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Seattle Gamers Assemble! (SGA) is a loose community of role-players centered around Seattle, Washington. The club started aggregating in the late 1990s, and eventually solidified in 2000 when its mailing list was transferred to Yahoo! Groups.

We're lucky here in Seattle to have a thriving gaming community. It's not actually that large in absolute terms; other metropolitan areas have comparable number of gamers. But we have a few factors helping; some of them are outside our direct control (we can't make game publishers settle in one city rather than another), some we can only nudge (we can't force gaming store owners to be helpful but we can make it worth their while). But there are things we have some control over: organizing and cross-linking the gaming community.

We like to think we're a factor in the healthy state of gaming in Seattle. We put together this wiki section to serve as an archive of our activities and to share what we've learned with the larger gaming community.

SGA Activities

  • SGA holds weekly meetings where members take turns running one-off or short-run games in indie, oldie, or oddball systems. The SGA Gaming Night Archive gives an overview of the games we've played.
  • We also hold a monthly luncheon, held on the second Saturday of every month, and have occasional get-togethers.
  • One of our recent successes was the Emerald City Gamefest.
  • Other weekly games are sometimes run on Tuesdays on the East Side, and on Saturdays in the North End.

How-To: Lessons Learned

After several years of operations, we thought it might be nice to share what we've learned about setting up a gaming community and running games.