is a pretty neat ship. I might even like being the captain..." He can't keep a straight face long enough to actually pull it off, though, and tosses the lightning pair to Rai. "Aw, who am I kidding. A pirate captain has to have a parrot, and I've got an Omen Dog and now a Mospid. Wrong image."

(10/12/09 17:33:59) Myllinnia: Scarlet nods at Fox with a warm smile. "I'm sure you will use it well Fox."

(10/12/09 17:34:32) Priide Kittee nods, stroking Tai's back. "I have a feeling anything else would be a waste."

(10/12/09 17:35:48) Tai Zi she nods and gives Priide a tight hug before standing up and walking over to T'zaran and Rai quietly. Looking at the artifacts they are handeling.

(10/12/09 17:36:16) Rai squirms as T`zaran strings him along before shouting "Woohoo!" at the end and giving T a manly high five as he trades the bracers.

(10/12/09 17:41:10) Rai pokes Tai and T`zaran... "Do you guys see... kind of a shimmer over there in the back, or am I just imagining things?"

(10/12/09 17:41:35) Tai Zi blinks at the poke, smileing softly but throwint a look around.

(10/12/09 17:42:06) Rai walks slowly up to it, squinting and rubbing his eyes

(10/12/09 17:42:44) Gale: "Lilly, do you think you could use any of these artifacts here?"

(10/12/09 17:43:15) Tai Zi looks over at T'zaran. "If you and him are captan and first officer, then what is my duty?"

(10/12/09 17:43:46) Priide Kittee: "To not be some fool pirate?" Priide says loudly.

(10/12/09 17:44:08) T`zaran fastens the sunburst bracers to his wrists after the high five, though it's clear from the way he moves his arms that they're still heavy enough to slow him down for the moment. At the poke, he turns his attention to the spot in question. "It doesn't have a different scent from the rest of the room, if there is anything there. But if it hasn't been touched in years, then it wouldn't."

(10/12/09 17:45:13) Myllinnia: "No, nothing here calls to me. And the Whispering Ones assure me that something may visit us soon to help." Lilly says softly even if she winces at having her real name used.

(10/12/09 17:46:33) Gale: "Those whispering ones... do their whispers harm you?"

(10/12/09 17:46:43) Rai: "Uh... you could be the helmsman!"

(10/12/09 17:48:02) Tai Zi smiles at Priide and looks to T'zaran. "What does a helmsman do?"

(10/12/09 17:48:49) T`zaran: "A helmsman flies the ship. Pretty critical role if, well, you CAN fly the ship."

(10/12/09 17:49:30) Gale: "Heavens know Rai needs the help." Gale says a bit loudly, grinning. "But it would be sort of important to fly it."

(10/12/09 17:49:59) Myllinnia: "Uh... " she says looking away, "No no... they do not hurt me."

(10/12/09 17:50:09) Rai is currently distracted by the shimmering patch, and pokes around the knee-hight pillar it seems to be above.

(10/12/09 17:50:13) Rai: "I *know* there's something here..."

(10/12/09 17:50:37) Tai Zi looks at Rai and smiles at T'zaran before returning to Priide's side.

(10/12/09 17:51:29) Rai: "Someone has to have shaper eyes than me! Whoever finds the hidden button here is our lookout!"

(10/12/09 17:51:42) Gale: "Alright... Do you know how often you get that desire for blood shed?"

(10/12/09 17:52:03) Priide Kittee hugs Tai, pointedly ignoring Rai.

(10/12/09 17:52:31) Rai doesn't notice Pride ignoring him becaues he's still focusing on the stupid pillar

(10/12/09 17:53:57) Rai: "Ruby, do you know how this thing works?"

(10/12/09 17:54:11) T`zaran: "Are you sure there's really anything there?"

(10/12/09 17:54:11) Tai Zi leans aginst Priide and looks around wondering where Fox went off to.

(10/12/09 17:54:12) Myllinnia: "All day yesterday... and the day before. I... I didn't want to ... you know the woman and the man..."

(10/12/09 17:54:35) Rai raps his knuckles against what looks almost to be thin air, making a hollow thunk.

(10/12/09 17:54:44) Rai: "*Something* is doing that."

(10/12/09 17:54:45) Gale: "You mean the prisoners we have?"

(10/12/09 17:57:08) Priide Kittee raises an eyebrow at Rai. "Yes, yes, we *know* you're good at faking sounds, you don't need to demonstrate."

(10/12/09 17:57:38) Rai: "No, seriously, come here, you can feel it."

(10/12/09 17:58:44) Priide Kittee: "Why would I bother?"

(10/12/09 17:58:59) Myllinnia: "Yes the P, prisoner. But the man was dead..."

(10/12/09 17:59:19) Rai: "Well, you don't want to take my word for it, check yourself."

(10/12/09 17:59:27) Gale: "Did you drain their blood?"

(10/12/09 17:59:35) T`zaran: "Well, let's see what happens when we shed some light on the matter." And with that, his anima flares to life, the golden disc on his forehead becoming instantly prominant.

(10/12/09 17:59:58) Myllinnia: "No," she gasps in shock and nearly horror.

(10/12/09 18:00:14) Gale: "...Oh."

(10/12/09 18:00:17) Tai Zi stares softly at T'zaran's light, arm curling around Priide.

(10/12/09 18:00:19) Gale: "What about them... then?"

(10/12/09 18:01:36) Priide Kittee smiles at Tai, hugging the Lunar gently and kissing her on the lips.

(10/12/09 18:01:40) Myllinnia: "That was when I first noticed the desire." She says softly. "I fought it away for days though."

(10/12/09 18:02:12) Myllinnia: Scarlet tilts her head, "Oh there should be some armor over there. A peculiar armor."

(10/12/09 18:02:17) Gale: "I see...."

(10/12/09 18:02:20) Tai Zi smiles and gives Priide's lips a soft nibble before standing and walking over twards Rai.

(10/12/09 18:02:40) Gale: Gale gives a brief nod. "If you feel that urge... Please, let me or Tai Zi know."

(10/12/09 18:02:41) Tai Zi: "Now where is this?"

(10/12/09 18:02:58) Rai hears a soft voice murmur "Solar Exalt recognized", before a midnight blue suit of armor, highlighted with eye-twisting golden angular patterns shimmers from out of view into solidity before them.

(10/12/09 18:03:12) Rai: "Oooooh. Good thinking T!"

(10/12/09 18:03:44) Tai Zi blinks and takes a step back.

(10/12/09 18:04:13) Rai whistles. "I thought I painted my armor awesomely, but *that* is a piece of work. DIBS!"

(10/12/09 18:05:02) Priide Kittee: "Oh, for the love of Saturn, be *quiet*, Rai."

(10/12/09 18:06:09) Myllinnia: A voice suddenly speaks seemingly everywhere much like it was on the ship but this voice is familiar as one of the Servants. "Mistress... there is a strange.... one here to see you, he insists to see you, alone."

(10/12/09 18:06:59) T`zaran can't quite resist teasing Rai a bit more. "It recognized me. What if the security systems consider you an invader now if you try to put it on..."

(10/12/09 18:08:28) Rai: "I claim captain's right of first spoils to at least try! If It tries to kill me, it's all yours!"

(10/12/09 18:09:18) Priide Kittee sighs. "I said. Be. Quiet. Rai." The Sidereal walks over, takes Tai's hand, and leads her lover upstairs.

(10/12/09 18:09:40) Tai Zi blinks and follows as Priide pulls her along.

(10/12/09 18:10:17) Gale: "Wait, Priide, Tai..." Gale nods to Lil, and moves to them both, not cutting them off from where they were moving, but making it known he wanted to talk to them.

(10/12/09 18:10:42) Tai Zi blinks at Gale. "Starlight.."

(10/12/09 18:10:57) Priide Kittee: "What?"

(10/12/09 18:11:00) Rai does magnanimously offer T`zaran his awesomely painted armor to wear.

(10/12/09 18:12:02) Gale: "I again wanted to apologize for my actions... Tai Zi, if Tri asks of you to drain her blood, I have no problems with it. 'Tis my error, and I wanted to make my regret known."

(10/12/09 18:12:51) Tai Zi smiles softly and nods. "I will gladly donate to her Gale."

(10/12/09 18:14:41) T`zaran: "After you, then." He gestures toward the armor, accepting the painted armor graciously. Then, momentarily more serious, he notes, "If there are any security systems, you know I'll help you deal with them. But I think Scarlet Ruby would have said something if there were."

(10/12/09 18:17:11) Rai nods and also looks serious for a moment "I know you would. Now help me cimb into this, it looks just a little big, but I bet I can buckle it up."

(10/12/09 18:19:57) T`zaran isn't used to working with full suits of armor, particularly not like this one, but he does what he can to help.

(10/12/09 18:20:40) Gale: "Thank you, Tai. Its just... I don't have an excuse, do I? I snapped."

(10/12/09 18:21:37) Tai Zi smiles softly at Gale. "I dont have any memmories Gale, but from what i've seen you love your sister, that is what matters, dont make a excuse, dont make a explanation, just keep moveing, its all we can do."

(10/12/09 18:21:55) Priide Kittee looks down. "I... I'm sorry as well, Gale. I was just frustrated with how mum had treated Tai."

(10/12/09 18:22:17) Gale: "How had she treated Tai? I should have asked."

(10/12/09 18:22:23) Gale: "May I ask? can we talk on it?"

(10/12/09 18:22:45) Tai Zi bites her lip a bit but nods. "If Priide is okay with it, i am"

(10/12/09 18:23:41) Priide Kittee looks to Tai. "Are you sure, love?"

(10/12/09 18:24:15) Tai Zi sighs and nods. "Others will find out eventually anyway, but I'd rather not talk about this in public."

(10/12/09 18:26:12) Gale: "It can be said in private if you wish no one else to hear it. Or if you wish not to say it, that is alright."

(10/12/09 18:26:23) Priide Kittee: "Tai?"

(10/12/09 18:27:00) Rai struggles with getting the thing on and adjusted for the better part of half an hour, but finally gets it on and fitting right. "Here goes nothing!" he says, his voice muffled by the helmet, before fading completely from sight.

(10/12/09 18:27:07) Tai Zi nods a bit and gives Priide a hug. "Let's just find a room and you can ask what you want Gale."

(10/12/09 18:27:09) Rai: "Did it work?"

(10/12/09 18:27:35) Priide Kittee nods, leading Gale and Tai upstairs to her room.

(10/12/09 18:28:02) Tai Zi follows Priide.

(10/12/09 18:29:43) Gale follows, and if he's the last one in, closes the door.

(10/12/09 18:30:19) Priide Kittee sits on her bed, lifting Tai into her lap, then looks at Gale. "Well?"

(10/12/09 18:30:57) Gale: "You said Ruby hurt Tai? How? Thats my first question, its hard to really understand if I know nothing."

(10/12/09 18:30:59) Tai Zi curls up aginst Priide on the bed closing eyes then turning head and opening them to look at Gale.

(10/12/09 18:31:44) Priide Kittee's eyes narrow. "She kept implying my moonlight was nothing more than an animal."

(10/12/09 18:32:50) Gale: "Do you remember what she said specifically?" Gale sits down. "I am not trying to doubt you... But I know Ruby. She cares for all of us. But recently, things have changed."

(10/12/09 18:33:21) Tai Zi lets out a long breath. "She said I may be going into heat Gale."

(10/12/09 18:34:01) Gale: "..."

(10/12/09 18:34:02) Gale: "...Okay."

(10/12/09 18:34:16) Gale is not sure what to say about that.

(10/12/09 18:34:52) Tai Zi sighs. "Basicly that if I can control it that i'm not a animal, that if I can't I am, not in those words but just about them."

(10/12/09 18:35:20) Gale: "I see."

(10/12/09 18:35:20) Priide Kittee nods.

(10/12/09 18:35:32) Gale: "I don't mean to make fun of the situation, but..."

(10/12/09 18:35:36) Gale: "Thats not what I was expecting...."

(10/12/09 18:36:42) Gale: "But... I'm not sure I could actually help with this. Um... Well, i've never had to deal with it before. But I know you are not an animal, Tai Zi."

(10/12/09 18:37:54) Tai Zi nods. "I know, and I dont think I am, but its still something I may have to deal with, and it upset Priide, how Scarlet said it, thats why she was so upset." She smiles and squeezes Priide's hand.

(10/12/09 18:38:30) Priide Kittee nods.

(10/12/09 18:38:57) Gale: "Ruby says things in ways she doesn't mean. I do not mean to make this into all about me, but... When she was angry at me, for what I did... I confronted her about it. She didn't mean it to sound the way it did. Now, maybe its different for you two, but... Thats my experience."

(10/12/09 18:39:19) Gale: "In the end, i'm just trying to give my advice. I would be angry at Ruby too, if she insisted I or Lilly was a beast."

(10/12/09 18:39:25) T`zaran knows where Rai is. Where he has to be, but he still doesn't see him, only orienting again when Rai speaks. "Wow. Yeah. Yeah, it's working all right."

(10/12/09 18:39:30) Gale: "So there's no reason that you should feel bad about that."

(10/12/09 18:40:06) Rai: "Woohoo! Thanks again T, I *never* would have thought to do that on my own. I owe you one. First haul? You get first pick, anything you want."

(10/12/09 18:40:49) Tai Zi nods smiling slightly. "I apprecate that Gale."

(10/12/09 18:40:59) T`zaran: "Deal! I'd high five you if I could see your hand!"

(10/12/09 18:41:24) Rai drops his cloak in order to exhange high fives.

(10/12/09 18:41:35) Rai: "Now lets go see where the rest of my crew went."

(10/12/09 18:41:54) T`zaran: "After you!"

(10/12/09 18:42:21) Rai exits.

(10/12/09 18:42:24) Priide Kittee nods as well. "Anything else you wanted to talk about?"

(10/12/09 18:42:32) Gale: "As I said with Lilly, if you need support, I am here. If you need someone to talk to, I am here. Of course, I imagine you two have one another for that as well."

(10/12/09 18:42:53) Gale: "No, that was it... For the most part. I wanted to understand the situation, so I wouldn't say anything stupid. Or make another outburst."

(10/12/09 18:43:03) Priide Kittee: "Of course. Why wouldn't we?"

(10/12/09 18:43:43) Gale: "I merely said that since I imagine that i'm not the first person either of you would go to." he smiles.

(10/12/09 18:43:56) Gale: "I'd ask if you wouldn't be so hard on Rai too, but, well, Rai is *Rai*."

(10/12/09 18:45:59) Tai Zi smiles a bit and gives Priide a hug. "Thank you Gale."

(10/12/09 18:47:00) Priide Kittee hugs Tai back. "I wouldn't be so hard on Rai if he didn't act the fool all the time."

(10/12/09 18:47:18) Priide Kittee: "No, wait, I take that back; I'm not sure it *is* an act."

(10/12/09 18:47:37) Gale: "Its..."

(10/12/09 18:47:44) Gale: "Oh, i'd say fifty-fifty."

(10/12/09 18:48:06) Gale: "There is a very clever man in Rai. Or Rai is just a clever man who hides his actual smarts."

(10/12/09 18:51:24) Priide Kittee: "Are you sure?"

(10/12/09 18:52:31) Gale: "Yeah, I'd say I'm sure. He might be rowdy, but... Rai is also one of my best friends."

(10/12/09 18:52:36) Gale: "I'd trust him with my life."

(10/12/09 18:55:25) Priide Kittee: "Your risk."

(10/12/09 18:56:10) Gale: "I'm not the smartest man, I won't hide that."

(10/12/09 18:57:09) Gale: Getting up, Gale gives a brief nod. "You two take care of yourself, okay? I am glad we had this talk, it felt nice."

(10/12/09 18:57:46) Tai Zi nods and smiles. "have a nice night Gale, and tell Tri that if she needs me I will always be happy to help

(10/12/09 18:57:56) Priide Kittee: "Oh, we will." Priide leers at Tai.