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"We is scum. Darryl is a pisshead and a bit of a nutter. Robbie's a stoner who is cunning, like. Hannah's preggers, but she's still well fit, but like the Streets says, don't she know it.

"We're gonna large it tonight, get well pissed and then we gonna go racing in our souped-up GTIs. Then we're gonna beat the crap out of some old grandad, then we're gonna take turns shagging Hannah, cos we love it.

"Anyway, all this talkings giving me a headache, innit. Lets go out and be having some!"


SCUM is a a darkly humorous game where players depict the scum of society and their dirty tawdry lives.

It was created for the 2009 Game-Fu Challenge, and written within a seven-day period. This challenge required the incorporation of certain ingredients, which

Who are the Scum?

The Rules

"These aren't the rozzer's rules. These are the rules of the street, innit?"

  • Scum: The Scum Maker - "Character generation" is too hard to say for us scum, so we call this bit The Scum Maker.
  • Scum: A Bit Dicey - The game systems, innit!
  • Scum: I'm Special Me - A few dozen unique traits, for all you "advanced" players. Think you're clever, just cos you got a GCSE.

Playing The Game


This is a complete roleplaying game, originally created on the wiki by Asklepios.

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